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May 1, 2001                               Issue # 49
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The next issue will go out June 1st.    

Warnaco auditors doubt co can continue as going concern
NEW YORK, (Reuters) - Warnaco Group Inc.'s (NYSE:WAC - news) auditors Deloitte & Touche said the apparel maker is not in compliance with certain debt covenants and the auditors have ``substantial doubt'' about its ability to continue as a going concern, according to a regulatory filing.
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Slimming Tricks for the Hot
Season, Yes, Girls, the Corset Is Back
Fashion Wire Daily NY April 10, 2001 - Spring is in the air, which means a return to skimpier styles that can cause any woman who is not a size zero serious fashion anxiety. Fortunately, FWD has sorted through the new crop of body-shaping lingerie (all available in sizes from A-D) that promises to camouflage any flaw - without looking like something out of grandma's closet. 
"We just launched three new styles using satin and matte net," said Alan Fisher, Vice President of Merchandising for Wacoal, "and the new fabrics and fibers mean that they can have panels
for control - but still look very sexy." 
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Two economists meet on the street. One inquires, "How's your wife?" The other responds, "Relative to what?" 

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Glamour Magazine Swimsuit
Fashion Show
Fashion Wire Daily NY April 4, 2001 - Sexy, sun-tanned models, swimsuits and a little bit of South Beach. When Glamour magazine holds its annual swimsuit fashion show, it knows how to draw a crowd. Which explains why a crowd gathered at New York's Bryant Park for the show, held against the backdrop of a colorful bus the magazine used for swimsuit makeovers in Miami's South Beach.







U.S. retail slowdown rips apparel,  
            textile makers

By Jean Scheidnes
NEW YORK,  (Reuters) - Earnings for U.S. apparel manufacturers are expected reflect the latest quarter's frigid weather and cooling retail orders, shrinking distribution channels and price cutting aimed at moving inventories.
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UK: Supply Chain Solution Supports Growth At Panache Lingerie
In the past nine months Panache Lingerie has doubled its turnover and won back a major contract - both of which, it says,
have been made possible by the company's investment in a scaleable computer solution.
Panache designs, manufactures and distributes of a full range of quality co-ordinates for the lingerie industry, with customers including Debenhams, John Lewis, Allders and Matalan. Exports to 32 countries around the world account for 60 per cent of its revenues.
        Madison Avenue gets arty
This weekend if you're planning a leisurely stroll along Madison Avenue between East 57th and East 86th streets, then the chances are you'll stumble across the components of "Madison Avenue: Where Fashion Meets Art." Slated to finish its run by May 12th, close to sixty boutiques and over forty galleries spanning 29-blocks are participating in the event (keep an eye out for some incredible window displays), which will culminate with a silent auction. 

UK Lingerie Industry Report
Key Note estimates the total retail sale of women's lingerie, corsetry and hosiery to be £1.55bn in 1999, with sales of
brassières accounting for around a third of the value. The UK clothing industry has struggled for some years against a
downturn in demand and an increase in value, and an improvement in the quality of imported goods. The lingerie sector has been no exception. Between 1996 and 1998, imports of lingerie rose by almost a third, while exports fell by 6.6% in a
trend unlikely to be reversed, especially with rises in the interest rates strengthening the pound still further. 
      Moms-To-Be Vote  Gifts 
           for Mothers Day

The survey polled 1800 expecting moms, and 39.5% selected Spring dresses as the gift they wanted for this special day. Alternative choices included lingerie - 26%; casual wear - 20.5%; gift certificates - 9.3%; and accessories - 4.7%.
Bulletproof Gown in Beauty Pageant 
JERUSALEM (AP) - Here she comes ... Miss Bulletproof.
Beauty meets the bulletproof vest in a gown designed for Miss Israel to wear at the Miss Universe pageant next month.
The top of the silk dress, embroidered with diamonds and pearls, is covered by an army-issue flak jacket adorned with diamonds for a so-called softer look.
The dress sends a message that everyday life should go on despite renewed violence, its designer said.
``I want people in Israel to continue to go out,'' said Galit Levi, a Tel Aviv fashion designer. ``But be careful.''

Vogue co-sponsored an advance screening of "Moulin Rouge"  at the Paris Theatre in New York to benefit AIDS charities. Nicole Kidman, Kenneth Cole, Diane von Furstenberg, Jean Paul Gaultier, Sarah O'Hare, Stella Tennant and Michelle Hicks were in attendance.
Hamish Bowels (L) and Ahn Duong (R) at the screening for the movie MOULIN ROUGE...  
"Oh my Gosh", They shredded her dress trying to get in!!
CHINA: WTO Membership Will Boost Textile Exports
Speakers at a recent conference in Australia's Law School on "China and the World Trade Organisation" explained that China's WTO membership would bring net gains to its textile exports, particularly in the long term. The World Bank analysis found that China and its major trading partners should draw benefits from this membership while some competing countries would suffer small losses. The World Bank's model suggested that Chinese exports could increase dramatically after 2005, when textile quotas are abolished. 
A model poses for photographers and members of the public at a photocall at Marble Arch in London April 6, 2001. The photocall marked the launch of a new cd-rom game entitled Erotica Island. REUTERS/Kieran Doherty 
     Warnaco hit with shareholder suit
NEW YORK, April 20 (Reuters) - One day after a regulatory report showed Warnaco Group Inc.'s (NYSE:WAC - news) auditors have doubts about whether the firm can keep operating, the apparel company was hit Friday with a shareholder suit alleging management concealed Warnaco's true financial condition.
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Sherman Oaks, CA- January 2001 Legs Unlimited, a Los Angeles-based hosiery and lingerie manufacturer, has launched LUISALUISA, the first line exercise wear specifically designed for breast cancer survivors using prosthesis. 
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Madonna's unmentionables went for big bucks in an online auction yesterday - but Sir Elton John's jumpsuit stayed on the
A provocative black leather bra-and-panties outfit the Material Mom wore in "Sex," her infamous photo book, sold to an unnamed male bidder for $13,800 on the Web site.
A black satin conical bra that pop diva Madonna  wore for her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour was auctioned off in London Thursday for 14,000 pounds ($20,000). ( $10,000 per Cup)
The bra, which was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, had been expected to fetch up to 3,000 pounds ($4,000) at the pop-music sale at Christie's auction house.

Vikram Tellis, an assistant at Christies, takes a closer look at the black satin Jean-Paul Gaultier bra April 24, 2001, which was worn by U.S. pop star Madonna in 1990.
              How about a pair of my used Boxer shorts, 
                               anyone interested?
                           Its got Hearts on it!!!!
New bra holster is equal parts Victoria's Secret, Guns & Ammo
By Matt Bean, Court TV    
Look out Victoria's Secret. A new bra made for hold-ups, not
push-ups, is offering women a level of security never before seen in undergarments. 
The Superbra, made by California-based personal protection expert Paxton Quigley, allows women easy access to a canister of pepper spray, a .38 caliber snub nose revolver or more — depending on the wearer. 
"It all depends on how big you are," says Quigley. 
Made of durable elastic, Velcro and a soft plastic holster, the Superbra fits around the ribcage below the breasts and comes in only two sizes, small and medium, and two colors, black and white. 
Quigley, who worked as Yoko Ono's bodyguard, got the idea for the bra when she realized most women put their weapons in a purse or fanny pack. 
Print Trends Overview, Trend Room, Studio Directory and Trend Report. 
Inprints gives a view of what we are going to see in the Textile field, whats "Hot" where are we going.
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         Online Shopping Increases
According to the Wall Street Journal, online consumer shopping is on the rise despite the sector being fraught with failing
companies. A joint study by Nielsen/NetRatings and Harris Interactive stated the number of adults making purchases over the Internet has increased 81 percent to 207.8 million in the past
year. In addition, online spending increased 35.6 percent from $2.6 billion to $3.5 billion. The article stipulated that consumers are sticking with trusted brand names such as JC Penny's, which is said to be the largest on-line apparel retailer.
Dillard's Purchases Montgomery Ward Locations
Dillard's, Inc. today announced it has purchased eight former Montgomery Ward store locations across the United States.
The cost of the transaction was approximately $21 million. The
Montgomery Ward locations were available because of the company's recent closure of its facilities. The locations include
Littleton, CO; Port Richey, FL; Wichita, Kansas City, Springfield, Oklahoma City,  Moline, IL; and Davenport, IO.