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  November 1, 2003                                      Issue #108


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Wal-Mart Style Superstores Banned From Oakland 
Giant superstores such as those operated by Wal-Mart have been banned by the Oakland city council in an attempt to protect smaller outlets and their employees. 
Councillors on Tuesday voted to ban any "big box" retailer with more than 10,000 square feet of non-taxable sales from opening in the city, which is located just across the bay from San Francisco. 
The decision comes as Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the world's largest retailer, plans to roll-out around 40 super-centres in California over the next four years.

    lingerie shopping lists costs Victoria's Secret 
                       $50,000 dollars

Lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret has agreed to pay a 50,000-dollar fine as part of a settlement announced over a breach of privacy on the company's website. 
The agreement followed an investigation of the company's privacy policies after a published report last year indicated that the personal information of Victoria's Secret customers was available through the company web site. 
Visitors to the site were able to view individual customers' orders for suspenders (garter belts), camisoles and other items of intimate apparel in which the retailer specializes. 
Under the settlement, Victoria's Secret will compensate New Yorkers whose personal information was inadvertently left accessible via the internet and implement a series of reforms to improve website security. 
"A business that obtains consumers' personal information has a legal duty to ensure that the use and handling of that data complies in all respects," New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said in a statement. 
Spitzer had accused Victoria's Secret of deceptive business practise on the grounds that the website security shortfall ran contrary to the company's stated privacy policy. 
As well as refunding consumers, Victoria's Secret must pay 50,000 dollars to the state of New York as costs and penalties.

 Cache Q3 Earnings Rockets 500% On Record Sales 
Specialty chain of women's apparel, Cache Inc, on Thursday revealed a huge jump in third quarter net profit as it was boosted by a strong rise in sales.
The New York-based operator of nearly 250 stores posted a net profit of $614,000, or six cents per diluted share, versus $103,000, or one cent a share, in the year-ago period.
Cache chairman, Brian Woolf, said: "Our strong third quarter results were driven by better-than-expected sales growth and a significant improvement in our gross margin.
Cache added it opened 11 new Cache stores and two new Lillie Rubin stores in the first nine months of this year and expects to open 11 new Cache stores in the fourth quarter.

 PORTUGAL: Store Offers Naked Shoppers Free Fashions 
A Portuguese clothing store on Wednesday offered shoppers free apparel on one condition – they shop naked.
The unusual promotion at a store in Lisbon saw up to 70 people turn up starkers before running into the shop and helping themselves to several racks of apparel when a whistle was blown. 

         Where are all the jobs going???
 The United States' rapid slide from one of the world's leading textile and clothing superpowers was evident again this week as more plant closures were announced and another 1,000 jobs lost.
Hot on the heels of jeans giant Levi Strauss & Co's decision to shutter its remaining S factories, denim maker Cone Mills Corp revealed plans to lay-off 625 jobs and shut two production facilities.
Textile firms KoSa and Milliken deepened the gloom with announcements they plan to cut 150 and 240 jobs, respectively, as the industry continues to struggle with the flood of cheap imports.
News of the lay-offs came as major department store chain JC Penney was looking to place apparel orders worth up to $500 million with firms in Vietnam as it takes advantage of lower production costs.
Repeated warnings by lobbying groups such as the American Textile Manufacturers' Institute over the industry's worsening health were branded alarmist by some, but with the phasing out of quotas fast approaching, it appears only the very strongest will survive.

               What would men be without women? 
             Scarce, sir, mighty scarce. (Mark Twain)

Sabatini WHITE Fall/Winter 2004 collection at L'OREAL New Zealand Fashion Week. Auckland, New Zealand 10/22/03 A knitted negligee of gray mohair was trimmed with the finest, silver leather fringing and teamed with matching woolen stockings which won applause from the audience, while other sweet details included little fur rabbit's ears on knitted woolen hats, pale floral embroidery on sheer silk camisoles, and a coral-colored rabbit skin hat wrapped snugly around one model's curls. 
From the sauciest black negligees trimmed with pink ribbon to the sweetest knitted shorts from beneath which peeped an inch of girlish derriere, Sabatini's collection for winter 2004 was the prettiest, warmest, sexiest range seen to date. 
Like kittenish 40s lovers who had thrown their warmest cardigans over the daintiest lingerie after an afternoon rendezvous in bed, the models all sported flushed cheeks, almost-bare breasts and shy smiles. 
A flushed and grinning Chambers, besieged with a giant bunch of white flowers, was kissed and cheered by friends, models and the audience alike. "I'm so overwhelmed. I had no idea. This is such a surprise," she said post-show. Which is exactly how the rest of us felt, too. 

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The European lingerie market 
Last year the organisers of the Lyon Mode City lingerie trade fair commissioned a survey pin-pointing pan European teenage tastes in underwear and nightwear. Their findings were so well received by both manufacturers and retail buyers that this year they repeated the exercise, focusing on the garments that most appeal to the l8-30 age group.
It was thumbs-up for thongs, the choice of nearly 40 per cent of respondents, who commented that they felt "more free and relaxed" when wearing this type of garment as opposed to conventional knickers. 
Many added that they felt thongs showed off their shape to
best advantage, but cited as the main motivation for choosing thongs that there was less risk of the garment 'showing through' their outer wear than with other styles. 
Eighteen to 30 year-olds were, however, unsure whether it was acceptable to have a thong top visible over the waistband when wearing jeans.
The top that this group is most likely to buy to team with its thongs is an underwired bra, causing the surveyors to see underwires as the major success story of 2003, being the first choice of 84 per cent of the women taking part in the survey.
Respondents talked eagerly about the 'push-up power' of most underwired styles and their ability to 'reshape' the wearer in the most favourable manner.
One of the most surprising changes in attitude which emerged from the survey was that women in this age group no longer regard letting shoulder straps show as being slovenly, but with the proviso that when on view the strap itself should be decorative. Indeed several respondents suggested that pretty straps could in themselves be a feature encouraging impulse purchase.
Romance lives on
But then it seems that 18-30 year olds remain incorrigibly romantic. Fifty two per cent see attractive underwear as an 'aid to seduction,' although 25 per
cent prefer to describe the lingerie they believe will most appeal to the men in their lives as 'romantic' rather than 'sexy.' 
In this context it is interesting to find that 35 per cent of l8-30s still believe that a gift of lingerie is only 'proper' if the donor is their long term, would-be long term partner. 
Most also still go along with the view that 'sexy' underwear is, per se, black underwear, while white, possibly because of its bridal connotations, is considered the most 'romantic' choice. 
Several recipients, however, preferred to describe white underwear as offering a 'minimalist' look and nearly all focused on the fact that white would only be pleasing if it was keep pristine clean and displayed no greying or yellowing signs of aging. 
Manufacturers who strive to keep pace with the latest trends in fashion colours will be happy to know that a little under a quarter of 18-30 year-olds react favourably to strong colour. 
It was, however, only at the younger end of the age range that women thought vivid colours would also please the men in their lives. When older women invest in brightly tinted lingerie it seemed most usually as a purchase to combat depression or in other ways make them feel good about themselves.
By the time they reach their mid 20s too, the majority of purchasers will reject 'jokey' prints as 'too young.' Simulation denim or mock leopard skin were particularly dismissed as looks for teenagers, only being replaced in the wardrobes of 25 to 30 year olds by the occasional floral print bought 'for a change' from their more usual preference for solid colour.


Silkworm Research Spins New Yarn Developments 
Canadian company Nexia has now completed a research programme to enable it to produce silk using goat’s milk as its base. 
The transformation is achieved via genetic engineering which involves implanting a silkworm gene into a breed of goats normally found in Africa. When the goats yield milk, the protein the milk contains is similar in structure to the protein generated in the natural production of silk. 
This development follows close on the heels of the announcement from the French Institut National de le Recherche Agronominque that after ten years of laboratory research it has succeeded in transgenetically modifying silkworms to create mutant worms with the fluorescent colour characteristics of jellyfish. 
It now plans to move to the modification of silkworms to enable them to spin a silk similar to that normally produced by spiders. 
This in turn ties up with the work done by Acordis Speciality Fibres which has launched a spider silk based product called Biosteel which could be used in the production of bullet proof vests.



 Pielle names the Vershke Group as exclusive U.S. Distributor
Lake Oswego, Oregon, Oct. 20, 2003.- Pielle SPA, one of Italy's leading upscale lingerie and swimwear design and manufacturing houses, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the Vershke Group to market and distribute Pielle garments in the United States.
Pielle, under the guidance of Dr. Adolfo Gozzi, manufactures five lines of lingerie including the sexy Ritamay brand and the elegant Rugiada brand. In addition, Pielle offers a Christmas line, a delicate line of bridal lingerie and a complete line of women's beachwear for 2004.
The Vershke Group is working with independant designers and companies from Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia and Venezuela.

    Thieves steal 'Kylie's knickers'
The store said the loss of the Kylie range was particularly upsetting 
Police are hunting thieves who stripped a store of lingerie and women's clothing worth £100,000. ($170,000 US)
The thieves stole a variety of luxury briefs and bras including the new range of underwear by pop singer Kylie Minogue. 
A police spokeswoman said the gang gained entry to Hoopers department store, in James Street, Harrogate, by removing a third floor window. 
Detectives are reviewing CCTV footage and hope to release photofits of the men they want to question over the raid, which took place between 1800 BST on Tuesday and 0600 BST the following day. 
Store manager Victoria Farley said the lingerie department had been carefully targeted. 
She said: "It was almost as if they came with a shopping list. 
"They were very selective and knew exactly what to take. 
"Many of the lines were exclusive to us and will be very hard to replace. 
"The new Kylie range was flying out of the door and to lose something like that with such a high profile is bitterly disappointing." 

Apparel Industry Chiefs Prepare For World Forum 
Leading figures from the swimwear, sportswear and intimate apparel industry will gather in Monte Carlo next month for the Lycra Rendez-Vous World Forum.
The two-day event at the Grimaldi Forum has been organised by Invista as a platform the exchange of views on shared business growth challenges.
Speakers will include senior executives of leading fashion retailers and producers like Adidas, Wacoal, Cortefiel, Authentic Fitness and Vanity Fair.
Invista marketing director, Jon Penrice, said:"Our recent name change from DuPont Textiles & Interiors to Invista coincides with the discontinuation of the long-running Lycra Rendez-Vous trade fair that targeted these sectors and the launching of this new event.
"Both are symbolic of new challenges and new ways of doing business - the critical need for insight and for new apparel creativity and supply chain management models."

                        No Pressure! 
A man is laying on the operating table, about to be operated on by his son, the surgeon. 
The father says, "Son, think of it this way... If anything happens to 
me, your mother is coming to live with you."

The Bon-Ton Completes $93m Elder-Beerman Deal 
27 Oct 2003 Major retailer Bon-Ton Stores on Friday announced it had completed its $93 million acquisition of fellow department store operator Elder-Beerman Inc following a bidding war.
The Pennsylvania-based company said the deal will see it acquire the Ohio-based group which operates 69 stores in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Iowa.


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