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CatalystCon Announces    
over 50 Speakers, 
40 Sessions for Inaugural
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Groups Push to End 
Child Labor
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2012 International Lingerie Design Competition Winner
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Sex Toys and Rock ‘N’ Roll!
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The Las Vegas Halloween Fashion Show
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Allure Leather Celebrates
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Fab Foundations: Actually, You’re Not Selling Lingerie
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The Las Vegas Halloween Fashion Show Continued
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Intensity by JOPEN 
Featured on Bethenny TV
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The Addict Expose -
Small Bust Bras: An Interview with By Baby’s Rules & 32AABra, pt. 1
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Sportsheets, Sex & Mischief Honored with 2 StorErotica Awards Nominations
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California Exotic Novelties Releases Travel Grippers
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July 1, 2012                                        Issue # 316

                              Intimate Apparel

CatalystCon Announces    
   over 50 Speakers, 
40 Sessions for Inaugural
September 14-16, 2012 at the Long Beach Hilton Executive and Meeting Center in Long Beach, CA
CatalystCon announces over 50 speakers and 40 sessions for its upcoming inaugural conference to be held September 14-16, 2012 at the Long Beach Hilton Executive and Meeting Center in Long Beach, CA. CatalystCon will feature many of the most recognizable names in the field of sexuality including Carol Queen, Ducky Doolittle, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Charlie Glickman, Joan Price, and Reid Mihalko.
CatalystCon creator, Dee Dennis regards this conference as a “melting pot of sexuality” that will unite sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers, activists, and anyone with a passion for creating change. "Knowledge is power, and sharing that knowledge is the first spark in igniting change." This is the fundamental principle behind CatalystCon.
Attendees to this groundbreaking event will benefit from important discussions on a wide variety of subjects, such as sex work, porn, polyamory, sexism in hip hop, senior sex, sex and religion, and sex education.
Dennis co-organized the MOMENTUM conference on sexuality, feminism and relationships earlier this year in Washington, DC. In the wake of the profound success of the MOMENTUM, she felt that there was a very real demand for a similar conference on the West Coast and is excited to host CatalystCon, which she believes will “inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality.”
Battles over sex education, reproductive rights, gay marriage, obscenity, pornography and other forms of adult entertainment and expression have played a central role in the 2012 election season. Sex is always a political issue, but it becomes even more so in challenging economic times, both dividing and uniting individuals. CatalystCon's Opening Keynote plenary, moderated by UNLV Women’s Studies Professor Lynn Comella and featuring esteemed panelists Dr. Marty Klein, Megan Andelloux, Maggie Mayhem, and Francisco Ramirez, will tackle these issues head on as the panelists address ongoing debates over sexuality at the local, national and global levels.
Comella predicts that CatalystCon will be “one of the most exciting sexuality conferences that I’ve ever been part of. Sex, reproductive rights, gay marriage and pornography have been at the center of an often heated 2012 campaign season, which makes this conference especially timely.” 
Pre-registration is required to attend CatalystCon and Early Bird pricing is available until July 1st. Go to to register today.  
Follow CatalystCon on twitter @catalystcon and visit 

Tia Lyn Lingerie 19/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!
Groups Push to End 
     Child Labor
Groups representing US apparel and footwear retailers, brands and importers, along with human rights, trade union and investor organizations from around the world, are calling on US officials to press the Uzbekistan government to end forced, child labor in 
the country's cotton fields.
The move comes after the US government released its annual Global Trafficking in Persons (GTIP) report, but failed to cite Uzbekistan as a country that does not comply with minimal standards to combat forced and child labor.
This, the groups say, "is wholly inconsistent with the well-documented evidence of its systematic abuses." 
Under the US Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), the Uzbek government should have demonstrated that it was making "significant efforts" to eliminate forced labor to avoid being downgraded to a Tier III country, which would carry the threat of sanctions.
Uzbek authorities use a cotton production system that in practice relies on the use of forced labor, but consistently deny this is the case. Reports about the 2011 harvest by local monitoring groups and academic studies highlighted the coercion of children as young as 10 and adults to pick cotton and to fulfill government quotas.
While the State Department report identifies the Uzbek government's state quota system for cotton production as a root cause of the practice of forced labor, it again waived the threat of sanctions.
The global trafficking report acknowledges that during the cotton harvest, working conditions include long hours, insufficient food and water, exposure to harmful pesticides, verbal abuse, and inadequate shelter. The report also notes that the use of forced labor and child labor is higher than in the previous years.
The coalition letter sent to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urges US officials to press the Uzbek government to invite the International Labor Organization (ILO) to monitor the 2012 cotton harvest.
"We are concerned that with quotas set so high for this fall, according to all reports, the Uzbek government will demand even more from the children and adults forced to grow and harvest cotton," said Brian Campbell, policy director at the International Labor Rights Forum.
"Only the ILO has the technical expertise and experience to properly monitor this practice, and it should have unfettered access throughout the cotton harvest and the ability to fully engage Uzbek civil society."

A model wears Raveware Lingerie at the 
  Las Vegas Halloween Fashion Show.
             Photo by Jerome Hamilton

16/24    CLICK HERE to watch Risque's Video on YouTube

2012 International Lingerie Design Competition Winner
Earlier this year Esty Lingerie launched their second annual International Lingerie Design Competition in search of hot new talent in the lingerie industry.
The competition involved designing a lingerie set that epitomized 'summer', with the lucky winner seeing their design produced and sold as a limited edition piece at Esty Lingerie, plus a set for themselves and a £100 gift voucher to splash out on luxury lingerie!
This year, the competition saw more than four times the number of entries as last year, coming in from all over the globe. There was plenty of amazing talent on show and it was a tough choice but eventually a winner was chosen...

Congratulations to Taylor Rose Dunning!
                  Taylor's winning design

Taylor's design stood out as the perfect summer-time lingerie set thanks to its bright combination of lemon and violet and its loose, floaty style that is ideal for the warmer weather.
Taylor's winning design will be available to buy at Esty Lingerie later this year!
See esty's favorite entries here. 

Intimate Payments

EU and Vietnam Enter 
        Trade Talks
The European Union (EU) and Vietnam have officially launched negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two markets.
The two sides are seeking a comprehensive agreement covering tariffs and non-tariff barriers as well as commitments on other trade related aspects, including procurement, regulatory issues, competition, services and sustainable development.
"I'm delighted to announce the opening of trade negotiations with Vietnam. The potential for both sides is enormous and the first negotiating round should take place just after the summer break", said EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht.
"Vietnam is our third partner in the ASEAN region after Singapore and Malaysia with whom we launch individual negotiations. After that, our door remains open. We are continuing our contacts with a number of other ASEAN Member States, including Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, and Europe will be ready to move whenever they are."
The EU and Vietnam initiated a Partnership Cooperation Agreement in 2010, a first step towards establishing closer economic and political ties. While they are pursuing a bilateral approach to the talks, the EU said its ultimate goal is achieving an agreement with the ASEAN region as a whole.
The EU imported EUR12.8bn worth of products from Vietnam in 2011, with the main items including footwear, textiles and clothing, coffee, seafood and leather furniture. The EU's exports to Vietnam were valued at EUR5.2bn and were dominated by high-tech products, aircraft, pharmaceutical products, iron and steel.
The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI), which represents athletic footwear and active apparel brands such as Adidas, Puma, Lotto and Tecnica, said it welcomed the talks.
When it is in place, a FTA, including full and immediate elimination of duties for footwear, apparel and bags, will boost growth and job opportunities for the EU and Vietnam, the FESI emphasized.


Bangladesh Garment Workers Strike Ends
The leader of Bangladesh's clothing industry association has said that nearly 300 garment factories in the troubled Ashulia industrial zone in Bangladesh will reopen June 21.
This follows an assurance from the government that it would preserve security and arrest protestors who have damaged plants and vehicles owned by manufacturers.
It brings to an end almost a week of protests, with workers demanding pay rises, and vandalizing property during conflicts in which police officers and activists were injured.
The assurances came in three-way talks involving unions, companies and the government at the country's labor ministry on Wednesday.
"The government has taken the responsibility for security and promised to bring the culprits to task," 
Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin, the president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) said.
He insisted that the government needs to address the issue of vandalism before anything else can be formally discussed by the industry, including pay, if there is a formal request by workers.
Last week there were conflicting statements from Bangladesh ministers regarding promised increases to the country's minimum wage - which some campaigners want raised by 50%.
The BGMEA chief vehemently contested the idea that ministers had committed themselves to such an increase.
In any case, the association had not collectively agreed to increase its wages, he said, although there has been movement. He cited a decision by the Ha-Meem Group, Bangladesh's largest export oriented manufacturer, to bring forward to July a pay rise for its workers that had been scheduled for November.
"This is not a collective decision taken by all garment factories. It is up to each factory to set their own rate of pay hike, as long as they do not go below the minimum wage limit," he said.


Sex Toys and Rock ‘N’ Roll!
Phil Varone to host 2012 STOREROTICA Awards presentation at ANME Founders Show
The former rockstar drummer and reality star will serve as master of ceremonies for the 6th Annual STOREROTICA Awards at the adult novelty industry’s premier B2B Convention.
Musician, comedian and freshly minted adult film star, Phil Varone, will serve as host at the 6th Annual STOREROTICA Awards. Produced by STOREROTICA Magazine, the leading national trade publication for the owners and operators of adult retail stores and lingerie boutiques, the ceremony will be held on the evening of July 15th during the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport hotel (July 14-16). 

“2012 was a breakout year for Phil in the sex toy biz,” says Kristofer Kay, Editor of STOREROTICA Magazine. “Retailers reacted very positively to his personalized collection of toys by California Exotic Novelties, and his continued in-store promotions have made him one of the most recognized personalities in our industry today. We’re delighted that he will be part of our 6th Annual STOREROTICA Awards presentation. 
As the former drummer for such prominent rock acts as Saigon Kick and Skid Row, Varone’s journey into the adult sector first gained prominence in 2010 with a photo spread in Playgirl Magazine. In July 2011, Vivid Entertainment released Varone's first adult film as part of their celebrity sex tape series. Building on the success of that venture, Varone signed a deal with novelty giant California Exotic Novelties to produce his very own line of adult toys. In addition to his adult and music careers, Varone is also a mainstream actor, appearing in Showtime’s “Californication” and the CBS series, “Numbers.” He was also a cast member of VH1’s “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew” in 2009. 
“The STOREROTICA Awards really capture the sprit of the novelty industry,” says Varone. “It’s a good time with good friends. I’m looking forward to spending the night honoring the luminaries of the ANME Show.”
Recognizing excellence in adult retail community, the 6th Annual STOREROTICA Awards will honor the best in both the brick-and-mortar storefront, distributing and manufacturing levels. This year, 11 categories will be presented, including one brand new category, "Boutique Brand of the Year" (honoring those companies who manufacturer five or fewer product collections), as well as such mainstays as “Novelty Company of the Year,” “Distributor of the Year”, “Hot Product of the Year” and “Retailer of the Year” (both independent and chain locations), among others. Industry professionals are encouraged to log onto to to vote for their favorite brands and stores. 
“With the line-up of nominees and Phil hosting, the 2012 STOREROTICA Awards promises to be a great time for everyone who’s lucky enough to attend,” Kay continues. “Presenting at such a special venue like ANME celebrates the continual innovation and camaraderie found within our industry, while honoring those who have excelled in business within the past year.” 
For more information on the ANME Founders, visit . For more information on STOREROTICA Magazine or the awards, please log on to ,  or call (727) 723-8827.

Mutual Attraction 
In the middle of an argument a man said to his wife, "I don't know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time!" 
The wife responded calmly, "Allow me to explain...the good Lord made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me; and he made me stupid so I would be attracted to you!"

Changes Proposed for 
        Trade Pacts
The US is taking steps to end uncertainty for apparel and textile firms sourcing from sub-Saharan Africa and Central America after Congress agreed to advance bills containing "critical fixes" to two key trade agreements.
The proposals to renew third-country fabric provision under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), and modify some of the textile rule of origin provisions under the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA), could be fast-tracked ahead of the month-long recess lawmakers take in August.
The third-country fabric provision under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is currently set to expire in September 2012, and its extension to September 2015 would enable least-developed countries (LDCs) to continue to enjoy duty-free access for apparel made from fabric originating anywhere in the world.
Uncertainty over its extension have already seen a 35% drop in US orders for shipment of African exports after the slated expiration date, according to the US trade representative. African textile exports have also dropped by 27% in the last year.
With global sourcing decisions for apparel typically made up to nine months in advance, there is an urgency to extend the TCF provision now to ensure production remains with AGOA beneficiary countries.
The potential collapse of AGOA apparel exports - if third country fabric is not extended - will also impact cotton and textile inputs, and would significantly weaken the prospects for the development of a viable and more vertically integrated African cotton-to-apparel value chain.
As far as CAFTA-DR is concerned, the fixes would apply to rules of origin for textile products from Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
In particular, the modifications provide certainty of duty-free treatment for women's and girls' woven pajama bottoms and clarify how certain items will be treated on the textiles "short supply" list of the FTA.
Another change would be to fix a long-standing loophole under the trade pact by requiring all sewing thread, monofilament and plied, to originate in the US/DR-CAFTA region.
US exports of textiles and apparel to the CAFTA-DR region were $3.8bn in the 12-months ending February 2012, and increased 15% over the same period the year before. US imports of textiles and apparel from the CAFTA-DR region were $8.0bn from March 2011 through February 2012, a rise of 10% year-on-year. Around 73% of those imports were made from either US or regional yarns and fabrics.

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