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Pakistan Factory Fires
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Brazil's Textile Industry Files Safeguard Petition
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John Stagliano to Speak at Closing Keynote Panel
for CatalystCon
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Coquette to Debut First Seasonal Limited Edition
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The International Lingerie Fashion Show Sneak Peek
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Eldorado Now Carrying
 Wicked Sensual Care  
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Business and Technology: Lessons learned from
your Daddy
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Hot Products
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McPete Sez
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Fab Foundations: Take the plunge
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CurveNY Continued  Page 3

The Lingerie Alliance Launch
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Ask the Gozooko Guys
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Ask Andy
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Baci Lingerie Premiered Plus-Size Lines at ILS
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Intensity by JOPEN Scores 
"O" Award
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The Addict Expose: The 7 New Rules of Lingerie
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Hot Products
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Bodi Spa Makes Waves at ILS 
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Business and Technology
         by the Gozooko Guys 
            (Bryan and Karl)  

Lessons learned from
       your Daddy.

Was your website affected by the recent GoDaddy outages?

A few takeaways from watching millions of small businesses lose possible sales related uptime.

Web Hosting – Being hosted by a company where you may just be another number, try a smaller web hosting company with a bit more personal service.

DNS(Domain Name Service) – The communication and translation service that points your web site to the proper server (among other things it does). Go Daddy’s DNS servers were affected. Think about splitting up some of your Go Daddy services between other companies.

Remember the bottom line is you get what you pay for.

At Gozooko, the customer always comes first. Our lines of products are customer driven, and our goal is to meet your needs and to help your business grow. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Computer Power 
The businessman dragged himself home and barely made it to his chair before he dropped, exhausted. 
His sympathetic wife was right there with a tall cool drink and a comforting word. 
"My, you look tired," she said. "You must have had a hard day today. What happened to make you so exhausted?" 
"It was terrible," her husband said, "The computer broke down and all of us had to do our own thinking."

Eldorado Now Carrying
 Wicked Sensual Care  
From the pinnacle brand in couple's intimacy, Eldorado is proud to announce the addition of the Wicked Sensual Care Collection to its growing line of personal care products.
"We are excited to offer the Wicked Sensual Care Collection. Wicked has proven themselves in the adult film market and they're bringing that same high quality to the personal care market," says Eldorado founder and CEO Larry Garland.
For almost 20 years, Wicked has established itself as a global leader in the creation of sophisticated couples entertainment. The Wicked Sensual Care Collection is a comprehensive line of luxurious intimate lubricants and enhancers. The exclusive formulas use the highest quality ingredients available in the personal care market and lovingly crafted together to enhance and satisfy all of your intimate adventures. The elegantly designed packaging is discreet and subtle for discerning consumers.
"We are extremely excited to be part of the Eldorado family with our new line of luxurious intimate lubricants. Being a new player in the novelty market, it is great to have the opportunity to work with such a high caliber and knowledgeable team," says Bonnie Kail of Wicked's domestic sales department.
Contact your Eldorado account manager or log on to  for more information.
About Eldorado
An award-winning distributor of adult toys and novelties, Eldorado is committed to providing products that enhance special occasions for adults everywhere. Eldorado prides itself on sensational service, outstanding product selection, and unsurpassed delivery to and for its customers. For more information please contact Eldorado's sales department at 800-525-0848, or or visit or

Fever Heats Up
2012 has been an incredible year for Fever. They have been nominated for a Storerotica nomination in America and won the Gainsborough Business of the Year award for 2012 in England. It appears that their exciting styling, extraordinary customer service, great fulfiment along with just being a pleasure to deal with has made Fever 'The Company' to buy from. 
Fever has caught on with stores that are tired of the same old, oversaturated designs. 
No woman wants to wear what everyone else is wearing, and no buyer wants to buy a brand that is everywhere including Ebay.
Mark Behar, Head of US Business Development, believes that this is the reason such notable companies like the famous,, Chealsea and so many others are starting to bring the Fever Collection in. 
"It's not the same old tired styles from the same old tired companies". Behar says "because we are designed in Europe we have a different flavor, our own unique style it is awesome that only the best stores have discovered us, it makes the stores that cary us unique and elite."
" Fever allows a woman to dare to be different" The store that carries Fever gets a lot for their money and can pass it on to the end user. All this at a very reasonable price. it's great to be able to say "Fever is sold only by the best!" 
For information about Fever or to find a representative in your area please call Mark Behar at 646 592-3977 or 646 225-6626.  

The dynamic and upbeat tone of the activity at CURVENY New York the past three days was a result of the combined first 2012 semester retail success and brands that surpassed themselves in both creativity,quality, and right price positioning. Each not only exceeded market expectations, but catered to the year's current market requirements.
Vendors, designers, and merchandising teams worked extremely hard in coming up with collections that offer new colors, textures, techniques, and performances. New product categories were presented in a subtle way to feed the appetite of consumers who desired freshness and real content. This demand was accompanied by the entrance of many new brands across a wide range of segments including: Anne Krysel, Bracli Creations, Diane and Geordi, Ella Moss, Estuaries, Gossard, Jamu Australia, Janira, Kensie, Kiss Me Deadly, Knitty Kitty, Maria Bonia by Phax, Miel, Olivia Von Halle, Parisa Fe, Purpuratta, Skyfissh Swimwear, Splendid, Suggest by Pain de Sucre, and Urban Intimates, to name a few. These brands further demonstrate the exciting dynamic nature of the industry and received excellent feedback from the buyers at CURVENY New York.
The entire retail industry worked the diverse CURVENY New York floor for many hours and days. From major department stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus, to online stores such as Bare Necessities and Her Room, and to numerous Lingerie and Swimwear specialty stores deriving from the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South and Midwest - leading Lingerie and Swimwear buyers have now made CURVENY New York their three-day "home". The quality of buyers exceeded the quality of previous years, while the quantity was up 6.5% with CURVENY New York last August with 3,397 visitors. Among these visitors, 13 percent came from abroad, mainly from Canada and Japan. This proves the growing importance of the North American market offerings within the entire fashion world. Considering the recent changes CURVExpo has gone through with the new acquisition of CURVExpo by Eurovet, the world leader at the helm of seventeen textile and fashion-related fairs, such as Salon International de La Lingerie and Interfilière/Mode City, an increase in International retailers visiting CURVExpo Shows is expected in 2013.
All seminars and the fashion show were "full House "events!: The LELO seminar unveiling a new product category that brings traffic and revenue to the store, the very important sourcing seminar about "Colombia your new sourcing destination aiming at efficiency and competiveness," by Proexport attended by production manager and the very informative seminar about " How to sell to China" by Shanghai Mode Lingerie. New this season: The So CURVE Fashion Show attended by more than 500 retailers on Monday, August 6th at 6PM on show, performed by the Crazy Horse Paris dancers, was a dazzling tribute to lingerie and swimwear brands from around the world and their impressive Spring/Summer 2013 Collections.
CURVENY New York is already looking ahead to February 2013, with the dates set to be February 25, 26, and 27. The show will also move back to the new, beautiful, and airy Javits North location.
For more information on Curve go to 

Note: by clicking on the photo's below, it will 
bring you to their web-site. or to their e-mail if 
                      no web-site exists.
Remember to tell them you saw them here.
Photos by Heather Briggs

                   The Knock Out booth. 

          Afiya and Holly wearing Naked Princess

Cassandre Le Corre, Isabelle Gantzer Mugnier and 
Laetitia Suty of Gilsa 

Lisa Roberts of Knitty Kitty. 

        Eliane Maria Said of 

The busy Mary Green booth. 

                  Olga wearing Jane Woolrich

               Melissa is modeling Julie France

The busy Va Bien booth.  

Len Greenbaum of TC Fine Intimates with a buyer.  

The busy Clo Intimo booth.  

Frauke Nagel of Fraulein Annie with Ellen Lewis of
         Lingerie Briefs.   

Terry Krchov and Michele Krchov of Cotton  Ph: 561-625-9594
CurveNY continued on page 3

Hot Products 
         Courtesy of

Paint your clothing on with the
Brand X Liquid Latex Rainbow Kit
When you can’t decide what to wear ... simply paint your clothing
on! For those customers who just love the feel of latex, Brand X Liquid Latex is happy to introduce their new Rainbow Kit, which is equipped with all your customers would need to unleash their inner “bodypainting artist.”

Whether utilized for a costume party, an exotic stage performance or a night on the town, the Brand X Liquid Latex boasts a water-resistant formula, less skin irritation and easy removal, peeling off the skin like a rubber glove.
For more information, please call (408) 426-1334.

“Awake,” “Bloom” and “Chai” added to Intimate Organics’ massage oil line
Peony Blush, Vanilla Chai, Black Pepper and Pink Grapefruit … no, they are not the latest designer perfume scents, but the newest addition to Intimate Organics’ already popular massage oil line.
The new scents are officially titled “Awake,” a fresh and zesty Black Pepper and Pink Grapefruit scent, “Bloom,” a feminine fragrance overflowing with the scent of fresh cut peonies, and “Chai,” which perfectly captures the exotic aroma of hot,spiced Chai tea.

Containing natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, sunflower oil,  certified organic extracts and well-blended scents, Intimate Organics’ massage oil line also includes “Sensual,” “Relax,” “Energize,” “Awake” and “Bloom.”
For more information, please call (888) 940-6887

About STOREROTICA Magazine
STOREROTICA Magazine was formed in October, 2008, when the company merged its two successful publications: TEEZE Magazine and ADULT STORE BUYER Magazine. STOREROTICA Magazine is a niche publication geared toward the owners and buyers at intimate apparel and adult retail stores. The magazine is more about what happens within the four walls of those retail stores than what happens outside. STOREROTICA's editorial focus is almost exclusively on store operators and decision-makers — how to make more money, how to simplify operations, how to manage inventory and personnel, how to avoid legal problems and how to grow your business. Unlike any other publication, STOREROTICA Magazine doesn’t only tell store owners about the latest and hottest products on the market, it also tells them how to sell more of those products. Every issue is packed with business advice columns, retail strategies, informative B2B articles and targeted industry news that store owners and buyers keep and refer to all year long. For more information, please visit  
The International Lingerie Fashion Show Sneak Peek
A small sneak peek of the International Lingerie 
    Fashion Show held September 10-12, 2012.  
       Photos by Chris Summa of Nandovision







Look for more photos and coverage from the 
International Lingerie Show and Fashion Show
      in upcoming issues of McPete Sez!

Pain et Sucre Wins Swimsuit
PPR/Redcats-owned home shopping specialist La Redoute has lost its appeal against a conviction for selling a swimsuit copied from Marseille-based designer label Pain et Sucre.
The appeal court upheld an initial judgment, but reduced the sum La Redoute must pay to Pain et Sucre in compensation from EUR200,000 (US$257,777) to EUR50,000, while damages have been halved to EUR50,000.
"La Redoute has a decreased fine and will pay less in damages, but what is more important is that the appeal court has confirmed its conviction for counterfeiting a Pain et Sucre design," a spokesperson for the designer firm said.
The swimsuit model in question is a registered design at France's national Institute of Industrial Property.
Pain et Sucre says it is normally sold at between EUR120 and EUR150. However, La Redoute's copy was being offered in its catalogues at between EUR15 and EUR20.

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