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Lipgloss & Lace
                         by Mandie Mutchie
        The Museum of Sex 

I just got back from a trip to NYC, which was WAY too short - not just because our flight was canceled and then delayed due to weather, not just because I had a great time, and not just because NYC is huge and fun and there is WAY too much to do to fit in a 4-5 day trip, but because I had really wanted to visit La Petite Coquette and write and article about it, but couldn't make it! 

I did, however, manage to stroll into the Museum of Sex, and figured that'd make a good article, too! 

I mean, MOST of the time that people put on lingerie, they are planning on having sex, right? (As a lingerie model, there are PLENTY of times that sex is not on my mind when I put it on, but hey... Let's stick with the majority!)


We didn't have time (again, I remind you, short trip!) to go and check out the exhibits, but from the giftshop and lobby, I think I got a decent idea of what the inside is like! 


On the left wall is a giant mural, and it is quite sassy! It was painted by Cassius Fouler, and is titled "we're fucked." It was on the stairs that lead down to "Oralfix," the aphrodisiac bar. 

The gift shop is full of fun toys, vintage playboys for purchase (some that come with a "cum rag,"), and museum of sex memorabilia. There is also a lot of erotic art available for purchase, as well as various lubes. 

There is a large wall explaining the current exhibitions, which include the aforementioned aphrodisiac bar, "Spotlight," which is their permanent collection that shows various things in our history that were left out due to their graphic nature, "Universe of Desire," which is an exhibit that is focused on the internet and its impact on sex and desire, "The Sex Lives of Animals," which is self-explanatory, and "F CK ART," a street art exhibition. 


One more thing... There's a giant, elaborate "bicycle" you can ride that... Well, we'll let the picture do the talking! 

That's worth at least a thousand words, right? If not, go to the museum - there's a video playing in the giftshop of the machine in use (yes, with a woman at the other end). For obvious reasons, you have to be 18 to enter! Have a "crazy sexy" time! 

Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling
career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, brides, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a beachbody coach, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 
For more information on Mandie go to, email Mandie at or follow her on Twitter @mandelicious.  Don't forget to "like" her pages on facebook, too! & 

*Photo by Rafal Krolik of Seville Media  

A New Scent from Soak and 
a Partnership with Triumph
Introducing Yuzu. It’s the scent you’ve been waiting for. It’s so lovely it’s a bit silly. It is a kiss of tart citrus + crushed eucalyptus. It is currently available in 3oz Soak bottles and 3oz Handmaid. 
Yuzu will be initially available in 3oz (flight friendly) bottles, made from 100% post-consumer resin. The larger bottle size will debut in the spring. The bottle, the formula and the design are great for your skin and the environment. 
Yuzu’s label is the first in Soak's upcoming series of designer labels. This label collection (yes, all 8 tiny bottles have different labels) is designed by the lovely and talented traditional fine art printmaker, and a turncoat commercial textile designer Lizzy House. Collectible, indeed. You can see more of Lizzy’s work on her blog. 
The 3oz bottle has a MSRP $10 and is available in Soak Wash and Handmaid. It is available for order at  
Soak Wash and Triumph Australia
Soak is also happy to announce that after a successful test period, Triumph International will be selling Soak Wash as their exclusive wash in their retail outlets across Australia. 
For more information about Soak, email or go to  

FYI by Dani Read
   Photos by Stephen Wilson Photography
Founded by American designer, Dani Read, FYI first made its mark in early 2011. The debut collection featured aggressive lingerie, erotic functional details, and suggestive loungewear that firmly established FYI’s fearless aesthetic.
Read designs to embody the femme fatale archetype; to allow women to tastefully indulge in their inner siren. The brand’s sinister high fashion edge is meant to empower, and is inspired by the intensity of the women who wear it. FYI shuns the lingerie industry’s traditional portrayal of women as perky pin-ups or delicate flowers. 


             Rouge Séduire 
   Photos by Stephen Wilson Photography
Founded in December 2012, within months of launch, Rouge Séduire has attracted attention of online media, buyers and fans from around the world. Glamorous, stylish and provocative, the first collection is inspired by old school glamour and iconic modern architecture of New York. Key pieces include open cup fringe bra and bondage bodysuit. 








      LingerieFW Continued on page 4

HommeMystere is returning
     to the ILS this April
HommeMystere, the lingerie label for men, is exhibiting again this April at the ILS in Las Vegas. US Distributor Christy will be there and once again Brent Krause, the owner and designer, is flying in from Australia.
After creating quite a bit of interest at the September ILS, HommeMystere is once again bringing their unique style of underwear to show off to buyers. “We caused quite a sensation in September and were encouraged by the enthusiastic response from visitors” Brent said. He has several items featured in the Fashion Show on the Monday night and says the new Sheer brief and bra has been a standout winner since its release in January. 
“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reaction to our latest garments. So much so, that we have our next two releases on the production line. They will be available towards the end of April, though samples will be available for viewing and orders will be accepted at the Show.”
Brent says pre show interest has been strong with several store owners ready to try a range of men’s lingerie in their stores. Brent said “Many store owners already know they have guys buying women’s lingerie for themselves in their stores. With the HommeMystere label, it allows owners to provide a garment suited to that market” 

Brent promises there will be some special offers at the Show “We’ve been planning quite well for this Show and certainly listened to the feedback received in September.” Order discounts, and huge posters are just a couple of the offers available to buyers in April. “We want the best deal for both our stockists and customers and we’ve worked hard on achieving the right balance” he said
Brent says the label started due to what he calls the misuse of the word lingerie. “Guys search for lingerie and it’s the usual novelty garments that keep showing up. We thought it was time guys could have something a little lacy, racy and genuinely sexy to wear. Something to get a guy a little excited about his underwear choice each day.”
With a new Distributor in the UK serving European clients and the growing US client base, HommeMystere certainly appears to be a revolution in men’s underwear.
HommeMystere will be back at Booth #306 this year.
Further information can be obtained from Brent at,Christy at or via the website at 

Blush Fall/Winter 2013

Elegance, sophistication and beauty….what more can be said? The Fall /Winter 2013 collection by Blush surpasses all levels of expectations.
The setting is opulence at its best, perfect for this collection which exudes extreme luxury.
Rich shades of caramel, darkest purple, crushed berry, blue violet, merlot, deep royal, peacock teal, slate gray, fire red and mystic black surround exquisite prints of leopard and zebra. The palette is exquisite, but retains an air of neutral elegance.
Varied fabrications as micro modal, embroidered mesh, banded lace, power mesh and microfiber are all worked with beautiful detailing.
The Fall/Winter 2013 collection is not to be missed.
Blush can be found worldwide in better department stores, specialty stores and online.
Get to know Blush better on their blog at, flirt with them on facebook at, follow them on twitter at or preview all at 

Victoria's Secret Plans Hong
        Kong Stores
US apparel retailer Limited brands has confirmed plans to open its first stores in Hong Kong in the coming months.
A spokesperson for Limited Brands said the two Victoria's Secret Beauty & Accessories will open within the next couple of months in the International Finance Center and New Town Plaza.
The announcement comes after Victoria's Secret saw fourth-quarter comparable store sales rise 3%, driven by growth in lingerie and Pink. Victoria's Secret full-year comparable store sales were up 7%, while total brand sales increased to US$6.6bn.
Meanwhile, Limited Brands saw net profit rise 14.4% to $411.39m over the quarter ended 28 January, from $359.4m in the same period of the prior year. For the full year, net income fell to $752.9m from $850.1m last year.

ATTIRE Bill Reintroduced 
Politicians from both main US parties are supporting a bill designed to boost research and production of high-tech textiles.
Democratic Representative David Price and his North Carolina rival, Republican Howard Coble, are urging their colleagues to support the new American Textile Technology Innovation and Research for Exportation Act – ATTIRE for short.
Under the act, a US$5m competitive grant program would be created at the Department of Commerce.
Those eligible to compete for grant funds would include university-based and non-profit research institutions seeking to fund high-tech textile research and development projects.
“The textile industry contributes $60bn to our national economy every year, and it employs over 500,000 workers across the country, including many right here in the Tar Heel state,” said Price.
“The ATTIRE Act will help keep these jobs here, ensuring this critical domestic industry out-innovates its international competitors by funding research into the next generation of textile and fibre technologies.”
The bill was first introduced near the close of the 111th Congress, but this is the first time it is backed with bipartisan support.

              Unruly Child 
A man scolded his son for being so unruly and the child rebelled against his father. He got some of his clothes, his teddy bear and his piggy bank and proudly announced, 'I'm running away from home!'. 
The father calmly decided to look at the matter logically. 'What if you get hungry?', he said. 
'Then I'll come home and eat!', bravely declared the child. ' And what if you run out of money?'. 
'I will come home and get some!', readily replied the child. 
The man then made a final attempt, 'What if your clothes get dirty?'. 
'Then I'll come home and let mommy wash them.', was the reply. 
The man shook his head and exclaimed, 'This kid is not running away from home, he's going off to college!!'. 

                'Ask the 
Gozooko Guys' is a business technology and web hosting company. With over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies the Gozooko Guy’s design, develop, deploy, and manage business technology solutions. Gozooko’s core focus is to provide affordable and efficient hosted ecommerce solutions to small and medium businesses. The past 3 years they have been working with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the apparel industry. Gozooko has data centers in the western and central US, and services customers around the globe. The Gozooko Guy’s goal is to provide our customers with easy and affordable ecommerce solutions that allow them to spend time focusing on their core business and sales, instead of working on their ecommerce solution.”Please send your questions about business and technology to   

     "Ask Andy"
Andy Weinstock has been in the fabric and textile business all his life, but professionally since 1969. 
"I love what I do, selling fabrics around the globe. I've met lots of interesting, creative, dynamic folks; some have become dear friends. I love to help new businesses find the things they need to become successful. It works for everyone." 
You can ask Andy questions about Fabrics at  

The "Ask Andy", "Ask Mara" & 'Ask Goozoko Guys' Columns are opinion Columns and may not necessarily reflect the views of McPete Sez  

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