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Brands and Retailers Call 
for Action on Factory Safety
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EU Lifts Sanctions 
Against Burma
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10,000+ Workers Protested
in Bangladesh
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May 1, 2013                                        Issue # 336

                              Intimate Apparel

Brands and Retailers Call 
for Action on Factory Safety
Representatives from more than 40 apparel brands and retailers have called for a credible action plan to address workplace safety in the Bangladesh clothing sector as the death toll from last week's Rana Plaza building collapse climbs to 386.
They have also urged the government to play a more proactive role in setting standards for the construction of factory buildings - and proposed the formation of a committee comprising buyers, garment owners and government officials to deal with workplace safety, including building construction.
The buyers' concerns were raised at a meeting with the leaders of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters 
Association (BGMEA).
Brands and retailers represented at the meeting included H&M, JCPenney, Walmart, C&A, Gap, G-Star, Inditex, Levi's, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Target, New Wave, Li & Fung, Nike, Primark, Sears and New Look. 
Following claims that building codes were not followed during factory construction, the BGMEA is in the process of collecting structural design details for all garment factories.
In light of the current situation it has also asked buyers to extend shipment times and not to impose penalties on manufacturers for delayed deliveries.

  15/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!
Maison Lejaby
French luxury developed in an era encompassed by the Palais Royal, the Avenue Montaigne and Place de l’Opera.At each rehearsal of a new ballet under the dome of Palais Garnier, revived a story freeing bodies while letting souls wandering. 
For its restarting as a major corsets firm, Maison Lejaby draws its inspiration from that everlasting renaissance. Taking advantage of this period of codes and cultures’ fusion, an indispensable melting
pot for the luxury creativity.
Read the full story on page 2

  Fashion Photo
Brandy is wearing Linda Hartman
Photo by Jerome Hamilton of Studio Time Photography
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would like to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome Hamilton at 
Studio Time Photography  

        EU Lifts Sanctions 
      Against Burma
The European Union (EU) has lifted the last of its trade and economic sanctions against Burma/Myanmar in response to what it describes as "the remarkable process of reform" that has taken place in the country over the past two years.
The decision, taken at a meeting of EU foreign ministers, will not include the embargo on arms sales, which will be retained.
Catherine Ashton, who chaired the meeting in her capacity as EU High Representative, said that relations between the European Union and Burma were entering a "new chapter".
However, the EU warned there are still "significant challenges" that need to be addressed by Burma, including issues such as ethnic violence, human rights, and the transition to a full democracy.
It also stressed the need to "encourage responsible trade and investment while promoting transparency and environmental protection."
The European Commission last September took a step towards reinstating trade preferences for Burma/Myanmar, in a move that would give products such as clothing duty- and quota-free access to the European market for the first time since 1997.
The plan is to bring the country back under the so-called 'Everything But Arms' trade regime, which is part of the EU's Generalised System of Preferences (GSP). It applies to Burma because it is classified as a Least Developed Country (LDC) by the United Nations.
Yesterday it pledged that a "swift reinstatement" of the GSP to Myanmar/Burma will contribute to the EU's policy of supporting the economic reforms.
"As a next step, the EU will explore the feasibility of a bilateral investment agreement," it added.
The EU's move comes a year after it decided to temporarily suspend most of its sanctions against Burma/Myanmar.
The country has taken progressive steps over the past year to improve human rights and implement democratic reforms. 
These steps have resulted in, among other things, the election of opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to the legislature.
However, EU trade data shows that textile and clothing imports from Burma have fallen from EUR134.48m or 10,058 tons in 2010, to EUR132.52m or 8,743 tons in 2011, and EUR110.92m or 6,273 tons in 2012.
And Clothesource CEO Mike Flanagan believes the EU's decision to drop most remaining anti-Burma sanctions "won't stimulate European garment imports from Burma."
He notes: "The foreign ministers' decision means an almost immediate removal in the average 12% import duty imposed on Burmese-made garments."
But adds: "This will not dramatically change Burma's poor competitiveness. Poor labor productivity, an increasingly uncompetitive exchange rate, power shortages and inadequate transport make it a relatively expensive place to make garments: prices per square meter of garments imported into the EU from Burma in 2012 were 12% higher than those from China, and almost twice prices from Bangladesh."
The EU's move could also put pressure on the United States, which last July eased financial and investment sanctions against Burma, allowing the first new US investment in the Asian country for nearly 15 years.
In November the US also lifted a decade-long ban on most imports from Burma, in a move that is likely to boost the country's garment industry. Before the import ban was imposed in 2003, garments made up the country's largest exports to the US.


              Gregg Homme
Step into the lustful and seductive world of Gregg Homme.  
Coupled with sex and desire, Gregg Homme is known for their outrageous and suggestive videos. Once again the trendsetters in men’s underwear fashion, they set the precedent higher and higher each time by creating lust and fantasy that only Gregg Homme knows how to exude. The latest video, “ONE. NIGHT. STAND.” features GH’s sexy voice. Created solely to play with the viewer’s imagination, and a natural twist to allure you in. It presents another aspect of GH that has yet to be explored. 
Read the full story on page 3


First Round of FTA Talks  
   Between Europe and 
     Japan a "Success"
The European Commission has hailed the first round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks with Japan as a success.
"It's been a good start," said Mauro Petriccione, director in the European Commission's Directorate General for Trade, after the talks held in Brussels. "This is a big negotiation with some difficult issues, but I am confident we can make good progress in the months to come."
The aim is for a comprehensive agreement in goods, services and investment eliminating tariffs, non-tariff barriers and covering other trade-related issues, such as public procurement, regulatory issues, competition, and sustainable development.
An agreement between the Japan and Europe is expected to boost Europe's economy by 0.6-0.8% of its GDP and will result in growth and the creation of 400.000 jobs. It is expected that EU exports to Japan could increase by 32.7%, while Japanese exports to the EU would increase by 23.5%.


             Model: Gina Marie
            Wearing Fever
           Photo by  Isadora Bravo
*email for more
information on photographer & model

10,000+ Workers Protested
        in Bangladesh
Thousands of garment workers went on the rampage in the Savar and Gazipur industrial districts on April 29, shortly after factories resumed production following a two-day closure over the weekend.
The violence prompted a number of owners to shutter their factories for the day.
On Monday afternoon, more than 10,000 ready-made garment workers from at least 50 garment factories blocked 10km of the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway for two hours. And more than 5,000 workers staged a demonstration at the Joydebpur intersection.
Security has been stepped up to prevent further trouble around the apparel production belt where more than 300 garment factories are located.
Protestors blame the Rana Plaza tragedy on the lack of punishment meted out following previous industrial incidents such as the fire at Tazreen Fashion and the collapse of the Spectrum garment factory.
Sohel Rana, owner of the collapsed Rana Plaza building, was arrested on Sunday, along with four owners of the garment factories housed in the Plaza and two engineers connected with the case.
The death toll has so far reached 381, with another 2,437 people pulled out alive from the debris of the building.
Meanwhile, there have been renewed calls for better Bangladesh worker safety, and more retailers have respond to claims they were sourcing from the collapsed factories.

    Lipgloss & Lace
                         by Mandie Mutchie

Self-love is the best love... So where is it? 
Ha, in this industry, one may believe that I am referring to toys, but not this time! I am talking about self-image. Self-esteem. Self-confidence. 
Why do we all have such a tough time loving ourselves? 
If you haven't already seen Dove's latest feel good "love yourself" campaign, they hired a forensic artist to sketch women based on their own descriptions of themselves, without seeing them. He then drew them again based upon the description a stranger gave... My explanation does not give it justice - check it out here! (Warning - you may want tissues!)

Were you surprised? I am guessing not. 
However, if you put yourself in the shoes of the women who were drawn, I bet you would be. 
But why? Why do we seem so focused on the negative? Is it just about our appearance, or everything about us. The old adage says "We are all our own worst critic." Why?! 
I challenge you this May to write a compliment about yourself on a post-it and stick it to your mirror, or on a strip of paper, and put it in a jar. It will probably be harder at first, but hopefully it'll get easier! Find me on social media or email me, and let me know how it goes. 
And don't do it for me. Don't even do it for you! Do it for your family and friends, for those around you! As the very wise Ru Paul says - "If you don't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?" 

Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, brides, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a beachbody coach, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 
For more information on Mandie go to, email Mandie at or follow her on Twitter @mandelicious.  Don't forget to "like" her pages on facebook, too! & 
*Photo by Rafal Krolik of Seville Media  

Burma & Laos Considered
        for GSP Benefits
The US is considering whether to designate Burma and Laos as beneficiary countries under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) scheme, and whether they would also qualify for least-developed country (LDC) status.
A review initiated by the Office of the US Trade Representative is seeking public comments and a public hearing on whether the two countries meet the criteria for both designations.
The GSP program provides duty-free treatment of designated articles imported from a "beneficiary developing country." Additional trade benefits under the GSP are available to countries designates as a "least-developed beneficiary developing country."
Most textiles, apparel and footwear are not eligible for GSP duty-free treatment.
Burma was previously designated a developing country under GSP but its trade benefits were suspended from July 1, 1989 over worker rights issues. Laos has not previously been considered for eligibility for GSP trade benefits.
The governments of the two countries have each expressed an interest in being considered eligible for GSP trade benefits, the USTR said.
A public hearing on the issue has been set for June 4, in Washington, DC, with comments and requests to be submitted 
no later than May 17. 



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