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India Increases Cotton Export Cap
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TPP Negotiations 
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McPete Sales is Relocating!
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Egypt to Increase Minimum Wage
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June 15, 2011                                            Issue #291    The McPete Sez Lingerie Newsletter & Women's Wear Journal           

                              Intimate Apparel

India Increases Cotton 
           Export Cap 
The Indian government is to allow the country to export an additional 1m bales of raw cotton during the current season which ends on September 30, in a move that raises the export cap from 5.5m bales to 6.5m bales.
The move comes amid falling prices and reports that more cotton will be planted in the in the coming, but the government says it will continue to review the situation.
The contracts for export the cotton still need to be registered with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade prior to shipment, the department said in a statement.
India, the world's second-biggest producer and exporter of cotton, introduced a ban on raw cotton exports back in April last year, in an attempt to halt soaring price hikes and exports.
Shipments resumed on November 1, with imposing the cap of 5.5m bales - leading to a rush of applications for the quota.
Spinners claim the latest move will lead to a shortage of cotton for the domestic industry, which could again push up prices.
Only last week they cut production by around one-third in a bid to reduce stocks of cotton yarn at mills, which have been suffering losses thanks to rising raw materials costs and unsold stocks.


TPP Negotiations 
United States lawmakers linked to the textile industry are urging US Trade Representative (USTR) Ron Kirk to ensure plans to expand the multi-lateral Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement does not flood American markets with Vietnamese clothing.
Both the US and Vietnam are taking part in negotiations on the TPP, which also includes Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore. Vietnam supplies the US with US$6.5bn annually in finished textiles and apparel, and has recently been expanding its reach into industrial fabrics.
"It is crucial that the United States handle the TPP negotiations carefully," said House of Representatives members in a letter sent June 1, to the USTR.
The letter was coordinated by Trey Gowdy, US Republican Representative for South Carolina.
"If mismanaged, the TPP agreement could dramatically shift global trading patterns, displace critical US textile, and apparel jobs and undermine important trade relationships in the Western Hemisphere..."
A USTR spokesman said: "Textiles is a sensitive industry for the US. We are working closely with Congress and stakeholders as we develop a textile proposal for the TPP negotiations."

 Fashion Photo
Brandy Star Modeling Tia Lyn Lingerie
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or 
   would to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo 
          contact Jerome at  

FedEx Express Expands 
          in Colombia
FedEx Express, part of the FedEx logistics empire, is to offer international direct services in Colombia, creating more than 200 new jobs in the next two years.
The company said it was making the move in response to market demands from the country’s fast-growing economy.
It added that the new direct service would offer customers in Colombia more access points to the company’s services and easier links with more than 220 countries and territories around the world.
“Colombia has shown steady economic growth over the past five years, and we are eager to meet the demands of the business community by expanding our international operations here,” said Juan Cento, president of FedEx Express’s Latin America and Caribbean division.

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EU Approves Polyester Deal
An international commercial deal creating a global player in the polyester market has been given regulatory approval by the European Commission.
It has allowed a takeover of German polyester producer Trevira by Thailand’s Indorama and Italy’s Sinterama.
All three companies have different roles within the polyester sector: Trevira produces and supplies polyester textile chips, staple fibers and filament yarns; Indorama manufactures polyethylene terephthalate resins, preforms and bottles; while Sinterama manufactures polyester filament yarns for home textiles, apparel, the automotive and other manufacturing industries.
Brussels approved the deal without condition, saying: “The market shares of these companies remain modest and they will continue to face significant competitors on…markets” in the European Economic Area (the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), as well as Turkey, which has an industrial goods customs union with the EU.

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McPete Sales is Relocating! 
McPete Sales is very excited to announce their plans to relocate their Sales office. For over 30 years they have provided outstanding sales and service to our customers. 
“As we move to our new location we will continue to provide the same stellar service that everyone has grown to expect,” said Neal Fersht, owner of McPete Sales.
The phone and fax numbers have remained the same. 
McPete Sales continues to work with the finest manufactures in the Industry: Shirley of Hollywood, HOT, Intimate Attitudes, Olivia, Espiral, Body Zone, Allure Lingerie, Ellie Shoes, JW Intimates, Coconut Grove, Sex-n-Seconds and Sinclair Institute.
“Additionally, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded many of our lines into the New England region! We welcome your continued support and business and look forward to servicing all of your sales needs.”
If you have any questions or would like to set up and appointment please contact us at 212-213-1330, 212-686-0159 Fax or e-mail at  

Egypt to Increase Minimum
Post-revolutionary Egypt is set to increase its minimum wage to US$117.8 (Egyptian Pounds EGP700) a month, but the move is not expected by garment manufacturers to hit competitiveness.
“The increase will not have a major effect on the industry's competitiveness,” said Bassem Sultan, CEO of Alexandria-based Dyetex and honorary treasurer of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF). “And there are other factors to consider like bonus incentives, which could be added to the wage itself to achieve the minimum wage.”
The interim Government plans to increase public sector salaries to EGP1,200 (USD$201) over the next five years, but there have been no announcements to correspondingly raise private sector wages.
“The rise to EGP1,200 will be very gradual. And how equivalent will it be to how many dollars? We need to see this in terms of real money and not just the amount paid, as the pound is continuing to drop against the Euro and the dollar,” said Sultan.
Since the uprisings started in late January against the regime of the now ousted President Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian pound has dropped from EGP 5.8 to USD$1 to hover around EGP5.94, and to the Euro from EGP 7.77 to EGP 8.50.

UN Promotes Biodiversity
The United Nations trade and development agency has set up three new partnerships with the fashion industry in the UK, Spain and the Netherlands in a bid to encourage designers to use recycled or natural materials.
In its first initiative, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has jointly created an award category within the Fashioning the Future Awards campaign based at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion of the London College of Fashion.
The 'Unique Balance' category seeks to motivate fashion students to pursue environmentally sustainable designs.
UNCTAD is also collaborating with the Coknit Connect research project at the European Institute of Design Madrid, which is working with clothing companies such as Zara and Mango to create fashions made from recovered and/or recycled clothing and fabrics.
And finally, the organization has launched a partnership with The Green Fashion Competition of Amsterdam International Fashion Week, where it will lend its support to finding and funding fashion businesses that sustain biodiversity.
The body believes the fashion industry can play a significant role in conserving biodiversity through its extensive use of raw materials derived from biodiversity, such as natural fabrics and animal skins.

Australia Offers Grants 
    for TCF Companies
The Australian Government has opened a second round of funding for textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) companies, offering at least $250,000 to help firms become more innovative and sustainable.
“Though the Strategic Capability Program TCF industries can build their capability, help strengthen supply chains and capture opportunities in green innovation,” said Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr.
The Government is looking for applications that show innovation, collaboration, market access, business improvement, skills development, environmental sustainability and ethical practices.
“TCF is an important part of our manufacturing sector. It employs more than 45,000 people – many in regional Australia. Increasing capability will ultimately translate into better skills and more jobs,” Carr added.
The TCF Strategic Capability Program is a five-year, AUD35m (US$37.5m) initiative that has so far helped firms in fields ranging from nanotechnology textile manufacturing to a new textile roofing material that converts sunlight to electricity.
Another project has created a manufacturing and training hub which is helping small TCF businesses grow by giving them access to the latest technology and know-how.
The closing date for applications is August 5, 2011.

11th Commandment
In honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a new commandment has been created.
"Thou Shalt Not Share Thy Rod With Thy Staff."

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