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US Port Strike Averted
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Textile Mislabeling
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Eldorado Announces 
Launch of Updated Brand
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Bangladesh's Fuel Price Hike Hits Clothing Industry
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International Halloween Show
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I Want Candy
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When Everyone Else Out There is Just Uniform…it’s Good 
to Have Fever on Your Side!
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Baci Lingerie Joins Halloween & Party Expo in Houston
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Fab Foundations:
Golden Globes at the Golden Globes
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Legendary Swimshow 
Makes a Splash With 2013
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Eldorado Launches 
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Lipgloss & Lace: Double Divas
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Sportsheets® Celebrates 20 Years of Award-winning, 
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California Exotic Novelties 
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Evil Angel Again Snags Most 
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January 15, 2013                                        Issue # 329

                              Intimate Apparel

US Port Strike Averted
A strike at ports along the US' East and Gulf coasts has been temporarily averted, as the International Longshoremen Association (ILA) and United States Maritime Alliance (USMX) have extended their current contract for a further 30 days as they continue negotiations.
The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service said on December 28, that an issue surrounding royalties for each container unloaded has been agreed upon in principle by the two parties, if they can reach an overall collective bargaining agreement.
The ILA and USMX will work to negotiate all remaining outstanding Master Agreement issues by midnight on January 28. The contract was set to end on December 29.
Clothing and retail industry bodies have welcomed the extension, but continued to emphasize the importance of a deal being reached as soon as possible.
The CEO of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), Kevin Burke said: "The clock now begins for the negotiators to return to the table and work toward a long-term solution to restore greater predictability and certainty to the business decisions the US apparel and footwear industry makes every day."
Meanwhile, National Retail Federation (NRF) CEO Matthew Shay said the decision was a "much better" result than an East and Gulf Coast port strike that would have shut down 14 container ports from Maine to Texas.
"A coast-wide port shutdown is not an option. It would have severe economic ramifications for the local, national and even global economies and wreak havoc on the supply chain," said Shay.
"Throughout the process, NRF has stressed the vital economic importance of keeping the ports open to international trade and commerce. Our ports and the cargo and containers that flow through them are truly our economic lifelines to the world."
Shay added that in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the recent eight-day port strike in Los Angeles and Long Beach, the extension is a "welcomed sign to the entire supply chain community - from manufacturers to retailers - that the two sides understand the risks of a shut down and are listening to the concerns of the shipping community".
"We applaud the work of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service for working tirelessly - even through the holiday week - to orchestrate this contract extension and encourage them to continue their work with both parties to help them arrive at a final master contract. Only until we have a final contract will retailers and others have the certainty they need," he said.
According to AAFA statistics, 98% of apparel and 99% of footwear sold in the US is produced internationally.
Earlier in December, the NRF warned of "devastating implications" for the retail industry if the talks between the two parties break down. It said shipments of spring and summer merchandise, such as shoes and swimwear could be affected.

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KiK To Pay Compensation For Factory Fire Victims
German discount retailer KiK has agreed to pay an initial $1m in compensation for the victims and families of workers who died and were injured last year in a fire at a Pakistan factory used to make its clothing.
In an agreement signed last week with the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER), the retailer also said it would negotiate a long term compensation package with other stakeholders.
The Ali Enterprises fire on September 11, 2012 killed 262 workers according to the official death toll, and injured at least 20 others.
The initial payment will be used to compensate the families of those victims who have not received any government compensation as the bodies have not been identified due to the severity of the burns and the decomposition of the bodies.
"KIK also expressed a willingness to compensate workers who faced severe injuries in the fire leading to disability and loss of future employment," said Karamat Ali, executive director of PILER.
"The remaining workers will be assisted in the next step after a compensation amount is agreed upon through a consensus between all stakeholders including employers and other international companies."
Ineke Zeldenrust, international coordinator at the Clean Clothes Campaign, said the full compensations and relief package is estimated to be at least EUR20m (US$26.7m).

  Fashion Photo
Brandy is wearing Oh la la Cheri
Photo by Jerome Hamilton of Studio Time Photography
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would like to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome Hamilton at 
Studio Time Photography  


        I Want Candy
One of the first things you think of when Halloween comes around is what candy to buy. There is only one company out there that can satisfy your sweet tooth. It's a cute little company called Incogneato. 
For more information or to read the full article on page 2.  

Fab Foundations
             by Ali Cudby
Golden Globes at the Golden Globes
It’s my favorite time of year…fashion, glamour, and a little insight into what dresses capture the fancy of celebrities. To be sure, I’m no fashionista – my expertise is focused on what’s under those gorgeous gowns. 
To read the full article go to page 3

Textile Mislabeling
Four US retailers have agreed to pay penalties totaling US$1.26m for allegedly falsely labeling textiles as made from bamboo, when they were actually rayon., Leon Max, Macy's, Sears and its subsidiary Kmart will pay the penalties to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that they violated the Textile Products Identification Act and the FTC's Textile Rules by labeling and advertising products 
sold in stores as being made of bamboo, when they were made of rayon.
The FTC said that while bamboo textiles are promoted as environmentally friendly, the process for manufacturing rayon, even when it is made from bamboo, is "far from a green one".
Sears will pay $475,000, Amazon has been fined $455,000, Macy's has agreed to $250,000 and Leon Max will pay $80,000.
The penalties reflect how long the companies continued to sell mislabeled textiles after receiving an FTC warning letter in early 2010, as well as the amount of products sold.
The companies will also be required to ensure that labels and ads for bamboo textiles accurately indicate their fiber content.
The FTC also announced an Enforcement Policy Statement, which allows US retailers to avoid liability for mislabeling or false advertising if they rely in good faith on a "guaranty" from a US supplier that certifies the products it provides are not mislabeled, falsely invoiced, or falsely advertised. 
Guaranties can only be obtained from a person residing in the US, so they can not obtain guaranties for directly imported textile, wool and fur products. 


                           Fiscal Cliff
The US Congress has reached an agreement with the White House to avoid the "fiscal cliff", a combination of tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts set to come into effect from the beginning of January, which were threatening to push the country into recession.
According to statistics from the National Retail Federation (NRF), if the tax hikes and spending cuts that make up the fiscal cliff had been allowed to go through, retail sales would have been flat for the year, with negative growth for the first half of the year.
A White House report in November said consumer spending would have taken a hit of nearly US$200bn in 2013 if middle-class tax cuts were allowed to expire.
"If our nation had been allowed to go over the fiscal cliff, the consequences would have been devastating for businesses and consumers alike," said NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay.
"With the economy still recovering, taking hundreds of billions of dollars out of consumers' hands was a risk we could not afford to take. This agreement might not 
be seen as perfect by everyone, but it gives American consumers and businesses the certainty they need to put worries over this issue behind them and get on with the business of growing our economy and creating jobs. We urge Congress and the White House to move as quickly as possible to get it passed and signed into law."
However he warned that the Administration and Congress still need to develop long term plans dealing with tax reform and other fiscal issues.
"We have avoided the immediate crisis, but there's much more to be done before our economy is fully restored," emphasized Shay.
The agreement will see the wealthiest 2% of Americans pay more, while preventing the other 98% of families and 97% of small businesses from any income tax increase - raising $620bn in revenue.
The deal will see a permanent extension to the middle-class tax cuts, while extending credits for working families and additional measures to protect families and promote economic growth, the White House said.
However, President Barack Obama admitted that there is still more work to be done to reduce the country's financial deficit.
"There's more work to do to reduce our deficits, and I'm willing to do it," he said.
"But tonight's agreement ensures that, going forward, we will continue to reduce the deficit through a combination of new spending cuts and new revenues from the wealthiest Americans. And as we address our ongoing fiscal challenges, I will continue to fight every day on behalf of the middle class and all those fighting to get into the middle class to forge an economy that grows from the middle out, not from the top down."


      Eldorado Announces 
Launch of Updated Brand, 
      New Marketing 
Distributor Unveils New Corporate Identity
Eldorado, an award-winning distributor of adult toys, novelties and lingerie has unveiled its new corporate brand and new global campaign. 
The distributor updated its logo and added a new Eldorado icon to its corporate identity. The Colorado company also rejuvenated its website, print advertising and social media channels. Eldorado's 2 Brians will debut the new icon at the ANME trade show in Burbank.
"The Eldorado brand stands for education, selection and above all an experienced team dedicated to customer service," Garland said. "Our updated messaging cements our status as a leader in the marketplace by highlighting what makes Eldorado unique from our competition."
After offering the industry a teaser last month, Eldorado's new Legend campaign establishes Eldorado's key differentiators - the legendary expertise of its employees, its huge collection of educational resources and its unparalleled lingerie selection. The company will unleash a slew of new Legend-themed print advertising in the months ahead.
The advertising campaign and rebranding initiative represents the most significant advertising and brand-recognition effort that Eldorado has undertaken since it was established over 30 years ago.
About Eldorado
An award-winning distributor of adult toys, novelties and lingerie, Eldorado is an unrivaled pleasure products powerhouse. With the sole focus of giving all the best to its customers, Eldorado provides the most knowledgeable staff, a huge collection of educational resources, and an unparalleled lingerie selection. Experience the legend of Eldorado – an industry leader with legendary prowess. For more information please contact Eldorado’s sales department at 800-525-0848, or or visit

Doctor in the Opera House 
It was the interval at the Opera when Mrs. Sternberg rose from her seat and called: "Is there a doctor in the house? Is there a doctor in the house?!" 
A man in a tuxedo pushed his way towards her. "I'm a doctor" he said. 
"Oh, doctor," she said, "Have I got just the loveliest daughter for you...." 

Bangladesh's Fuel Price Hike Hits Clothing Industry
A hike in the price of fuel will hurt production and transportation costs in Bangladesh's clothing sector and affect its competitiveness, manufacturers have warned.
More than 5000 garment-making factories will have to pay an extra US$22m annually to use diesel-run generators, according to estimates from the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). 
"We [also] have to pay more for transportation following fuel price hikes," Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin, president of the BGMEA said.
He added that this is putting additional pressure on apparel makers who have seen overall production costs jump 12% in the last two years.
"Many export orders were already confirmed prior to the hike in prices of petroleum products," added Atiqul Islam, BGMEA former-vice president. 
He urged the government to roll-back prices of diesel and furnace oil to ensure stability in the readymade garment (RMG) sector.
At the beginning of January the government increased the price of diesel and kerosene by 11.5% to BDT68 (US$0.85) per liter, and octane and petrol by 5.32% to BDT99 (US$1.24) a liter.
It is the fifth fuel price hike since the Awami League-led government came to power in December 2008.



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