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Fab Foundations: N Natori Embraces Full-Busted Bras
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Lingerie Designer Showcase
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Three Reasons to Create 
Your Press Kit 
(And Dump Your Outdated  
Press Releases)
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Esty Lingerie Launches Louise Ferdinand Lingerie
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Male Power Dominates 
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The Addict Expose -
National Lingerie Day: Why  Lingerie Matters
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    Sales Reps Wanted 
Frangi Pangi hosiery seeks sales reps throughout the country-  Contact- George Hardy or call 919 676 8190

Fab Foundations
                           by Ali Cudby
N Natori Embraces Full-Busted Bras

Full-busted bras have become more widely available in the past several years – but many department stores remain a size wasteland beyond the DD-cup. For that reason alone, it’s exciting to see Natori’s new N line going into department stores nationwide. But N Natori doesn’t stop there – the company has created a line that delivers fit and looks along with their standard for quality. 

While the decision to introduce a full-busted line was easy, the birth of N Natori had its challenges. The company was diligent in developing the line -- understanding that when a small strip of fabric is asked to do the job of supporting and shaping larger breasts it means more engineering, new fit models, possibly even different manufacturing techniques. In other words, it takes real work and dedication to excellence to get it right.

The line has been built on a foundation of a few styles, intelligently conceived. The current collection has been designed for cup sizes D-H, and band sizes ranging from 32 to 40. From this strong platform, the company plans expansion in coming seasons. 

N Natori offers the basics of a lingerie wardrobe – contour cup, cut and sewn unlined underwire, and a soon-to-be-released plunge style. The bras feature elements to highlight fit and comfort, such as power mesh backs and gel straps. Many of the styles feature fabrics that lie flat, but are enhanced with visual appeal designed to be invisible under clothes, so women get the benefit of both a smooth cup look and a fashionable look. 


N Natori encourages women to, “celebrate your curves, never sacrifice style for comfort and always look your best from the inside out. It’s all about the perfect fit and that boost of confidence to get you where you want to go.” 

That inspiration embodies everything the stunning Josie Natori stands for, and is true at every size. It’s thrilling to see grand names in style embracing women with curves. While Mrs. Natori is, herself, petite and fashion-slim, launching N Natori shows that she understands and embraces the reality of today’s women on every level. I applaud Natori’s realization to support all women, in every sense of the word.

Ali Cudby is the author of the book Busted! The Fab Foundations™ Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic (December 2011), and CEO of Fab Foundations™, an intimate apparel consulting company. 
Ali can be found on Twitter @alicudby, and you can be a fan of the Ali Cudby’s page on Facebook. To learn more about bras that fit, download a free chapter of Busted! 

Three Reasons to Create 
        Your Press Kit 
(And Dump Your Outdated  
       Press Releases)
                     by Holly Jackson
If you've looked at lingerie marketing lately (or if you are someone who works with lingerie companies and PR agencies) then you've probably seen where email marketing trends are going. More and more companies are sending around slick PDF press releases filled with photos, and the smart ones are jumping on the press kit bandwagon. Press releases have an expiration date, which leaves many companies wondering what to send out when someone asks for more information about them or their products. 

Savvy lingerie business owners are creating press kits in addition to press releases to cover this gap. A basic press kit consists of three pages: one full of biographical information, one small product catalog, and one page full of media mentions. This information is collected and turned into a graphically pleasing PDF that can be used by editors, bloggers, and potential stockists who are interested in your company. 

Press kits are all the rage now, but making them stand out still takes some work. Here are some quick tips to make the press kit work for you and your business. 

1. Find a hook.

You've probably got a company bio on your site. It's tempting to just copy and paste that into your press kit, but take a minute and evaluate it from an objective perspective first. Does your company bio or information have a way to hook your audience? What about it encourages someone to read the rest of your press kit or contact you for further information?

If you can't answer these questions, you need to rework your company or personal information to make it engaging as well as informative. Think about what would catch someone's eye after a long day of reading their email, and then lead with that. 

2. Pick your best product shots instead of your most recent ones. 

Most people are tempted to fill their product page up with their recent products. After all, they're new and all of your marketing is focused on them. Unfortunately, this gives your press kit a shelf life of exactly one season.

Remember that what you're showing people should be a "best of" compilation. You want them to see what your company is about, not just what you're about right this minute. Pick your best pieces from previous years and from this season, and show them off proudly. After all, your company is about more than your current season. Showing your products throughout the years assures people that you'll be around for the long haul, and that you have a strong history behind you.

3. Everyone needs media coverage.

I have lots of small lingerie businesses that come in and worry that they don't have any media mentions. Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix for lingerie companies. Bloggers have become a driving force behind lingerie sales, and many have a large fan base that you can tap into. Make sure that when you approach a blogger you make the pitch personal, and ask nicely if you can send them a sample for review. Mostly bloggers will be happy to try new things, and will write favorably about your products. This helps you create web traffic, sales, and gives you a shiny new media mention for your press kit. 

Holly Jackson owns The Full Figured Chest Copywriting, and specializes in lingerie writing and online content creation for lingerie companies. Her work can be found on lingerie boutique websites across the world as well as in national level campaigns. She currently writes six regular lingerie and marketing columns, and is a regular contributor to The Lingerie Addict and The Lingerie Journal as well as McPeteSez. In 2011, The Lingerie Journal named her their number one copywriter in the lingerie industry. 
Holly can be found tweeting @thefullfigurechest, here on Facebook, and reviewing the newest full-busted lingerie at her blog, Her list of copywriting services can be found here

Lipgloss & Lace
                         by Mandie Mutchie
Hopefully, it's been a long time since you've heard someone say Charlie Sheen's catch phrase before bed ("WINNING!"), but even though the phrase is tired and overused, that doesn't mean that you have to stop winning! 
A couple months ago, I was tweeting about how much I wanted a FitBit to track my activity (it's basically a fancy pedometer that you can also use to track your sleep), when a gentleman named Jason Urgo (@Urgo) started following me, and I noticed that he was doing a fitbit giveaway from his YouTube page. To win a fitbit, you had to make a video, and he gave us categories of how to do so. I entered, and I won! It was so exciting! So, I decided to try one of my own!
As someone who makes the majority of her income via the internet and social media, I spend a reasonable amount of time researching different ways to reach more people and connect more on social media. Through this, one recommendation to get more people to your page was to do some giveaways, so I did an experiment with that, and it went GREAT! My initial video (where I gave away cosmetic products I purchased myself in an effort to increase my following on twitter and facebook) got me a MUCH larger youtube following, as well as more "likes" on facebook and "followers" on twitter. The first video was added mid-march and has nearly five-hundred views, some of which happened after the contest had ended. 
Since then, I have been asked by a local business to do a video giveaway for them. I will be announcing the winner and seeing the final difference in their number of "likes" on facebook and "follows" on twitter after the article has been submitted, but the video itself has a couple hundred views after only two weeks of it being up. This means that their brand has reached AT LEAST (since I am only able to track it with YouTube views and eventually likes, it is hard to tell how many people saw my statuses/tweets and checked out their page without doing any actions, such as "liking" the page) a couple hundred people that they wouldn't normally reach. 
People want to bring a positive experience and association with their brand, and what better way to do it than by allowing someone the opportunity to win something!? Not only will that person be excited at the chance to try your product, but they will also spend time looking at your other offerings and potentially make a purchase. I know that I have bought from Rebel Green since doing their giveaway! Also, imagine the excitement they will have and how much they will talk about how wonderful your brand is since they won something! And back to that whole Charlie Sheen WINNING thing... Part of why we love it is physiological - we get endorphins when we win something (ever wonder why some people are addicted to gambling?), and there are few better ways to reach a stranger than by this giveaway.
I've had so much fun doing this that I am now offering my services to other companies, so if you'd like me to promote your company with a giveaway, just let me know & we'll start setting it up! Yes, you can do one on your own, but if you add me to the equation, you're adding a minimum of 5,000 different people who are in my network, but not necessarily yours! 
Have a great day, and Happy May!

Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling  career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, brides, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a beachbody coach, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 
For more information on Mandie go to, email Mandie at or follow her on Twitter @mandelicious.  Don't forget to "like" her pages on facebook, too! & 

*Photo by Rafal Krolik of Seville Media  

Lingerie Designer Showcase

                                 Story by Christi Reid
This past week marked the return of The Lingerie Designer Showcase hosted by The Lingerie Journal, a New York based trade show of independent designers and brands for buyers looking for innovative, new collections. The show promotes a collective environment where brands work together to help each other achieve their goals by sharing their industry knowledge.
This year’s participating brands included Priscilla Jade Lingerie by Priscilla Codinach; Toad Lillie by Laurie Shapiro;Dottie’s Delights by Stephanie Kuhr; Good Night Gilda by Whitney Galitz; Ann Vogue by Asi Efros; Ombrato Sleepwear by Masako Shirokawa; Clare Bare Lingerie by Clare Herron; Fred & Ginger by Victoria Holt and Andrea Billard—Haute Lingerie by Andrea Billard represented by Stacy Shakoor of Terrebleu.
I was fortunate enough to be able to privately meet with seven of the nine brands Tuesday February 22nd and get a walk through of their collections.
The Pink Ladies – Toad Lillie and Dottie’s Delights
The first two designers I met with were Laurie Shapiro of Toad Lillie and Stephanie Kuhr of Dottie’s Delights. Both women were extremely welcoming and willing to show me their work. Stepping into the room, Stephanie offered me a list of cocktails the two girls had formulated to offer buyers; it soon became known throughout the showcase that the Pink Lady was her specialty. Laurie was the first to give me a run-through. She explained to me that French pastries inspired her two collections: SS12 named BonBon and AW12 named Tarte.

As of right now, Laurie is a one-woman show, designing and creating each piece with true attention to detail and perfectionism. All of her pieces are extremely luxurious. The insides of her garments are lined with silk and all hardware is of jewelry grade quality. Laurie hand dyes all notions to match the colors of her fabrics and any detail found on the pieces is hand painted by the designer herself. The actual collections were gorgeous, with unique details added to simple designs and rich jewel tones picked for a dazzling effect.
Next to show me her collection was Stephanie Kuhr of Dottie’s Delights. She explained to me that she strives to support female curves in all senses of the word by providing high-end lingerie that focuses on attractive design, fit, and function with an emphasis on the quality attention to detail and technique found in mid-century vintage foundations. The pieces were utterly unique. I had never seen such amazing detail and craftsmanship, all of her work hinted at the glamour of the 40’s and 50’s and made me feel like I should be in a boudoir setting. Like Laurie, Stephanie lined the insides of her garments to add an element of luxury and used metal garters to ensure durability of usage. By far my favorite piece of the collection was the dramatic sheer black robe that swept to the floor and screamed of refinement and extravagance.
Priscilla Jade Lingerie
Meeting with Priscilla Codinach from Priscilla Jade was an experience I will always remember. Even though Priscilla was feeling under the weather, she welcomed me into her room to speak with me. Her bubbly, vivacious personality had me hooked on every word and we found ourselves chatting for well over a half hour.
Priscilla told me how she had always known from a young age that she was interested in lingerie. She would watch old westerns with her family and see glamorous women dressed in robes and chemises doing their makeup and she made the connection then that lingerie is every woman’s secret super power.
“Meeting with Priscilla Codinach from Priscilla Jade was an experience I will always remember”

The Miami based designer then ran me through her two collections with me. The first, Noir collection, was inspired by her ex-boyfriends. Laughing she showed me the different designs, explaining that with each relationship she grew and learned more about herself. The SS12 collection was inspired by vivid colors and geometric shapes. The pieces looked as though they hinted at a superhero theme, with Batman and Superman colors shining through, but she shrugged off the comment and told me it was all by accident. Even though the effect was unintentional, I will still think that secretly she wanted to make a larger statement about women’s secret super powers.
Good Night Gilda
After meeting with Priscilla, I met with Whitney Galitz of Goodnight Gilda. Whitney was extremely sweet and informative. She explained to me that her collection is produced and based entirely in LA.

She, like Stephanie, targets a full-chested, curvaceous woman. Running through her collections I was entranced by the stretch silk and mesh-lined bras. She definitely communicated a strong theme of old Hollywood fashion with an edge. Each piece hinted at a slightly different era, such as her Bullseye wireless bra in tribute to the 30’s. The two collections, SS12 and AW12, featured the same silhouettes but in entirely different color palettes. The effect was astonishing. Her playful t-strap romper conveyed a completely different message in deep red than in tan. Overall, I thrilled to see such a sophisticated take on a retro-inspired collection.
Sleepwear Designers Asi Efros and Masako Shirokawa
The next two designers that I met with were Asi Efros of Ann Vogue and Masako Shirokawa of Ombrato Sleepwear. Masako was the first to show me her collection. The designer, based in New York, explained to me the meaning behind the brand’s name; Ombrato is Japanese for “take it easy.” And this statement held true for her collection. All of the pieces were simple but extremely luxurious. She told me the cotton for her casual pieces was made in Japan, which added a bit of culture to the effect of the line.

Asi of Ann Vogue was very enthusiastic when showing me her collections. She told me how she originated from Russia but loved to travel. She had been traveling the globe to collect inspiration for her line. Many of the pieces featured a wonderful French black lace that Asi told me was inspired by gothic cathedrals. By far my favorite piece was her luxurious robe with an attached belt. The silk was liquidy- soft and the lace details at the cuffs were exquisite.
Clare Bare Lingerie
The final designer that I got to met with was Clare Herron of Clare Bare. Clare spoke to me about her brand and informed me how she is Brooklyn-based and designs all of her pieces to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. She does a lot of work re-purposing vintage textiles.
Her current collection features organic cotton and bamboos fabrics. The dyes that she uses are soy based and create a great layered color effect. Clare explained that she tries really hard to move beyond the preconceived notions of eco-friendly fashion and add details that are unexpected and exciting for her customers. I completely fell in love with a body suit she was featuring on a mannequin. The back had intricate cutout designs that could be adjusted to fit the wearer’s needs. We bonded over our very straight bodies, and she told me how the cutouts in the suit created the illusion of curves for the curve-inclined woman. I have to say it was a lovely experience meeting with this designer and wish her the best of luck. She told me that recently she got a contract to be featured on True Blood. The pieces will be shown either in June or July, so keep an eye out for some sultry lingerie by Clare Bare.
Andrea Billard and Fred & Ginger
Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with the representative of Fred & Ginger and Andrea Billard, Stacy Shakoor. From what I’ve seen online and at the fashion show at the Brand Affair event, the collections are sophisticated and luxurious. I would have loved to learn more about the craftsmanship behind the pieces. Luckily, the Lingerie Journal has recently covered both brands latest offerings:
Andrea Billard SS12 and Fred and Ginger AW12

Overall, however, I have to say it was a magical experiences speaking with the designers. They are all hardworking, enthusiastic individuals looking for homes from retailers. Good luck ladies, and hopefully we will be seeing much more from you all in the future!
Designer Showcase Summer Edition
Please check back with us as we will announce details for the Designer Showcase Summer edition shortly. In the mean time, please visit the show’s site for more details on the designers:    

Christi Reid is a sophomore at LIM College, a fashion business school, pursuing a degree in management and entrepreneurship. She has a true passion for writing and lingerie. Christi is currently interning for the lingerie store Journelle and has dreams to one day open a lingerie store of her own.

Note: by clicking on the photo's below, it will 
bring you to their web-site. or to their e-mail if 
                      no web-site exists.
Remember to tell them you saw them here.
Photos by Heather Briggs

Andrea Billard, Fred & Ginger & 
   by Terre Bleu Trading Company

Stacy Shakoor of TerreBleu Trading Company 
being filmed by Fernando Cuestas of NandoVision.

Stacy Shakoor of TerreBleu Trading Company 
with a customer. 

                    Good Night Gilda 


                           Priscilla Jade     

                                Ann Vogue  






                                   Toad Lillie 



                        Dottie's Delights  



                                     Clare Bare 



    The End.. See you in August!

Hot Products 
         Courtesy of

Dreamgirl International Returns in
with their New Encore Line
Dreamgirl International is launching a totally new concept catalog, Encore, a line that features five colors that create an exciting palette. The sensational “Hot Brights” are trimmed in black for a modern and sexy edge, as the fashion-forward palette includes Lime, Fuchsia, Coral, Iris and Black.
The new lingerie collection comes packaged in a gleaming Pink Diamond box, which also includes a matching thong or G-string, and are available at competitive prices ($7.95 to $12.95 wholesale for regular and plus sizes).
The styling of the Encore Collection is flirty and fun, capturing many current runway trends such as ruffles, lace-ups, bows and peek-a-boo cutouts.
The Dreamgirl design team created a concise line of playful lingerie, focusing on two fabrics—nylon/spandex mesh and stretch lace. All of the fabrics are nylon based in order to capture the vibrancy of the colors. The Plus section features figure-flattering styles in the same “Hot Brights” color palette.
For more information, please call (800) 622-5686 or go to

Be the “Hot Girl” at the Pool
With the New Goddess Girl Bikini Line
Where does a girl go when she’s looking for a swimsuit that’s hotter and has a bit more bling than the off-the-rack model at JCPenny? Why, your erotic retail store, of course! To accommodate these adventurous beach-goers, Hot Girl has recently introduced their new
Goddess Girl Bikini line.
Goddess Girl appeals to women that want more that just a functional cookie-cutter swimsuit. This line is manufactured with delicate fabrics and embellished with beautiful hardware, and is designed for women that want to take a mixture of elegance and sexy to the beach in one complete package.
Currently, the Goddess Girl line is available in 10 different styles and five different fabrics, each coming in three colors, for a total of 15 color choices.
This line also offers several limited-quantity fabrics that provide the end customer with confidence in knowing that she will not be at a pool party or the beach wearing the same suit as someone else (and we all know what a disaster that would be!).
For more information, please call (602) 252-5660 or go to

About STOREROTICA Magazine
STOREROTICA Magazine was formed in October, 2008, when the company merged its two successful publications: TEEZE Magazine and ADULT STORE BUYER Magazine. STOREROTICA Magazine is a niche publication geared toward the owners and buyers at intimate apparel and adult retail stores. The magazine is more about what happens within the four walls of those retail stores than what happens outside. STOREROTICA's editorial focus is almost exclusively on store operators and decision-makers — how to make more money, how to simplify operations, how to manage inventory and personnel, how to avoid legal problems and how to grow your business. Unlike any other publication, STOREROTICA Magazine doesn’t only tell store owners about the latest and hottest products on the market, it also tells them how to sell more of those products. Every issue is packed with business advice columns, retail strategies, informative B2B articles and targeted industry news that store owners and buyers keep and refer to all year long. For more information, please visit  

I pulled into the crowded parking lot at the Super Wal-Mart Shopping Center and rolled down the car windows to make sure my Labrador Retriever Pup had fresh air. 
She was stretched full-out on the back seat and I wanted to impress upon her that she must remain there. I walked to the curb backward, pointing my finger at the car and saying emphatically, "Now you stay. Do you hear me?" "Stay! Stay!" 
The driver of a nearby car, a pretty blond young lady, gave me a strange look and said, 
"Why don't you just put it in park?" 

MTB Re-Introduced
A bill that would reduce taxes on manufacturing inputs to help cut costs for US companies could pick up momentum again after a two-year hiatus after a group of Republican freshmen last week came to its defense.
The 65 Republican freshmen members of the US House of Representatives, on April 20, sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (and Majority Leader Eric Cantor supporting the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) process initiated by the Committee on Ways and Means.
The MTB is a series of bills that temporarily suspend duties on certain imported manufacturing inputs. The aim is to cut costs for US companies by reducing duty levels on materials either not made domestically, or where there is no direct US competition.
"Plain and simple, the MTB is a trade bill that is a job creator for US manufacturing," said Auggie Tantillo, executive director of the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition (AMTAC).
"The MTB creates jobs because it eliminates duties on intermediate inputs that are not produced in the United States but are used by US manufacturers.
"It is vetted thoroughly to make sure that no bills are included that cover products made in the United States. This renders the measure noncontroversial because no U.S. production is harmed."
The US textile industry says the MTB is vital to reduce costs on inputs like certain acrylic and rayon products that are no longer made in the US.
"Because the MTB provides reduced cost access to that input, US textile manufacturers are able to keep plants open that make fabrics using rayon products," Tantillo said.

                'Ask the 
Gozooko Guys' is a business technology and web hosting company. With over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies the Gozooko Guy’s design, develop, deploy, and manage business technology solutions. Gozooko’s core focus is to provide affordable and efficient hosted ecommerce solutions to small and medium businesses. The past 3 years they have been working with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the apparel industry. Gozooko has data centers in the western and central US, and services customers around the globe. The Gozooko Guy’s goal is to provide our customers with easy and affordable ecommerce solutions that allow them to spend time focusing on their core business and sales, instead of working on their ecommerce solution.”Please send your questions about business and technology to   

     "Ask Andy"
Andy Weinstock has been in the fabric and textile business all his life, but professionally since 1969. 
"I love what I do, selling fabrics around the globe. I've met lots of interesting, creative, dynamic folks; some have become dear friends. I love to help new businesses find the things they need to become successful. It works for everyone." 
You can ask Andy questions about Fabrics at  

Hello, I am looking for a manufacturer in California that can make my bikinis in smaller quantities, approximately 25-50 of each fabric and all the same style. I am a small designer that is looking at streamlining my process and being able to offer a quality product faster than a local seamstress can. I am requiring up to ten styles in various fabrics which I can supply. I require a product that would be ready for my jewelry/adornments as each pc will be a little different than the next, a piped and finished bottom and triangle tops is what is needed. Please contact me for more information. 
Thank you,

Stephen: visit It is the National Independent Sewing Contractor web site. There you will find, businesses, listed by state, that can do the type of sewing you need. 
You may also want to look at the classified ads in the back of California Apparel News.
Good Luck,

The "Ask Andy", "Ask Mara" & 'Ask Goozoko Guys' Columns are opinion Columns and may not necessarily reflect the views of McPete Sez  

   The McPete Sez Lingerie Newsletter & Women's Wear Journal                                  



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