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Pakistan Factory Fires
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Brazil's Textile Industry Files Safeguard Petition
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John Stagliano to Speak at Closing Keynote Panel
for CatalystCon
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Coquette to Debut First Seasonal Limited Edition
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September 15, 2012                                        Issue # 321

                              Intimate Apparel

Pakistan Factory Fires
Human rights groups and trade unions have called upon the Pakistan government to ensure safe working conditions and effective monitoring of garment manufacturing facilities in the wake of two fires that killed nearly 300 garment and footwear workers on Tuesday, September 11.
The country's worst ever industrial disaster claimed the lives of around 260 workers at a garment factory fire in Baldia Town No 2 near Karachi. This tragedy coincided with a shoe factory blaze in Lahore that killed 21 people and injured 14 others.
The final death toll could be even higher as more bodies are being retrieved from the basement of the garment factory which filled with water used to extinguish the fire.
According to media reports, many victims were trapped in a basement with no fire exits and locked doors. Most died from suffocation when the basement filled with smoke. Other workers on higher floors rushed to windows to escape but struggled to get out because metal bars blocked their way.
Around 2,000 people are employed at the factory, and around 1500 workers were in the building when the fire started.
The police have filed a murder case against Abdul Aziz, Mohammad Arshad and Shahid Bhaila, the owners of Ali Enterprises.
The factory manufactured underwear for export to the EU and US, with poor workplace conditions and no emergency or safety measures.
The textile and clothing industry is the mainstay of Pakistan's economy, contributing around 9% of gross domestic product, more than 50% of total export receipts, and providing direct employment to around 2.5m people.
Karachi is Pakistan's biggest industrial and port city with a population of more than 15m. A large number of residents work in the textile and allied industries.

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Textile Industry Tax in
Authorities in Pakistan have imposed a new tax on the textile industry aimed at providing adequate energy supplies to the sector in the upcoming winter season.
The Gas Infrastructure Development Cess is expected to generate PKR24bn (US$253m) per annum, which the government will use to finance gas imports from Iran, Turkmenistan, Qatar and India.
It is hoped that the measure will resolve the country's energy crisis, which has led to persistent gas and power cuts for the textile industry.
Mills have been forced to close down, lay off workers and default on bank loans because the industry is starved of gas for three days a week even during summer, according to Gohar Ejaz, former chairman of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association.
The textile industry is currently supplied with gas for five days a week but also faces 6-8 hour daily electricity cuts. As a result, around 40% of the textile industry's production capacity is idle and textile and clothing exports dropped by more than 10% in the fiscal year to the end of June 2012.
According to a study by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, 67.5% of the country's textile firms face delays in orders, 70% have seen lower output, and the sector's overall loss from the breakdown in power supplies amounts to PKR819bn (US$8.63bn).

  Fashion Photo
Teneille is wearing J Valentine
Photo by Jerome Hamilton of Studio Time Photography
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would like to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome Hamilton at 
Studio Time Photography  

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Brazil's Textile Industry 
Files Safeguard Petition
Brazil's textile and clothing industry has filed a safeguard petition against products that account for 82% of its total apparel imports, in a move that could lead to quotas or additional tariffs on shipments into the country.
The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Associacao Brasileira da Industria Textil e de Confeccao or ABIT) filed the petition with the government at the end of last month, following an eight-month investigation that generated 2,000 pages of data.
The industry is now waiting for the government to start the investigation, although no date has yet been set.
"We are confident that our process is concrete, was very well substantiated, fulfils item by item the WTO rules and actually proves the outbreak of imports and consequent loss to our industry," said ABIT president Aguinaldo Diniz Filho.
The safeguard petition covers 60 textile products that account for 82% of total clothing imports into Brazil.
Safeguards are a trade defense measure permissible under World Trade Organization rules, and allow the temporary imposition of duties or quotas on products that are found to have caused "market disruption" or local market losses as a result of increased trade.
The rules require evidence of a surge in imports in a given category, evidence that this has harmed an importer's economy in the category concerned, and that a directly harmed party petitioned for safeguards.
ABIT says clothing imports have surged by 240% in volume in the five years from 2007 to 2011, and that growth of 42% was seen from 2010 to 2011. It says this is partly due to Asian countries seeking alternative markets for their surplus production after a slowdown in orders from US and EU markets.
"We are not against imported products," says Diniz Filho. "We are against predatory Asian imports and against [the] immense tax burden that made our industry infeasible, aggravated by the valued Brazilian real and the forcibly devalued yuan.
"Any investment will not make the slightest difference in these conditions. We cannot stand idly by. We will fight until the end, because we have 1.5 million workers on our side. It is our duty to preserve the jobs in our country."


   John Stagliano to Speak
 at Closing Keynote Panel
       for CatalystCon
September 14-16, 2012 at the Long Beach Hilton Executive and Meeting Center in Long Beach, CA
CatalystCon announces that John Stagliano, Constance Penley, Ph.D, & Allan Gelbard, Esq. will give the closing keynote plenary, Defending Pornography: United States v. John Stagliano sponsored by Aneros.
Our current political climate brings challenges in defending adult material against both obscenity and intellectual property violations. What can we learn from the most recent legal battles in order to raise successful ones in the future both in the courts and the court of public opinion? Join esteemed panelists John Stagliano, Allan Gelbard Esq., and Constance Penley, PhD as they share the first hand knowledge they acquired while successfully defending against United States v John Stagliano as well as other important cases.
Sunday’s closing panel will be open to the public for a 10 dollar ticket payable at the door, which will be donated to Scarleteen.
John Stagliano grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in the 1960s. He was an economics student, dancer, writer, publisher, porn performer and stripper as his career developed. In 1989 Stagliano started EVIL ANGEL, to sell his own videos. Soon after, he changed the business model of adult movie sales by offering other directors an opportunity to sell their movies through Evil Angel without relinquishing ownership or profit participation. Stagliano’s influence on movie makers started when he came up with the idea of breaking the fourth wall, putting himself in the movie as the cameraman and focusing on his favorite theme, ass fetish. The movie that brought these innovations to the fore was the 1989 classic “Adventures of Buttman.” In 2002, Stagliano filmed his groundbreaking feature “The Fashionistas,” which swept the 2003 AVN Awards. The following year, his live dance show “Fashionistas” (based on the story in the film) debuted in Las Vegas to critical acclaim, including Best Choreography from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In 2008, Stagliano was indicted federally on several counts of obscenity for distributing his company’s products on DVDs and via the Internet. The case finally went to trial in July of 2010. He was acquitted on all charges. 
Dee Dennis regards this conference as a “melting pot of sexuality” that will unite sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers, activists, and anyone with a passion for creating change. "Knowledge is power, and sharing that knowledge is the first spark in igniting change." This is the fundamental principle behind CatalystCon.
Attendees to this groundbreaking event will benefit from important discussions on a wide variety of subjects, such as sex work, porn, polyamory, sexism in hip hop, senior sex, sex and religion, and sex education. Dennis is excited to host CatalystCon, which she believes will “inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality.” 
Go to to register today. 
Follow CatalystCon on twitter @catalystcon and visit    


Clothing Workers in South
   Africa Close to Strike
Clothing workers in South Africa are edging closer to a strike after the union that represents them said early indications of a ballot amongst its members suggests they will vote in favor of industrial action. The South African Clothing and Textiles Workers' Union (Sactwu) is balloting 40,000 workers over a two-week period, which started August 28.
The action is part of a dispute with employer group Apparel Manufacturers of South Africa (AMSA), and centers around a clause in new contracts which would mean that all workers employed after September 1, will be paid 80% of the industry minimum wage. The offer also includes a 6.5% pay increase for workers in metro areas.
A spokesperson for Sactwu said that if it were to accept the proposal, it would lead to job losses amongst existing workers in established factories.
"For example, a new establishment could be set up almost overnight next to an existing establishment, produce the same product line but pay workers a 20% lower wage. What will happen to workers at the existing facility? What will happen to the existing plant? It will become uncompetitive, workers will be operationally dismissed and the plant will close down, unless of course the wages of current workers at the existing plant also get cut by 20%," the spokesperson said.
The spokesperson emphasized that early indications show workers will vote in favor of the strike action.
"It is not our preference to go on strike. But we are left with no choice. We are not a trigger happy union. It is a measure of last resort for us. That last resort is now," the spokesperson added.

Coquette to Debut First Seasonal Limited Edition
-SS13 to Benefit Breast Cancer Research-
Coquette is thrilled to be debuting their first spring/summer collection and introducing a new catalog to their lingerie repertoire. The Spring/Summer 2013 catalog shows their passion for color, textures and femininity.
Throughout the pages of their lookbook customers will find raspberry, teal, floral prints and baby blue combinations. Delicate bows, jewels and lace details adorn the pieces to offer stylized intimate apparel for all those looking for unique and luxurious lingerie. Coquette's philosophy shines through in this collection to inspire feeling gorgeous in figure flattering styles designed in fresh summer hues, and bringing out inner beauty.

“The sun filled images of this catalog show the high fashion designs of this collection and the new direction Coquette is heading with its re-branding initiative,” explained vice president of sales and marketing Marcus Horea. “We want to show our retailers and new customers our ability to create stunning lingerie at affordable pricing, that is flattering to all body types.”
With the excitement surrounding the release of this collection the design team wanted to offer more than just beautifully crafted lingerie. Coquette has partnered with Save the ta-ta's for their SS13 collection and will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to breast cancer research. Funds go directly to researchers who are making groundbreaking progress in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods of this prevalent disease. 

“This partnership was just the next step to our new collection,” said Horea. “Being in the lingerie industry we wanted to parallel ourselves with a recognized and reputable cause for women. Save the ta-ta's Foundation is an organization that we support, and look forward to what this new relationship will accomplish.”
Save the ta-tas is the embodiment of clothing designer Julia Fikse’s vision, in response to the reactions she witnessed when two family members were diagnosed with breast cancer within a short period of time. Her concept of using laughter and fun to remove some of the stigma and fear of talking about this horrible disease has been overwhelmingly successful in bringing awareness to a new and receptive audience.
Funds are used primarily to support independent scientific research. Knowing full well Save the ta-tas are a product brand and not experts in reading and selecting grants, they have formed a valuable partnership with Concern Foundation.
Coquette is an international distributor of lingerie and costumes founded in Canada. Since 1979, the company has delivered high quality collections that entail diversity of styles while captivating a realistic feminine appeal.
Coquette has become the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of lingerie in Canada and has expanded into the international market as a major distributor of intimate apparel, serving over 64 countries.
What makes Coquette unique is the diversity of styles featured in its collections that fit any lifestyle, occasion, figure or taste. Coquette is proud to offer delicate and uniquely designed lingerie in its collections, ranging in styles from romantic to risqué.
Main Collection
Coquette’s Main Collection is comprised of a wide variety of lingerie styles, including a full bridal collection, club, lounge and novelty wear.
Coquette’s Masquerade Collection is comprised of Halloween and special occasion costumes. Unique to Coquette, the collection also features role-play costumes which are costumes that include an interactive element with sexy lingerie underneath.
Coquette’s Darque Collection is comprised of an array of sleek, stylish club wear with a playful fetish flare.
Coquette's novelty line for men and women includes pyjamas, aprons, thongs and G-Strings that are designed with a sense of humor and playful innuendoes.
The Holiday Collection includes Christmas, Valentine’s Day and New Year's inspired lingerie, available in holiday colors and a variety of styles.
For more information on Coquette and its products, visit Make sure to also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter,



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