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Bangladeshi Garment
Workers Strike 
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Registration for the FabFit Academy is Now Open
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Lipgloss & Lace
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Uzbekistan to Allow 
Monitoring of Cotton
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Nevaeh at LingerieFW
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LingerieFW SS14
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Fab Foundations
Breastfeeding Fashionably: 
Nursing Bras on the Runway
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Lipgloss & Lace
Interview with Melissa Franchi 
of Nevaeh Intimates 
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Rococo Dessous Runway 
at LingerieFW
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McPete Sez
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Secrets in Lace Presenting: Secrets in Lace, Bettie 
Page Lingerie and Stockings and Dita Von Teese Stockings at LingerieFW  
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NaïS at LingerieFW
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Paradisiac by Mel Rose
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Rubie's to Develop Line 
of Marvel Costumes for 
USA and Canada 
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Ask the Gozooko Guys
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Ask Andy
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Affinitas Intimates & 
Parfait Runway
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Sportsheets Named 
OC Business Journal's 
 2013 Fastest Growing 
Private Company 
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The Addict Expose: Playful Promises A/W 2013
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CAMILLA HUEY  & Closing Party at LingerieFW Page 5

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October 1, 2013                                        Issue # 346

                              Intimate Apparel

Bangladeshi Garment
      Workers Strike 
Bangladeshi garment workers shout slogans during a protest on wage increases in Dhaka on September 21, 2013. 
Tens of thousands of garment workers have downed tools and taken to the streets to urge the government for an increase in the minimum salary.
4 million employees work in the country’s $20-billion garment export industry - 60 percent goes to Europe - and earn about $38 a month. They are demanding a raise to $103 a month. 
Earlier, the Bangladeshi government agreed to a 20 percent increase, but the workers called the raise "inhuman and humiliating." 
"Our backs are against the wall, so we don't have any alternative unless we raise our voice strongly," Nazma Akter, president of the United Garments Workers' Federation told protesters. 
"We will not hesitate to do anything to realize our demand. We are not the object of mercy, the economy moves with our toll," she was reported as saying. 
“The rally lasted four hours and has been the largest gathering of its kind to realize their demand for raising wages," according to Dhaka Metropolitan Police Chief Habibur Rahman. 
Over 300 factories near the capital closed as employees staged a walk-out, blocking a highway and damaging a few cars. 
The highway was blocked by at least 10,000 employees, according to local police. Several nearby factories were also vandalized by the protesters, which caused a halt in production. 
Meanwhile, the country’s leadership has been negotiating with the demonstrators and the factory owners. The factory owners are strictly against the raise, because their Western customers are used to buying cheap clothing from them. 
The last time the government increased the minimum salary was in 2010, when they almost doubled it. 
In July, Bangladesh gave a boost to workers’ rights, after a factory building collapse three months earlier leaving over 1,100 people dead. Furthermore, In June, hundreds of workers were rushed to hospital after drinking contaminated water. 
Bangladesh is also facing pressure from the EU, which threatened the country with sanctions, unless workers’ safety standards are improved. 

tia lyn ad
  1/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!
         Coquette SS14
Coquette launched its 2014 spring summer (SS14) collection at the International Lingerie Show (ILS) in Las Vegas.
The Coquette booth were adorned with eye catching images that showcase the company's trendy spring summer line. Shown are photos with coral, melon, seafoam, orange, and blue. Each color group consisting of different styles and materials.
“Our 2014 spring summer line is about femininity and delicate, soft lace detailing. We are introducing a line that is truly representative of the season with bright pops of color and alluring designs,” said senior designer Elaine Carson.
Read the entire article on page 2

Fashion Photo       
Brandy & Morgan are wearing
                  Chica Rica 
Photo by Jerome Hamilton of Studio Time Photography
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would like to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome Hamilton at 
Studio Time Photography  


Paradisiac by Mel Rose
Following the SWIM Show in Miami and the CURVE EXPO in New York City, Mel Rose Bickerstaff has released her new swimwear collection, PARADISIAC, for Resort 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014.

Paradisiac by Mel Rose features two price point labels. Her Beach Label features affordable and a sporty to sexy and every style in between design concepts.
Read the entire article on page 3



                   Model: Angie
          Photo by Isadora Bravo 
   *email for more
     information on photographer & model

Registration for the FabFit Academy is Now Open
The FabFit™ Academy is now open for registration. The FabFit Academy is an online tool Ali Cudby designed for lingerie professionals to grow their businesses, reduce returns, improve customer loyalty AND boost efficiency for lingerie businesses. Online bra fit training across a wide array of brands means easy, efficient, and consistent training for people who want more time, more profitability, and more focus on growth. 
At the same time, business owners realize the impact of the Internet and social media on the bottom line. A positive review can boost sales and profitability and a negative review can have an impact for years! Every customer experience matters more than ever.
The FabFit Academy was designed expressly for professionals in lingerie. Anyone who interacts with customers, does fittings – either in person, online or over the phone - or creates garments that need to be fit on bodies would benefit from this training. 
"Time is often a small business owner’s most critical resource. Lingerie professionals will insist that they CAN do training themselves – and sometimes that’s true. But it’s the wrong thing to examine. The question isn’t CAN you – it’s SHOULD you?" said Ali Cudby founder of the Fab Fit Academy and author of Busted: The Fab Foundations Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic. 
"When business owners ask themselves what’s the best use of their time and how can they best grow their business and improve the experience for their customers, they see the importance of external training by an independent source who is always available."
An online retailer, with no brick-and-mortar presence, can benefit from the Fab Fit Academy by helping women on all levels regardless of whether you're online, in a store or working elsewhere in the industry. There is a deep connection between how women feel in their bras and how they feel in their bodies. 
"I recently trained the entire customer service team from Bare Necessities, and their entire business is online, with fittings done via the phone. Here’s what the Director of Customer Service had to say, 'Anyone selling bras should enroll in the FabFit™ Academy. It will give them the full scope, from the parts of the bra to how it should fit and all body types. This course will help you connect deeper with your customers by assessing and then filling their need. It will make your customers come back for more!' "

“It really is a must for anyone considering working in the bra fitting industry. The FabFit™ Academy is an intensive course in understanding the importance of proper bra fitting and why it makes such a difference in so many women’s lives. Enrollment in the FabFit™ Academy, should be considered mandatory training for all boutiques and department stores who promote themselves as “bra fitters”. There may not be an industry standard when it comes to measuring women for bras, but there should be an industry standard on how the next generation of fitters are taught. 
I’ve been a professional bra fitter for years…now I have the certification to back it up!”
Laura, The Ivory Corset, Andover MA

The six week course is easy to access for everyone of all levels of techical ability. The attachments and videos can be accesses at work, home, via mobile phone or tablet and will cover everything from the basics to advance fitting techniques. 
The course ends with a final exam, graded by industry experts, where students demonstrate what they've learned in order to be certified. Then they receive certification credentials to use in their work.
For more information go to 

First Annual X-Rated Run
The First Annual X-Rated Run is excited to have Kasidie and One Condoms come on board as sponsors for the inaugural event. Created to promote sexual positivity and healthy living, The First Annual X-Rated Run is an untimed, adult-themed, 5k (3.1 mile) obstacle course & mud run for men and women of all fitness levels. The event will take place on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at the Mud Muckers Park in Bunnell, Florida.
Read the entire story on page 4
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Free Drop shipping service
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Conference call trainings
Call today 877-427-7741     

Lipgloss & Lace
                         by Mandie Mutchie

It's here! October is here, which for many is exciting. Midwesterners get to start wearing their Fall clothes, football begins, and basketball season is on its way. The various fashion weeks are over, and we can take a breather before the next round of shows. 

For me, October is always an exciting time because it is breast cancer awareness month. As I am sure that you know, breast cancer is a cause that is dear to my heart (and not just because my breasts have a close proximity to my heart!). My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and every year I walk the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, which is a 3 Day, 60 mile walk to increase awareness and raise funds for research and prevention. 

My next issue will be a vlog of my most recent walk in Michigan this past August! 

Many companies do promotions for this month each year, selling pink items and promising a donation. I've written before about pinkwashing - companies who exaggerate their donations to get people to choose their product over others. Make sure that choices you make are reputable - or find an organization to donate to directly! 

If you own a lingerie boutique or wholesale business, how can you use your business to help others and this amazing cause? Lingerie and breasts go hand in hand, so this is a great way to make a difference! If you are doing any special promotions for October, let us know, and I will feature you in the next article! I may even make a purchase for myself! 

And no matter what part of the business you're in, remember to give yourself an exam! Here's your friendly fondle reminder! 

Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, brides, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a beachbody coach, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 
For more information on Mandie go to, email Mandie at or follow her on Twitter @mandelicious.  Don't forget to "like" her pages on facebook, too! & 
*Photo by Rafal Krolik of Seville Media  

Uzbekistan to Allow   
   Monitoring of Cotton
Giving in to sustained international pressure, authoritarian Uzbekistan is opening up its cotton fields to international monitors this fall.
The International Labor Organization has confirmed that it is sent a mission to monitor the Uzbek cotton harvest, which started in mid-September.
“It is in these [Western] capitals’ long-term interests to drive a harder, more public, bargain with Tashkent over its abysmal record.” -- Steve Swerdlow of HRW 
“The ILO will be involved in the monitoring of the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan with the aim of preventing the use of child labor,” spokesman Hans von Rohland confirmed.
Uzbekistan has been the target in recent years of international criticism and a widespread commercial boycott over its reliance on child and forced labor to reap the cash crop. Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department assailed Uzbekistan on the forced labor issue.
The surprise news that an observer mission is being allowed into Uzbekistan – which has always denied the use of systematic state-sponsored child and forced labor, but resisted years of pressure to invite monitors in – has received a cautious welcome from watchdog groups. Nevertheless, labor rights advocates are concerned that the ILO’s mandate will not go far enough to stamp out abuses in the cotton fields.
Von Rohland, the ILO spokesman, confirmed that the mission “involves cooperation with the Uzbek authorities who have the mandate to deal with child labor issues, as well as with experts from employers’ organizations and trade unions.”
Uzbek participants will receive ILO training aimed at “ensuring that the monitoring is credible and reliable,” the representative added. One goal “is increasing awareness and building up the capacity of national actors to ensure the full respect of the provisions of ratified Conventions.”
Uzbekistan has ratified two ILO conventions on child labor, but human rights activists say Tashkent routinely flouts them.
Campaigners are concerned that the observers will not gain unfettered access to the cotton fields. “It is essential that monitoring teams be comprised only of independent observers and not include any Uzbek officials,” Steve Swerdlow, Central Asia researcher at New York-based Human Rights Watch said.
Access without minders is essential to allow laborers to speak freely, he said, since “the Uzbek government has a well-documented record of suppressing all forms of dissent.”
Activists are also concerned that the ILO’s remit covers child labor, but not forced labor, although Uzbekistan has signed ILO forced labor conventions which would provide a legal basis to monitor it.
“The mission’s mandate should explicitly include forced labor as the entire system of the cotton harvest as it affects millions of Uzbeks rests on a state-sponsored system of coercion,” Swerdlow said.
The ILO representative countered that “the monitoring will look at child labor, including forced child labor, and important aspects of forced labor are bound to come up.”
The Cotton Campaign has already documented cases of forced labor during harvest preparations. Goes Global
23 Virtual Fitting Rooms now operating in 
                     9 countries
The London-headquartered virtual fitting room provider continues to catch the eye of ecommerce directors at many UK fashion retailers – and, increasingly, in multiple countries. Proving that both the online fit problem and the solution to it are international, the company has signed new deals with an array of leading brands in recent months: Austin Reed, Baukjen (both UK), Bilka (Denmark), CC Fashion, Crew Clothing, Isabella Oliver, M&Co, Musto, Savile Row, QVC (all UK), Top Vintage (Netherlands), Viyella (UK) and Wahcoma (USA).
“There is no doubt that virtual fitting rooms have rocketed during 2013, from ‘mmm-nice-to-have’ to being a vital weapon for retailers,” says Heikki Haldre, co-founder and chief executive of “As the proportion of online sales increases, so do retailers’ overall garment returns rate. That attracts attention – and pressure to deal with it – from across the business.”
While reducing garment returns continues to be high on the priorities list of ecommerce directors, has seen growing expectations that personalization solutions like virtual fitting rooms will improve stubbornly low online conversion rates.

Peter Rankin, VP Sales,, says that’s potential to reduce garment returns is still the most visible benefit to ecommerce directors, but its ability to improve online conversion rates is becoming more widely understood. “Our analytics results show that, across the board, shoppers who use the virtual fitting room are twice as likely to convert into a sale as those that don’t,” he said. “Concluding a sale, in the size that the shopper wants, there and then, reduces the likelihood of the shopper looking and purchasing elsewhere, and ecommerce directors in competitive clothing sectors are very aware of that.”
The majority of deals signed and announced by earlier this year are now live, bringing the total number of Virtual Fitting Rooms to 23 in 9 countries:
Several retailers including Henri Lloyd, HUGO BOSS and L.K.Bennett, have chosen to deploy their Virtual Fitting Room around their Autumn/Winter 2013 collections and ranges;
QVC UK signed a contract with in April and its Virtual Fitting Room has been live since early August. The company is promoting it with on-air adverts;
Just four weeks elapsed between outdoor clothing company Musto signing up with in August and the first garments going live on its webstore.
In the UK, potential changes to the Consumer Rights Bill may be another reason for continued interest in virtual fitting rooms. Changes under discussion include a 30-day right-to-reject clause for “faulty” items, with the definition of “faulty” extending to whether the item looked and fit as it did on the website.
“It would be a very good incentive to adopt the only virtual fitting room that provides a photographic visualization of fit,” admits Haldre. “In customer terms, a Virtual Fitting Room helps shoppers overcome their hesitation and doubts over sizing, and helps them to buy more accurately. In retailer terms, it may – if the legislation passes unchanged – help them to fulfill their obligation to give consumers correct guidance and information regarding size and fit.”
At the start of September, opened a second North American sales office, in California – it already has an office in New York – and another in Auckland, NZ to serve Australia. These join existing sales offices in Paris and Munich.’s expansion and growth are fully in line with where the company promised to be when it closed its Series A funding round in February. “We promised that the investment would fund sales, marketing and operational growth in Europe and internationally. We are now delivering on both of those statements,” said Haldre.

Cow Childbirth 
A man was helping one of his cows give birth, when he noticed his 4-year-old son standing wide-eyed at the fence, soaking in the whole event. The man thought, "Great...he's 4 and I'm gonna have to start explaining the birds and bees. No need to jump the gun - I'll just let him ask, and I'll answer." 
After everything was over, the man walked over to his son and said, "Well son, do you have any questions?" 
"Just one." gasped the still wide-eyed lad. "How fast was that calf going when he hit that cow?" 



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