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Pinterest Gains Popularity
with Consumers
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ILS & Las Vegas Halloween Show Video Shoot
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The International Lingerie
Show Overview
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Intimate Payments Adds
PaySaber Jack
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ILS Videos:, Foxers, Miss Smarty Pants
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The International 
Lingerie Show
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Intimate Graphics:
Meg at Midnight SS13 Unveiled 
on Newly-launched Website
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Business and Technology: Can you have too much SEO?
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2012 H.U.G. Awards Gala to Benefit NYU Langone's 
Pediatric Services at Rusk and Tisch Hospital
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McPete Sez
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Lipgloss & Lace
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Fantasy Lingerie's NYC Fashion Show  Page 3

Esty Launches Petits 
Secrets by CB
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Swimshow to Celebrate 30th Anniversary with Celebrity 
Lines and Designs
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Ask the Gozooko Guys
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Ask Andy
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The International Lingerie
Show Continued 
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Angela Friedman AW12
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The Addict Expose -
Marika Vera A/W 2012 – “Queen of 
the Galaxy”

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Holiday Products Releases
2012 Supplement
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Fantasy Fashion Event 
Behind the Scenes Photos
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June 15, 2012                                        Issue # 315

                              Intimate Apparel

Pinterest Gains Popularity
     with Consumers
US consumers are more likely to engage with retailers on Pinterest than Facebook or Twitter, according to research released by the National Retail Federation.
On average, US consumers follow an average 9.3 retail companies on Pinterest, compared to 6.9retailers on Facebook or 8.5 on Twitter, a joint research project by, comScore and The Partnering Group found.
Some 38% of online consumers surveyed follow retailers through one or more social networking sites.
According to the research, company blogs, YouTube and Facebook command the majority of consumers' activity. Some 70% of those who follow a company's blog click through to the website, and though sometimes overlooked in the social media mix, more than 68% of consumers use YouTube to browse and research a retail company.
"Retailers have done a commendable job embracing social media - engaging their customers where it makes sense while keeping their brand relevant, interesting, appealing and exciting on each platform," said executive director Vicki Cantrell.
"Specifically, Pinterest has given retailers another channel to ‘listen' to and interact with both existing and new customers, telling an ongoing visual story through images of their products and their brand ‘spirit' - a story that customers can then tell again to their friends and family members."
Finding good deals is still the main driver behind consumers following retailers on social media platforms, but deals and promotions have lost a little bit of their lustre. Some 51% of those surveyed said they follow a retailer to get information on deals and coupons, down from 58% last year.
Some 43% say they are looking for product information and 36% want to post or read comments about merchandise or services.
One-third of consumers surveyed who own smartphones have shared their location with retailers. Location-based services such as Groupon Now! FourSquare and Facebook are helping retailers reach new and existing customers by targeting special offers, discounts and coupons to mobile devices once they've checked in.
"For retailers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enticing smartphone owners who may be within a few feet of their store or even already in the store, thanks to technology that lets shoppers who want to hear from retailers instantly interact with them," said ComScore Jennifer Vlahavas.
"And while check in and store location functionality are already gaining popularity, retailers have only just scratched the surface of using location data to better serve their customers. In-store shopping maps and customized shopping lists are a few of the possibilities that will cater to the consumer."
The study found that men are more than likely than women to share their location with a retailer, with 40% and 25%, respectively, and nearly half of those aged 18-34 say they have shared their location, compared with just 22% of those aged 35-54.

The International Lingerie
      Show & Las Vegas
  Halloween Show Virtual

This video is a compilation of many of the exhibitors at the International Lingerie Show and the Las Vegas Halloween Show in March 2012.  If you would like contact information on any of the companies show, please email
                       Video by NandoVision

Tia Lyn Lingerie 18/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!
Intimate Payments Adds
          PaySaber Jack
Intimate Payments is pleased to announce the arrival of the PaySaber Jack, the newest addition to the PaySaber mobile point-of-sale product line. The PaySaber Jack is a compact magnetic stripe reader that allows merchants to accept payments wherever they go. It is the first PaySaber designed to work with both Apple and Android mobile devices.
“Intimate Payments has been providing the PaySaber products to merchant clients across the country for several years.”, states Sales and Marketing Director Steve Kimberling. “The arrival of the PaySaber Jack expands our low cost processing options to those on the Droid platform as well as Apple based device.”
The end-to-end (E2E) encrypted card reader works with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, as well as with most Android smartphones and tablets. Reading up to three tracks of information with a single swipe, the PaySaber Jack fits snuggly in the headphone jack and reads a variety of magnetic stripe data
allowing credit card transactions to qualify for the lowest possible costs.
The PaySaber Jack will be joining other products including the  PaySaber POS and PaySaber Clip. PaySaber devices are designed to work in conjunction with USAePay's corresponding
credit card payment application, available for free download in the Apple Store and Google Play.
To celebrate the launch of the PaySaber Jack, Intimate Payments will provide the card reader at no cost, for a limited time, for new merchants!*
For more information go to or contact Steve Kimberling at  Ph: 877-476-0570

  Fashion Photo
Photo by Jerome Hamilton of Studio Time Photography
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would like to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome Hamilton at 
Studio Time Photography  

15/24    CLICK HERE to watch Risque's Video on YouTube

Container Carrier Strike 
        in Pakistan
A strike by export container carriers has halted the outward movement of cargo from various cities in Pakistan - including an estimated US$167m in textile and clothing exports.
The carriers have been protesting since the beginning of June against a decision by the authorities to involve them in criminal investigations to avert the smuggling and illegal movement of goods.
Azhar Majeed, vice president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, believes exports were already facing serious challenges due to energy shortages, high production costs, and recession in key global markets. The strike, he said, would add additional costs to textile exporters.
Akbar Sheikh, acting chairman of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, claims that a number of export commitments will not be met - and is urging the authorities to intervene.
However, Shams Burney, chairman of All Pakistan Bonded Carrier Association, says the protest will continue until the issue is resolved.
Customs authorities have assured exporters that if the strike is prolonged then the government will engage the state-controlled National Logistic Cell and Pakistan Railways to transport export consignments.

Intimate Payments
Clothing Firms in India Accused of Slave Labor
Textile and garment firms in southern India who supply dozens of major European and US brands and retailers, including Marks & Spencer, Mothercare and supermarket giant Tesco, are accused of selling clothing made by girls working in slave labor conditions.
The claims are made by lobby group Anti-Slavery International and Dutch campaign group SOMO in a report called 'Slavery on the high street.' The allegations are based on interviews with over 200 former workers in cotton spinning mills and factories around Tirupur in western Tamil Nadu.
The research is said to have found five Indian clothing makers - SP Apparel, Bannari Amman, SCM, Eastman and Prem Group - forced young women and girls to work 12-16 hours a day in prison-like conditions, many for well below the minimum wage. The workers were also confined to the factory or mill even on rest days.
Export data from two Indian ports confirms dozens of major European and US brands purchase garments from these companies, Anti-Slavery International said.
The workers are promised a lump sum 'bonus' payment at the end of their three-year contract, but this is almost never paid - either because the worker is unable to finish the contract because of ill health or because management finds a reason to cancel the contract.
The report also says the Indian manufacturers recruit unmarried girls and women from poor 'lower' caste families, and exploit local marriage practices by offering a lump sum that could be used to pay for the worker's marriage dowry.
The campaigners are calling on the brands implicated in the research take action to end slavery in their supply chains.
They say earlier attempts at the end of 2010 failed to secure a joint commitment to eradicate the practice, with company-only pledges in May 2011 "lacking any detail to tackle the problem."
In March this year, a multi-stakeholder group conference in Tirupur brought Indian companies, international brands and some workers together to discuss issues relating to forced labor in the garment industry.
Here it was recognized that abuse of the Indian Apprentice Act was a core factor in the forced labor of girls and young women - and at a follow-up meeting in London last month some companies committed to undertake a plan of action to reduce the abuses.


Eurotique Corsets Supports
    Woman of the Year   
   Campaign and South Florida Lymphoma Society.
Eurotique Corsets supports Woman of the Year campaign and the South Florida Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by donating proceeds from corset sales.
Eurotique Corsets has paired up with local South Florida resident Madie Bitondo to help raise money for the South Florida Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and her campaign for Woman of the Year. In October 2011, Madie and her family were personally affected by this disease when her father passed from Mantle Cell Lymphoma at the age of 53. His battle with this disease was grueling; he suffered from countless infections, a transplant and his inability to walk. But throughout his entire battle he never lost hope, he continued to spread words of encouragement to family members and close friends. It was during this time that Madie made a commitment to her father that she too would spread the word but in a different way. After losing her Father on October 31st, 2011 Madie’s mission became clear, she needed to keep her father’s fight alive. Ever since her father passed, she has been dedicated to raising awareness in South Florida which is why she was nominated by the the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a candidate for Woman of the Year.
Each year ten to fifteen leaders of the community vie for this title of Man & Women of the Year by raising funds for LLS in a 10-week campaign fighting against blood cancers. Madie has already hosted a series of fundraisers which have generated over $60,000 in the fight for LLS. Eurotique Corsets is doing their part with participating in local fundraisers for the 10 week campaign. Eurotique has donated corsets for silent auctions and they are contributing a percentage of their sales from any Green Corset that is sold during the campaign. “We were honored when Madie approached us with her campaign, she has been a loyal customer of ours for many years and it was our turn to support her”, says Peter Grieco of Eurotique. * Green symbolizes Lymphoma Cancers.

On June 8th the winner will be announced at the Grand Finale celebration. The outstanding achievements will be noted through national and local publicity, like USA TODAY and Palm Tran bus advertisements. 
For more information about Leukemia and Lymphoma Society go to: 
For more information about Eurotique Corsets please contact us, ask for Erica Meyer, Chrissy Grieco or Peter Grieco at 561-684-2302., or for more information.  

        Women and Cats 
I've never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don't listen, they don't come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they're home they like to be left alone and sleep. 
In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat. 

The International Lingerie
       Show Overview

                    Video by NandoVision Launches Samantha Saint Campaign, a designer and manufacturer of flirtatiously feminine jewelry and accessories, has announced the launch of their latest campaign featuring the internationally published AVN & XBIZ nominated XXX Film Starlet Samantha Saint.
“We felt that Samantha was the perfect fit for our latest campaign,” states Founder Tara Christine. The campaign showcases the company’s products in a flirtatious light by encouraging consumers and retailers to focus and capitalize on the details that underpin the finished look.
“Jewelry, accessories, shoes and other wardrobe ancillaries are like a supporting actress role,” Tara continues, “when executed carefully and thoughtfully, they make the best picture.”
The Samantha Saint campaign will be launched in print and digital formats as well as on the companies’ facebook page:

About is a flirtatiously feminine jewelry and accessory brand that elicits confidence, independence and femininity and is located at 277 Broadway, Suite 210, Denver Colorado 80203. 
Visit for further information.
Cotton Prices Down for Second Consecutive Season
Forecasts for a second consecutive season of higher global cotton stocks are likely to keep international prices low for another year, according to the latest report from an inter-governmental group.
The International Cotton Advisory Council expects stocks to jump by 43% to 13.3m tons in the 2011/12 season - which runs until 31 July. And it sees this growing by another 9% in 2012/13 to 14.5m tons.
By the end of July 2013, global cotton stocks are likely to represent 61% of global consumption, the group says - making this the highest stocks-to-use ratio (a measure of supply) reached since 1998/99.
It also noted that other factors weakening prices include the arrival of rains in Texas, the top US cotton-producing state, new uncertainties regarding the EU economy and the resulting strengthening of the US dollar.
That said, there is also a risk that price volatility may increase next season due to uncertainties over how the Chinese government handles the national reserve.
ICAC forecasts predict world cotton production will fall by 7% in 2012/13 to 25.1m tons after cotton prices plunged the year before.
Global cotton mill use is projected to rise by 3% to 23.9m tons in 2012/13, driven by improving economic growth and lower cotton prices. Global trade is expected to decline by 8% to 8.1m tons.
The committee also suggests Chinese imports could fall from a record of 4.6m tons to 3.3m tons, whereas imports by the rest of the world could increase by 15% to 4.8m tons, boosted by lower cotton prices and increased consumption.
In the 2011/12 season, three-quarters of the projected increase in global stocks has taken place in China, as the country continues to build its national cotton stockpiles.
However, a portion of this reserve might be auctioned before the arrival of the new crop, to rotate stocks the ICAC says.
"The Chinese government already announced a slightly higher minimum support price for 2012/13 and is expected to buy part of the new cotton crop. This suggests that the size of the Chinese national cotton reserve may increase further in 2012/13."

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