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Coquette Give Away: Trip For Two to Hawaii
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India To Reconsider Cotton Export Ban
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Rodriguez Spotted Wearing Shibue 
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Video Interviews: Baci Lingerie, Jill Zarin of Skweez Couture, Body Rock Sport, Love & Dream
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AVN Adult Entertainment Expo
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March 15, 2012                        Issue # 309

                              Intimate Apparel

Free Video Clips Offered
               at ILS

Specialty Trade Shows along with McPete Sez and NandoVision are sponsoring a video session at the upcoming International Lingerie and Halloween Show March 26-29, 2012.
All exhibitors will have the option of having their models included in the free video shoot. Each model will be filmed for approximately 5 minutes to be converted to a short video clip, similar to NandoVision's very popular virtual catalogs
Each participating exhibitor will also be able to submit their logo to be included in their segment and will receive the final video compilation to be used on their website and social media platforms.
For more information on free video, please email or or stop by the NandoVision Photo area during the show. 
For more information on Virtual Catalogs by NandoVision go to  

Tia Lyn Lingerie 12/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!
Coquette Give Away: 
Trip For Two to Hawaii
Coquette will be giving away a trip for two to Hawaii. The winner plus a guest will be flown to Honolulu to enjoy a seven night stay at a luxurious Sheraton Resort. 
For more information go to page 2 of McPete Sez to read how to enter Coquette's giveaway. 

Photographer Submission
The Model is wearing iCollection 
   photo by Fernando Cuestas of NandoVision 

India To Reconsider Cotton
             Export Ban
India's prime minister is to reconsider the country's decision to halt all cotton exports after calling a group of senior ministers to a meeting on March 9, to review the ban.
Prime minister Manmohan Singh ordered the review after agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said he had not been consulted on the ban introduced by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade on Monday March 5, and warned it would hurt farmers by leading to lower prices.
The reassessment also comes after the China Cotton Association (CCA) said it had sent a letter to the Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Cotton Association of India "in strong protest" at this "irresponsible act".
And cotton trade body the International Cotton Association (ICA) has also written to urge India to "rapidly reconsider its policy and revoke the ban with immediate effect to enable international contracts to be executed without further defaults and reputational damage."
The ICA believes the actions taken by India "will have serious consequences and a major, detrimental impact on world cotton trade," while the CCA adds that India "should keep to the widely recognized international trade regulations" and that "all sides in Chinese cotton and textile industry will pay serious attention to the development of this issue."
India is the world's second largest producer of cotton - accounting for around 22% of the world's output - and its decision to ban all cotton exports is the second in as many years.
"An action like this has already disturbed international cotton trade order seriously," CCA said.
China is India's biggest cotton customer, taking around 85% of India's total cotton exports so far this year.
But China is also in the process of building its national stockpiles in an effort to ensure domestic cotton supplies and help avoid future fluctuations in cotton prices - which is thought to have triggered the Indian decision.
Indeed, the International Cotton Advisory Board (ICAC) last week estimated that by the end of 2011/12 China might hold as much as a quarter of global stocks.
The Chinese association described India's restrictions on cotton trade as a "double loss" that hurts both textile firms and cotton dealers, as well as Indian domestic cotton farmers and exporters.
India banned shipments after it exported almost 9.4m bales of cotton (at 170kg each) in the current marketing year, which began on October 1, exceeding an estimated exportable surplus of 8.4m bales.
The move is intended to ensure supplies for domestic mills and manufacturers.
However, the ICA notes that the ramifications of the previous ban in 2010 led to a huge disruption of trade, and the extraordinary rise in world cotton prices reaching unprecedented historical heights.
It warns the current ban will produce the same results and, once again, undermine India as a reliable trading partner. Customers in many importing countries who are counting on this cotton to run their spinning mills will suffer irreparable loss and damages, it said.
However, international cotton prices for May fell again on the ICE Futures US exchange in New York, dropping to US$0.90/lb from US$0.94/lb earlier in the week.

9/24    CLICK HERE to watch Risque's Video on YouTube

          Brazil Accused of 
   Restricting Imports
Brazil has been targeted for criticism over its increasing use of red tape to restrict imports of European textiles and clothing.
A new European Union Trade and Investment Barriers Report released by the European Commission includes promises by Brussels to use diplomacy to ease such problems.
It notes that in the past year Brazil has "tightened its procedures for imports of textiles and clothing by means of stricter customs controls". Brussels also points out that textiles and clothing imports have now been earmarked for Brazil's 'grey' and 'red' customs procedures.
"This means that goods are subject to physical inspection and samples can be subject to laboratory tests," the report says, noting this means imports can take 90 days or even longer to be released.
"Moreover, a higher number of certificates are being requested by customs authorities," the Commission says.
And worse could come. Brussels notes that Brazil's 'Plano Brasil Maior' economic development plan involves probably indirect subsidization or tax breaks for specific manufacturing sectors, including textile and footwear production.

Sneak Peek of CurveNY
Chance of ChanceTV hosts the coverage of CurveNY February 21-23, 2012.  

Look for more photo and video coverage from CurveNY in upcoming issues of McPete Sez.
Video by NandoVision

Intimate Payments
Textile Groups Call for
       Relief Package
Textile bodies in Pakistan are calling for a government "relief package" to help revive the country's textile industry, which has been hit by energy shortages.
Gohar Ejaz, former chairman of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), said the package should include an uninterrupted supply of gas and restructure the industry's outstanding bank loans.
He added that the energy shortages have pushed the industry's bad loans to 32%, since borrowers are unable to make repayments. This could rise to 50% by the end of March if the industry's gas supplies are not improved.
APTMA's Punjab region chairman, Ahsan Bashir, claims US$4bn in exports have been lost in the last seven months - which will result in job losses.
And Rana Muhammad Mushtaq Khan, chairman of the Value Added Textile Forum (VATF), wants the government to exempt the export-oriented textile industry from social security contributions, which it is struggling to pay in the face of higher energy costs and frequent power cuts
Pakistan's textile and clothing exports fell by 17% in January 2012. The figure contrasts with a 35% rise in the fiscal year to June 2011, which reached a record level of US$13.8bn.

$325M in Counterfeits
Officials in the US have broken up two smuggling rings, and seized counterfeit apparel and footwear worth $325m, which was set to be illegally imported into the country.
Some 29 people were charged under the operations, which involved smuggling goods through the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal.
The first seizure included more than 135 containers of mainly Coach, Louis Vuitton and other handbags as well as Ugg boots, Nike sneakers and clothing and had an estimated retail value of more than $300m, the New Jersey District Attorney's office said on March 2.
It also discovered a further 35 containers of goods with a retail value of over $25m, including counterfeit Nike sneakers, Ugg boots, Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Gucci handbags and cigarettes.
"The cost of counterfeit goods is not limited to massive financial harm to American businesses and consumers," said US Attorney Paul Fishman. "Criminals can exploit the same channels to import other material that threatens our health and safety."

Swimwear by J Valentine
This is just the preview of J Valentine's 2012 Swimwear Collection. Check out page 3 of McPete Sez to see more photos along with the behind the scenes video.

       Rodriguez Spotted
     Wearing Shibue 
Belen Rodriguez was spotted wearing Shibue Strapless Panties at the San Remo Music Festival. She was on stage with Elisabetta Cannalis,who's also wears Shibues after she wore them for her naked campaign for PETA.

For more information on Shibue Couture, go to or visit their booth at the International Lingerie Show, in Las Vegas March 26-28 at the Rio Hotel.

Low Cost 3D Body Scanner
A new low-cost 3D full body scanner that also offers new levels of functionality is described as a "breakthrough" by its developer.
Technology firm [TC]² says the KX-16 model not only comes in below the $10,000 price point for the first time, but is also small enough to fit in changing room spaces.
Body scanning software includes automatic body measurements at over 400 unique points, manual measurement features, embedded size selection for stock size apparel, and embedded made-to-measure output features for apparel CAD systems.
There is also automatic 3D digital avatar creation from the scan, and a virtual fashion feature to allow virtual try-on of clothes.
The development of the new scanner has been helped by new low-cost 3D scanning sensors, like the Microsoft XBOX Kinect sensor which utilizes technology from Primesense Corporation.
[TC]² already has nearly 200 3D body scanning sites around the world, beginning with the 3T6 which was released in 1997, cost $200,000 and required 200 square feet.
The KX-16, it says, represents a 20-times reduction in price and a 10-times reduction in size from that first product. The new model is also one-third the price of [TC]²'s current market-leading body scanning product, the NX-16, but has the same 20 square feet footprint and 16 sensor design to take accurate and complete body scans.
The KX-16 will be on display at the Asian Workshop on 3D body scanning technologies in Tokyo April 17-18, and at Texprocess Americas at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from April 24-26.

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