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Act of War
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Guilford closes Plant
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Prince Charles Mobbed
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The Bikini & Miss America
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Argentine retailers hurting
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Kmart or Target?
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Sequin Sales Hot 
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The Prince & Nicole
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Fashion Week, Spring 2002
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September 15,  2001                                   Issue #57

     Mcpete Sez, 
The Lingerie Newsletter & Women's Wear Journal.

                              Ready to-wear.

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An Act of War
         By  Murderers Unknown
"Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.  " President George Bush"

A defense budget of hundreds of billions of dollars, thousands of nuclear warheads, and a military more powerful than the armed forces of the rest of the world combined, were not sufficient to protect the nation from more civilian casualties than it suffered in all the world wars of the twentieth century.
Our Sympathy to the victims & families of this national tragedy, our heartfelt thoughts & prayers go out to them.

Palestinian Authority threatens
camera crews covering celebrations 
RAMALLAH The Palestinian Authority has muzzled coverage of Palestinian celebrations of the Islamic suicide attacks against the United States.
Palestinian sources said PA officials stopped several television crews from broadcasting Palestinian celebrations of the suicide jet crashes in New York and Washington. They said PA Information Minister Yasser Abbed Rabbo and his aides telephoned foreign broadcast crews and said the PA would not beable to guarantee their safety if the footage is broadcast.
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      America: The Good Neighbor.
a must read & send to a friend

Widespread but only partial news coverage was given  recently to a remarkable editorial broadcast from Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian television commentator. What follows is the full text of his  trenchant remarks as printed in the Congressional Record:
"This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the  least appreciated people on all the earth.
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Intimate Brands August same-store sales fall 8 pct
COLUMBUS, Ohio,- Lingerie retailer Intimate Brands Inc. (NYSE:IBI - news) on Thursday said sales at its stores open at least one year fell 8 percent in August.
Total sales in the month ended Aug. 26 fell more than 4 percent to $298.3 from $312.2 a year ago.
Intimate Brands, which is 84-percent owned by women's apparel retailer Limited Inc. (NYSE:LTD - news), sells intimate apparel, beauty and personal products through Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works stores.
Limited August same-store sales down 4 pct
COLUMBUS, Ohio,- Apparel retailer Limited Inc. (NYSE:LTD - news) said on Thursday that sales at stores
open at least a year declined by 4 percent in August from a year earlier.
For the four weeks ended Septe Di???million, down from sales of $714.9 million for the year-earlier period. Excluding sales in both periods from the Lane Bryant chain, which was sold to Charming Shoppes Inc
Guilford Mills Textile Plant to Close
COBLESKILL, N.Y. - The Guilford Mills textile plant will close Nov. 8, the company announced Monday. 
The approximately 500 employees of the garment maker will lose their jobs with Guilford, company spokesman Rich Novak said. They will receive 90 days of additional medical and life insurance, he said. 
In a letter to employees, company president John Emrich and chairman Chuck Hayes said the U.S. textile industry continues to be hurt by Asian apparel imports, while domestic retail sales have weakened. 
``Last year (2000) our apparel operations lost $39.8 million. In the last nine months apparel lost $32.8 million,'' they wrote. 
The Cobleskill mill makes swimwear and lingerie, two lines Guilford will discontinue, Novak said. 

Little holiday joy seen for U.S. retailers 
CHICAGO -- U.S. retailers may still be trying to sell bikinis and lawn chairs, but some in the industry are already fretting that mounting job losses and waning consumer confidence will spell retail gloom this Christmas. 
Most people have not yet decided on a Halloween costume or where to hold Thanksgiving dinner. Yet the shaky U.S. economy has investors assessing prospects for the distant Christmas holiday because it is so critical to retailers' financial performance. 
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Prince Charles Mobbed by Lingerie Women
Fifty lingerie-clad women surrounded Prince Charles in his garden.
It sounds like a royal scandal: 50 women stripped down to lingerie were spotted laughing and joking with Prince Charles in his garden, writes the Daily Mail.
But much to the chagrin of the paparazzi, the women were there to present Charles with a check for breast cancer awareness. The women were dressed in specially-designed bras with an organic garden theme.
Kate Bosomworth, whose name proved to be a laugh for the Prince of Wales, said, "Charles didn't look at all embarrassed, he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Who wouldn't surrounded by women in their bras?"

People magazine's 22nd annual ``The Best & Worst Dressed 2001'' issue which hits newsstands Friday cites Gillian Anderson's visible armpit hair, Hilary Swank's ``feather
duster'' evening bag, Juliette Binoche's transvestite-chic Oscar gown, Cynthia Nixon's obvious panty lines and former TV talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford's breasts, as some of the year's biggest fashion flops.
The weekly's West Coast Style Editor, Steven Cojocaru, said the problem with Gifford's bustline was that it seemed to sag from lack of a proper brassiere.
``Her face and collarbone were in one zip code and her breasts were in a whole other zip code. Each had their own voter registration cards,'' Cojocaru said on Thursday.
``I don't think there was a bra involved. ... We gently suggest from a great place of love, as a friend, that support is something (Gifford) should think about.''
Men Strut Their Stuff For Madonna Tickets
Some people are so crazy about Madonna they'll do just about anything to get tickets to the coveted Drowned World Tour.
And for some San Diego men, that meant dressing up as the famous Material Girl.
Local radio station 95.7 held a "Man-Donna Contest" Monday, offering impossible-to-get tickets to the winner.
Dozens of men turned out at the Sports Arena decked out in cone bras, lace gloves, and black lingerie -- all trying to impress a panel of judges with their appearance, style and sensuality.
Madonna is scheduled for four shows at the Los Angeles Staples Center.       All shows are sold out.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson listens to questions during a
Non-Governmental Organization debate on racism in the
media, at the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR),
September 5, 2001. Jackson still commands heavy media
attention and corporate giants often yield to his criticisms,
but more of the people he would lead, America's 36.4 million
blacks, are lending support to a range of voices and
rejecting the notion that he, or any one leader, speaks for

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