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Still No Deal Between 
U.S. & China

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Increased Fuel Costs Threaten Business Into Bankruptcy
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South African Workers Strike
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Hilfiger to 
Axe 135 U.S. Workers 
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  October 15, 2005                                              Issue #155


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Still No Deal Between U.S. 
            & China
China has emphasized it will not agree to any textile export agreements with the US which may adversely affect the development of its industry.
China, which has blamed the failed negotiations between the two parties on one-sided proposals put forward by the US, has already seen certain categories of textile exports be slapped with emergency quotas.
The US wants to arrive at a comprehensive deal to cope with the leap in China’s exports since global textile quotas ended, but has yet to make progress with discussions with China after a fourth round of trade talks failed this week.
The US claims no agreement had been formulated which met the needs of its producers and retailers, while China claims it wants a pact which will enable stable conditions for world textile trade.


Vandevelde Charged With
   Labor Law Violation
Former head of high-street chain Marks & Spencer, Luc Vandevelde, has been charged €3,750 by a Paris court for violating labor law when M&S quit France in 2001.
Vandevelde failed to hold an official meeting of the company’s works committee before he announced the store closures four years ago, allowing employees to be notified by email.
Vandevelde’s plea that by British law he had to tell the London stock exchange the decision before letting staff know was thrown out by the French court

Increased Fuel Cost Threaten
  Business Into Bankruptcy
The steep fuel price hike announced by the Indonesian government may force about 200 textile businesses into bankruptcy, causing 60,000 job losses.
Increased fuel costs will cause a rise of up to $500 million in the textile sector’s expected expenses this year.
Fuel prices were more than doubled on average as part of the government’s plan to lessen the effects of retail fuel-price subsidies on its resources.
Indonesia’s domestic product included about 13% worth of textile exports last year.

A model is wearing a garment from the Tia Lyn Collection 
during the Lingerie Classique Fashion Show in Las Vegas.  
 Look for more photos from the Lingerie Classique show              
            in the November 1st issue of McPete Sez.

David Jones Lands Simone
        Perele Deal
David Jones Ltd has become the exclusive Australian department store distributor for French lingerie brand Simone Perele, as the brand ended its contract with the Myer chain.
David Jones will set up seven new Simone Perele concept areas and will introduce the brand in all of its 34 stores.

Thousands of South African
  Workers Strike 
Thousands of South African workers took to the streets yesterday in early October to protest against job losses within the clothing and car production industries.
The one-day strike was organized by the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and was part of a string of demonstrations planned to take part this month.
Cosatu aims to raise awareness of unemployment and poverty and 
pressurize the government to stop the growing influx of cheap imports damaging the country’s trade.
The group says the government is not doing enough to tackle unemployment and issues affecting trade, such as the increase in Chinese imports that has reportedly led to large-scale job losses within the textile industry.
According to officials, South Africa’s unemployment rate is just over 26%.
Protesters also expressed discontent over casual labor conditions and said they wanted their currency to be made more competitive.

Slimma Closes Private-Label
Slimma Plc is shutting its private-label business in order to 
concentrate on its own brands. They said the private-label business 
has continued to be badly hit by the increasing competitiveness of 
the high-street.
The company has been working on building up its own brands with the 
purchase of up market lingerie brand Beau Bra in July and dress maker 
Cattiva in August this year.
The company said that they will make 96% of its sales from owned 
brands following the closure of the unit.

       Allure Leather     
H&M Denies Bribary Claims
Swedish fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz AB has thrown off claims that it bribed a group of journalists by paying them to give publicity to its autumn/winter ranges.
H&M paid for 15 Swedish journalists to attend the New York launch of the clothing lines, but denies that it was a case of bribery and said it was not in its interest to pressure journalists into covering the company.

Jil Sander Closes German Plant
Upmarket fashion label Jil Sander AG is axing 130 employees in Hamburg, Germany, as it shifts operations to Italy.
Jil Sander, which is shutting its last remaining German manufacturing base, is said to be in discussions with the works council to establish a redundancy scheme for the employees.
Jil Sander, which was bought by fashion house in Prada in 1999/2000, hopes its restructuring plan will help the business return to profit.

Counterfeit Spyder Items Seized
Customs officials at the Finnish border have seized 1,000 jackets and trousers bearing fake Spyder Active Sports labels.
The counterfeit garments are said to have been destined for the EU, one of Spyder’s main markets.
The goods were seized following a notice to Spyder from the Finnish National Board of Customs in August that a shipment had arrived from Russia that was suspected of containing counterfeit Spyder goods, which Spyder then confirmed to be true.
Spyder, for whom the issue of counterfeit goods is an ongoing issue has filed a criminal complaint against the Finnish importer of the goods.
The fake items will be destroyed when the case is complete.

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