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Carl White
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A Sneak Peek into
Bradelis New York Runway Show
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The Curves Have It:
Curvy Kate Launches Star in a Bra 
North America
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Club Seamless: One 
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The Addict Expose: Diversity in Lingerie: Why I’ve Been Scared to Talk 
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September 1, 2013                                        Issue # 344

                              Intimate Apparel

          Free Video Clips 
      Offered at ILS
Specialty Trade Shows along with McPete Sez and Nandovision are once again sponsoring a video session at the upcoming International Lingerie Show September 23-25, 2013.
All exhibitors will have the option of having their models included in the free video shoot. Each model will be filmed for approximately 5 minutes to be converted to a short video clip, similar to Nandovision's very popular virtual catalogs. 

Each participating exhibitor will also be able to submit their logo to be included in their segment and can receive the final video compilation to be used on their website and social media platforms.
For more information on free video, please email or or stop by the NandoVision Photo area in the Miranda Room during the show. 
For more information on Virtual Catalogs by Nandovision go to  

  23/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!
                  Carl White
Carl White, a veteran in the lingerie industry, passed away peacefully at his home on August 24, 2013. 

"Carl was just an amazing guy, and so loved by all of us here at Shirley of Hollywood, and even more so by his customers who got to see him all the time in their stores. Carl had the huge heart, and was always there with his big smile and laugh no matter what was going on. I’d travel the road with him across TN from time to time, and we’d always have a blast, even when I ended up with the chore of changing a flat tire on the roadside on one trip."
"Carl came on board with us back in the early 1970’s when our sales manager Al Glasser would call up prospective reps, and if they weren’t sure about taking the line, would just ship them a sample line and say “go out and see what you write”, Carl wrote-and-wrote, and was hooked on the sexy category. It turned into a 40 year relationship. You were well loved, and will be missed Carl."  said Eric Schlobohm of Shirley of Hollywood. 

If anyone wishes to offer contributions in his memory, the family is suggests giving to hospice care organizations in Carl’s name.

Fashion Photo        

Bridgit is wearing Pink Lipstick
Photo by Jerome Hamilton of Studio Time Photography
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would like to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome Hamilton at 
Studio Time Photography  


   A Sneak Peek into
The Bradelis New York Runway Show
kicked off LingerieFW on Thursday August 1, 2013.  
Look for more videos and pictures from LingerieFW in upcoming issues of McPeteSez.

                   Video by Nandovision 

Strike Ends in Turkey
Turkish apparel workers have agreed to end a nine-day strike after reaching an agreement with the Turkey Textile Industry Employers' Association.
The Teksif Union reached the agreement on August 23, putting an end to the strike that involved more than 12,000 workers and affected around 30 major clothing and textile producers.
The agreement will see bonuses return to previous levels of a 120-day salary instead of the current 72.
The three-year agreement also means workers will receive a 5% rise on salaries in the first six months, 3% in the second, 3% in the third, 4% in the fourth, 3% in the fifth, and 4% in the sixth. If inflation surpasses these rates, additional payments will also be made.
Workers who work overtime on weekdays, general holidays, national holidays and regional holidays will receive double pay.
They will also receive wage increases based on experience, with TRY7 (US$3.4) added for every year worked.



                   Model: Mariana
           Photo by Aldo Antonio at 
the Shirley of Hollywood Fashion Show
  Look for more pictures on page 2

*email for more
information on photographer & model

Bangladesh To Increase Uzbekistan Cotton Imports
Bangladesh is planning to import 200,000 tons of cotton annually from Uzbekistan in a new multi-annual deal to be finalized shortly.
Negotiations are underway to set its terms in a Memorandum of Understanding between the two governments, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) president Atiqul Islam said.
Once signed, there are expected to be many benefits to the Bangladesh industry, which is heavily dependent on imported cotton yarn and fabric.
"First the garment industry can use fabrics and yarn produced in the local textile mills. Second, local supply of fabrics and yarn will significantly reduce lead time in the export of apparel products," Islam said, adding "garment makers will earn more foreign exchange by exporting locally value added products."
Or simply put, the proposed deal will "ensure a steady supply of cotton to the country's textile industry," with Islam stressing it will free many Bangladesh importers from having to sign cotton sourcing deals each year.
The country's garment and textile industry uses nearly 4m bales of cotton annually (about 800,000 tons at US sizes) and the bulk of its cotton is imported from India, the Russian-dominated Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) - which includes Uzbekistan - Pakistan, Africa, Brazil and the US, he said.
However, the deal comes at a time of mounting criticism of Uzbekistan's cotton industry over its alleged use of child labor. The Cotton Campaign has, for instance, alleged that the Uzbek government forces "children as young as 10 to pick cotton under appalling conditions each harvest season."
More than 120 international apparel brands and retailers have already banned the use of cotton from Uzbekistan as part of efforts to stop the country using forced and child labor to harvest its cotton crop.

5/24 Releases 
       Entyece Line, an independent designer of jewelry, accessories and gifts, has announced the launch of an exciting new line: Entyece.
“Entyece is inspired by the streets and the stage,” states founder Tara Christine.
“Designed with the adventurous female in mind, the Entyece line is the product of extensive market research and the effort to strengthen our segmentation strategy.”
Entyece will encapsulate a variety of chokers, neckties, nipple rings, earrings, and lingerie accessories that range from fetish-inspired lamé to ultra-feminine lace.
Read the entire article on page 2

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The Curves Have It
                    by Samantha Hutchens
Curvy Kate Launches Star in a Bra 

  North America
Since Curvy Kate’s birth in 2009 the brand has been an advocate for the fuller figure, using real women to model their lingerie through their Star in a Bra competition. With seven successful runs in the United Kingdom, Australia and United States of America, Curvy Kate once again brings their competition across the pond to the United States and Canada in search of a new figure.
Read the entire article on page 3
Cambodia Now Has Higher Minimum Wages In Place
Workers in Cambodia's garment and footwear sectors are now being paid at least US$80 per month for regular working hours after a new minimum wage went into effect in May.
According to an update from the International Labor Organization's Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) monitoring and reporting scheme, the new minimum wage consists of a US$14 increase to the previous minimum wage of US$61 as well as a US$5 health care allowance.
Probationary workers who undergo a trial period of between one to three months will receive US$75.
Workers who are paid according to the number of units produced (piece-rate) will continue to be paid according to the amount they produce, as long as their final monthly wages equal at least the minimum wage and all required allowances. If this is not the case, piece-rate workers' wages will be increased to US$80 or US$75 for probationary workers.
Local unions in Cambodia who took part in the wage negotiations earlier this year had called for a wage hike to between US$89 and US$150 a month.
And the Asia Floor Wage Alliance says the new figure is still just one-quarter of the monthly living wage of US$274 a worker and her family in Cambodia require to cover basic needs. 


Bangladesh Factory Inspections to Start
Inspections are due to begin on at least 2,000 garment factories in Bangladesh that are not already part of two separate initiatives by retailers and brands in Europe and North America to audit all their supplier factories in the country.
The government-led National Tripartite Action Plan on Building and Fire Safety, which is working with employer and worker groups and the International Labor Organization (ILO), says teams led by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) will undertake the assessments.
There are also plans to set out a national standard for fire safety and structural assessments as a benchmark for all audits to meet.
The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has pledged to share documents related to factory design and layout with the Committee - which will also share the national standards with all relevant stakeholders at a workshop on September 7.
The National Tripartite Committee was set up in response to the fire at Tazreen Fashion last November and the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in April - which between them led to the loss of more than 1,200 lives.
It is hoped that the measures will lead to the US reinstating GSP tariff benefits to Bangladesh, after these were withdrawn in June over concerns about its serious shortcomings in worker rights and workplace safety standards.
However, a preliminary inspection report on 70 ready-made garment units found just six to be in sound condition - illustrating the unique size of the task facing Bangladesh as it tries to rebuild its reputation on the global stage.
There are also concerns that Bangladesh's Ministry of Labor is struggling to recruit the 200 factory inspectors it requires.
The ILO says just four inspectors have been recruited so far, with another 72 due to be on board by October. The recruitment process for another 128 inspectors will begin in November.
Separate schemes are also underway by the [North American] Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety with its Bangladesh Worker Safety Initiative, and the [European] Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh - which between them intend to examine at least 1,500 factories.
They will also offer funds and assistance with remedial action - including the relocation and rebuilding of unsafe factories - and have set a timeframe to see all their supplier factories inspected within the next nine months to one-year.
However, Jenny Holdcroft, policy director at the IndustriAll global union, which is coordinating the Accord efforts, admitted progress is slow.
Everything from establishing how many factories need to be inspected, to setting up offices and recruiting staff, "will probably take longer than we would like," she said.
With all these various initiatives taking place, another issue is that of overlapping audits.
She said all parties are working together to ensure duplication doesn't occur.
"The Accord will carry out inspections for the factories that are supplying to the signatories," she explained, adding that the tripartite initiative would focus on the non-Accord [and non-Alliance] factories.

               EXPOSED GETS 
The devil may wear Prada, but the devilish wear Exposed, by Magic Silk. Similarly, the Hauppauge, New York company will be entering the world of haute couture with their first ever New York City fashion show, to be held on September 17th at the fabulous Skyroom, high atop the newly built Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott on 40th Street.
Jeff Baker, Magic Silk’s president, sees the show as the next logical step in the company’s evolution. “We make the sexiest, highest quality outfits in the intimate apparel industry, and this is the perfect venue to showcase them.” The Sky Room offers a breathtaking, 360 degree view of Manhattan from the city’s highest rooftop lounge. Its panoramic glass walls and retractable glass roof overlook the bright lights and teeming traffic of Times Square, the very heart of New York City.

The evening will begin with a reception at 8:30 pm. The show itself will start at 9:30, when some of New York City’s top models will display many hot selling fashions from the Exposed catalog, each as sensuous and provocative as their name: Club Seamless, Neon Lace, Liquid Onyx, Party Girl, Hypnotic Swirl, Midnight Bound, Bands of Lace, Champagne Lace, Satin Treasure, Fishnet and Black Widow.
Hillary Flowers is producing the show, with media coverage by McPete Sez, the widely read lingerie newsletter and web site. The event is open to the public, and admission is free with no cover change.
The company website,, offers a preview of the ultra-sexy fashions to be displayed at the Skyroom. But come to the show itself to fully experience the magic that is Magic Silk.
CONTACT: Jeff Baker 631-435-9390

Cambodia's Labor Law App
The Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) monitoring and reporting scheme is launching a mobile app next month to help improve knowledge of the country's labor law for those working in the industry.
Partially funded by Adidas, the 'Cambodian Labor Law Guide' app will be available to download for free on any Android and iPhone smart phones.
It provides an interactive and searchable version of BFC's Guide to the Labor Law, and comes in English, Chinese and Khmer.
In addition to the Cambodia Labor Law, the app also allows users to calculate the correct maternity benefit that should be provided. It also features a range of photos documenting both good and bad practices. Users can also test their knowledge with a labor law quiz provided in the app.
Those who work in the industry can also find a link to a calendar that lists trainings conducted by BFC.
"By making the labor law readily available and digestible for those working in the industry, it is envisaged that this application can increase knowledge of key areas of the law and help to increase compliance in the industry," BFC says.



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