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New Addition to McPete Sez
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Textile Groups Call for Aid for Pakistan
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Indian Apparel Exporters Push For Cotton Export Controls
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  September 15, 2010                                            Issue #273
     The McPete Sez Lingerie Newsletter & Women's Wear Journal           

                              Intimate Apparel

  Another New Addition to
          McPete Sez!
Yes, you read the header right - ANOTHER addition. 
We've been busy over here at McPete Sez with the Classified Section (pg 5), the McPete Sez Facebook page, The Addict Expose (pg 4) and now we’ve added Lipgloss & Lace.
Lipgloss and Lace can be found on page 4 and is written by Mandie Mutchie - a model and makeup artist, not to mention a Math and English teacher. Talk about a well-rounded career! 
Mandie started modeling nearly ten years ago and while modeling she managed to learn the secrets to become a makeup artist. She recently launched FaceScape Artistry and has a lot of tips and information to share with the McPete Sez readers. 
As always if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at  

Debenham's Bikini Sales Up
 118% with 50-65 Group
UK department store chain Debenhams says that sales of bikinis at its stores have risen by 118%, driven by women who were born around the time of the two-piece's invention in 1946.
When Debenhams customers between the ages of 50 and 65 were asked what style of swimwear they take on holiday, 71% said they had traded in their one-piece for a more revealing two-piece.
Sasha Nagalingham, swimwear buyer at Debenhams, said: 
"There are no rules to say when a woman should retire her bikini. Women over 50 are as interested in looking glamorous as their younger counterparts; and the beach is no exception.
"Over 74% of the customers who now wear a bikini also said that they had been inspired by images of older celebrity women stepping out in a two-piece, with Helen Mirren's red bikini the most commonly mentioned 

   Fashion Photo
             Antastasia is wearing
    Delicious Sexywear of New York
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or 
     would to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo 
             contact Jerome at  

US Won't Investigate China's
A decision by the US Commerce Department decision not to investigate whether China's alleged currency manipulation constitutes an unfair export subsidy subject to countervailing duties has been described as "job-destroying" by US manufacturers.
The Fair Currency Coalition (FCC), an alliance of industry and worker organizations including textile groups, is now called for currency legislation in the House and Senate to be enacted.
"Once again Commerce has dropped the ball. Their refusal to act places the onus squarely on Congress to reverse this job-destroying decision," said FCC executive director Charles Blum.
The group claims China has intervened to keep its currency undervalued relative to the US dollar by an estimated 35% to 40%. This illegal activity, it says, makes Chinese-produced goods and services artificially cheaper compared to their US-made counterparts. 
Pending legislation includes the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Act of 2010 - urging action if it is determined that China is a currency manipulator.
There is also The Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, which would give US companies the ability to defend themselves against Chinese currency manipulation by placing countervailing duties equal to the Chinese manipulation on imports of certain goods from China.

Tia Lyn
21/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!

                      Joan Pass
I'm sorry to report, but Joan Pass passed away on August 11 after a long battle with Leukemia. 
Joan was born in Hong Kong, but moved to the US to attend college. She worked in department stores, for Eagle Shirtmaker, Male Power and Sedgefield before starting her own business - Fantastic Jewelry and working with her husband, Franz Pass at Pass Distributing Company. 
Joan and Franz celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary the day before she died. 
Joan was a familiar face at the trade shows and she will be missed. 
Textile Groups Call for Aid 
             for Pakistan
US textile and cotton groups have hit out at a suggested package of trade concessions to help Pakistan recover from the recent flood disaster, saying the US government should send humanitarian aid to Pakistan instead of US jobs.
The comments were made in response to a proposal by the US Chamber of Commerce to grant one-way trade concessions to Pakistan in the form of duty-free treatment for certain textile and apparel products as a way to help the flood-ravaged country.
Instead, they say, the move would simply offshore US jobs by having “a devastating impact on the more than 400,000 employees that comprise the US textile and apparel sector.”
The groups – which include the the National Association of Textile Organizations, the National Cotton Council and the National Cotton Council – expressed their concerns in a letter sent to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Trade Representative Ron Kirk.
“The United States could craft an aid package that sends Pakistan US-made relief products like shelters, blankets, and medical supplies,” said AMTAC executive director Auggie Tantillo. “That would help Pakistan and put Americans back to work.”
The US Chamber of Commerce is calling for expansion of Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) legislation in Pakistan and Afghanistan to cover apparel products like cotton trousers and shirts. It also wants to extend the geographic regions within Pakistan that would be eligible for a ROZ.
However, while the US Chamber believes its proposal will have “no negative impact on US textile producers,” the groups say cotton trousers and shirts are “highly sensitive” apparel export categories for western hemisphere producers that use US-made yarns and fabrics.
They also argue that the off shoring proposal “directly contradicts President Obama’s National Export Initiative and its goal of doubling exports over the next five years.”
“Granting duty-free treatment to Pakistan’s exports not only will undermine US manufacturers, it also will displace producers throughout Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean and Andean regions that compete directly with Pakistan for US market share,” the letter says.
“Moreover, the US Chamber’s concept would substantially undermine another Obama administration priority, the recently passed Haiti Economic Lift Program (HELP) Act of 2010, as Haiti is a direct competitor in many of the product categories that Pakistan supplies to the US market.

2/3    CLICK HERE to watch Risque's Video on YouTube

Indian Apparel Exporters 
  Push For Cotton Export
Indian apparel exporters have warned that rising cotton and yarn prices will “cripple” the industry unless new controls are imposed on the export of raw cotton.
Their concerns come as the government prepares for the October 1, lifting of current restrictions that only allow exports under license from India's directorate general of foreign trade. After this date, contracts to export cotton just need to be registered with the Textile Commissioner prior to shipment.
“Yarn mills have once again stopped deliveries and are talking about minimum INR10 (US$0.21) per kg price increases for September delivery,” said Premal Udani, chairman of the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) in a letter sent to textile minister Dayanidhi Maran.
He is urging the government to ensure that exports of cotton and yarn are calibrated and do not cause market disruption to producers of garments for export and domestic markets.
The sharp rise in price is blamed on the government's decision to allow cotton exports again, and the unexpected loss of cotton crops due to floods in Pakistan.
“Our country has a unique opportunity to maximize garment exports due to various problems in the neighboring countries,” Udani said.
“However, if raw materials are allowed to be freely exported and consequently there are hefty price increases as well as shortages in the domestic market, it will cripple our industry.”
The government in April announced it was banning exports of raw cotton that had not already been registered, in an attempt to halt soaring price hikes and exports.

M&S Planned Wardrobe
        Clear-Out Day
The UK's largest clothing retailer, Marks & Spencer, is to run a 'wardrobe clear-out' day when customers can take their unwanted clothes to stores.
M&S model Lisa Snowdon is fronting a national advertising campaign for the day.
It follows research by the retailer that found 92% of UK consumers admit clinging onto clothing they never wear. 
M&S said the average British wardrobe contained an item purchased in 1996, and one in ten had clothes bought in the 1970s.
The event, Wednesday September 8, is part of the M&S and Oxfam Clothes Exchange. It is also linked to M&S’ involvement in HRH Prince of Wales’ START campaign, designed to help consumers lead a more sustainable lifestyle, a statement said.
Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of M&S, said: “By doing something as simple as dropping off your unwanted clothes at our stores you can help reduce the 1m tons of clothing sent to landfill in the UK each year and generate important funds for Oxfam. Recycling your clothes is certainly the right thing to do environmentally, but it can also help you clear out some clutter and give your wardrobe a new lease of life.”

     New Swimwear Yarn
South Korean yarn producer Hyosung has developed a new branded spandex/elastane with improved chlorine resistance and longer lasting fit to meet demand for quality, fit and performance in swimwear.
Creora Highclo is engineered to retain its power longer after exposure to chlorine to provide durable fit and shape retention.
The new product is being launched at the Interfilière trade fair in Paris. Also being launched by Hyosung is Mipan microfine, 20/34 and 30/68 micro denier nylon offerings for fine gauge, super light weight, warp and 
circular knits.

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