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McPeteSez Celebrates 
15 Years
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Registration for the Fab 
Fit Academy Now Open
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Cambodian Workers Strike
Over Bonus
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Fab Foundations:
The 3 Keys Retailers Should Understand About Lingerie Manufacturing
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With Love Lingerie:
The Willow Collection
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Lingerie Fashion Week® FW14 Takes Designers to 
New Heights 
Kix'ies Thigh Highs &
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Male Power Goes European
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McPete Sez
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Lipgloss & Lace: A Look at Daisy Corsets
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LingerieFW Continued:
Clare Bare
Shibue Couture
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Continuous International Growth at INTERFILIERE
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Ask the Gozooko Guys
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Ask Andy
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LingerieFW Continued
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Holiday Products Releases Love Lines 2014-2015 Home Party Catalog 
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The Addict Expose: NYC Lingerie Market A/W 2014 – Final Thoughts & My Favorite Designs
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EXXXOTICA Honors Military During Fort Lauderdale's Fleet Week
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May 1, 2014                                    Issue # 360

                              Intimate Apparel

McPeteSez Celebrates 
          15 Years
15 years ago, Peter McKeown, retired from lingerie sales and started The McPeteSez Lingerie Newsletter. 
When he started this company he had a vision of keeping in touch with the industry, but he had no idea that one day it would evolve as much as it has. 
McPeteSez was originally just 4 pages with some news, a few jokes and a handful of advertisers. 
With embedded videos, guest writers, McPete Sez Fashion Shows, The Blog and all of the social media - McPete Sez has grown. 
We wanted to thank you, our loyal readers and supporters for making McPeteSez what it is today.

tia lyn ad
13/24  Watch Tia Lyn's Curvy NY Fashion Show!

Registration for the Fab 
Fit Academy Now Open
Bra Fit expert Ali Cudby will be opening her online bra fitting course for industry professionals, The FabFit™ Academy. Learn the art and science of helping customers find bras that fit with the technique retailers and manufacturers around the world are using as a training tool in their business.

This year, the FabFit™ Academy will be offering three ways to learn Cudby’s trademarked fit techniques:

1) Fab Basics, a one-hour class designed to introduce new employees to fit techniques.
2) A self-guided course that allows for access to all of the core modules in the Academy for study at someone’s own pace
3) The full certification program, a certification seal that can be used in your business, extra bonuses worth hundreds of dollars, 
and personal feedback as you go, which is priceless.

The Academy is used as the basis of training for retailers worldwide, such as Bare Necessities, one of America’s leading e-tailers. Laura Burke, Director of Customer Service says of the FabFit Academy, “Anyone selling bras should take this course. It will make your customers come back for more.”

Industry veteran Florenda Pickett, owner of Canada’s Esteem Lingerie, shares, “This course is thorough, all encompassing and a sure fit in fast tracking a novice fitter to becoming a truly well 
trained professional bra fitter.”

To gain access to the Academy, just go to the FabFit Academy website and sign up to get notifications. Registration ends May 16th.

Fashion Photo 

Akira is wearing The Floodline
Photo by Jerome Hamilton of Studio Time Photography. If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would like to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome Hamilton at Studio Time Photography  


Beach Bunny Debuts 2014 Summer Collection 
Beach Bunny releases their latest collection equipped with a new supermodel face to add to the brand’s impressive roster of top model names. Star of the high fashion runways, supermodel Hailey Clauson, makes her swimwear debut in the brand’s 2014 Lady Lace Summer campaign.  
Read the entire article on page 2 


Cambodian Workers Strike
            Over Bonus
Around 20,000 Cambodian garment workers have joined a strike to demand a $50 bonus for shunning walkouts over the last three months, a union official said, in the latest labor dispute to rattle the kingdom’s lucrative but troubled garment sector.
Workers at around 30 factories in two special economic zones near the Vietnamese border want the bonus after a union said that two factories had rewarded employees for not participating in the strikes, which routinely cripple the industry.
“Most of the factories have denied the demand,” Pav Sina, president of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, said.
Keo Kong, police chief of eastern Bavet city, where the factories are based, confirmed the workers were on strike, adding: “No solution has been reached.
“About 650,000 workers provide the backbone of Cambodia’s multi-billion dollar garment industry, a key source of foreign income for the impoverished Southeast Asian nation.
The Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC) denied factories had promised to pay workers for not striking and warned their action could snowball.
In a statement on its website the GMAC called on authorities to prevent “illegal activities” that could lead to violence, accusing some of the striking workers of hurling stones at factories.
Garment workers have been at the forefront of labor protests for higher wages and have faced several crackdowns by Cambodian authorities.
At least four civilians were killed in early January when police opened fire on protesting textile factory workers who were calling for a minimum wage of $160 a month to make clothes for brands including Gap, Nike and H&M.
Pav Sina said trade unions and workers would mark international Labor Day on Thursday by marching in the capital Phnom Penh to demand higher wages, better working conditions and the release of activists and workers arrested in the bloody January protests.
Twenty-three of those arrested during the crackdown went on trial Friday, despite international appeals for their release.
The court adjourned the trial to May 6.
Rights groups say if convicted the defendants, most of whom have been detained for months without bail, could face up to five years’ jail.


     Layneau at LingerieFW
                Photo by Andrew (ADW) 
See more pictures from LingerieFW on page 2 
       and upcoming issues of McPeteSez
  *email for more
     information on photographer & model

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Deacon For Ann Summers
Ann Summers has been given a high fashion makeover by the acclaimed British designer Giles Deacon.

The collaboration is a first for Ann Summers, as the brand attempts to extend its offering and widen its appeal to take on other high street lingerie brands.
The underwear giant describes the new range as 'unapologetically sexy and bold with a dash of naughtiness.'
Read the entire article on page 3.  


Coalition Pushes for Uzbekistan to be Downgraded to Tier 3
The U.S. Department of State should maintain Uzbekistan in Tier 3 in the 2014 Global Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP), said 25 investors, human rights NGOs, trade unions and businesses in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry. The coalition is united as the Cotton Campaign to end forced labor of children and adults in the cotton sector in Uzbekistan.
Tier 3 in the Trafficking in Persons Report indicates that a government is not making significant efforts to combat human trafficking and opens up the possibility of sanctions. Uzbekistan does not meet the minimum standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, nor is the Uzbek government yet taking real steps to meet those standards.
In 2013, the Uzbek government once again forced farmers to produce state-imposed, annual quotas of cotton and operated an established infrastructure to coercively mobilize more than one million children and adults to pick cotton and prepare the cotton fields. Authorities forced children, mostly aged 16 to 17 years but some as young as 10 years old, to work in the cotton fields under threat of punishment, including expulsion from school, verbal abuse and physical abuse. Adults, including teachers, doctors, nurses, civil servant and private sector employees, were forced to pick cotton under threat of dismissal from work, or the loss of salary, pension and welfare benefits. Authorities harassed, intimidated and detained Uzbek human rights defenders who attempted to monitor the harvest. Public officials also demanded and accepted payments in return for exemptions from forced labor, fostering corruption throughout the country.
During the 2013 cotton harvest, after a decade of global pressure, the Uzbek government reduced the number of children under the age of 16 forced to pick cotton and accepted monitoring by the ILO. In taking these steps Tashkent demonstrated that it does respond to international pressure, including the State Department’s decision to downgrade the country to Tier 3 in last year’s trafficking report, and its ability to change practices unilaterally. Yet the core of the state-orchestrated forced labor system remains unaltered. Whether Tashkent goes on to change the forced labor system depends on the continuation of global pressure, including by the United States, and ongoing ILO monitoring and technical assistance to support the application of fundamental labor conventions.
Unfortunately, significant limitations were placed on the ILO’s efforts to monitor the 2013 harvest. Despite these limitations, the ILO mission reported the use of child labor, emphasized concerns about the use of adult forced labor for the cotton harvest, and recommended that the government take action to implement all fundamental labor conventions.
Currently, Uzbekistan does not meet the minimum standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, nor is it yet taking real steps to meet those standards. 
Yet the Uzbek people continue to suffer under the state forced labor system, because the Uzbek government has not made serious and significant efforts to end its forced labor policy and practice.

?JEP! Announces US Debut of Exclusive NoireFontaine Love Heart 
Refining Romance, One Heart At A Time
?JEP!, a leader in the European pleasure products industry, announced the US debut of the patented NoireFontaine Love Heart massager. Already successful in Europe, the Love Heart continues to receive accolades as a niche romance product designed to appeal to luxury boutique retailers. 
Read the entire article on page 4.  



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