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   January 15,  2002                                 Issue #65

       Mcpete Sez, 
The Lingerie Newsletter 
  Women's Wear Journal.


                              Ready to-wear.

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Shoppers Show Confidence in Internet for

Nearly 29 million people bought gifts online during the 2001 holiday shopping season, a study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found, and women did most of the buying.
The average amount spent online was $392 per person, the study found, up from an average of $330 spent by approximately 20 million shoppers during the 2000 holiday season.
More than half (58 percent) of those who bought holiday gifts online were women in 2001. And more shoppers of either gender claimed to have saved time and money by purchasing goods online. Fewer online shoppers complained about or worried about the potential hassles of purchasing goods online.
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Lingerie Retailer Reveals
              Rankings Success

Leading online lingerie retailer has been named the UK's fifth biggest pureplay internet retailer and 20th in the overall chart of internet retailers in a new survey.
The firm, which carries more than underwear, hosiery and swimwear brands for men and women, finished behind John Lewis and Marks & Spencer in terms of operations with a significant clothing offer.


Store Sales Up 2.1 Per Cent In

Sales at US stores open at least a year, or same-store sales, rose 2.1 per cent in the month of December from a year earlier as consumers took advantage of sales, data released by check-acceptance firm TeleCheck Services Inc showed on Thursday.
A year earlier, TeleCheck data put December same-store sales up 2.7 per cent.
"A long pre-Christmas shopping weekend helped buoy December retail sales by 2.1 per cent, just edging out November's 1.9 per cent gain," said William Ford, TeleCheck's senior economic adviser. "As a result, the year ended on a positive note, albeit modest; and consumer confidence is on the rise again - a good sign moving into the New Year."
Sales climbed 2.5 per cent in the Southeast and Northeast regions, 2.4 per cent in the Southwest region, 2.1 per cent in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions, and 1.8 per cent in the West.

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The newly married man came home from work to find his new bride stretched languorously on the sofa, dressed in a negligee. "Guess what I got planned for dinner?" she asked seductively. 
"And don't you dare tell me you had it for lunch today."

     Kmart - Running Out of Time
Industry buzz suggests that Kmart is lingering too long. All indicators suggest that Chapter 11 bankruptcy may not be far off. In fact, some say the move may be just what is needed to save the company.



              For Clothing Makers, 
           It's Cut or Be Cut

The pain of sharp markdowns will be felt all the way down the retail food chain, though the brunt will be borne not by the stores, but by the apparel manufacturers and wholesalers that supply them.
Trouble among apparel makers, of course, is hardly headline news. Low-cost competition from overseas has been driving apparel manufacturing offshore, and retailers have been extracting steep concessions from their suppliers for years especially since the late 1980's, when bankruptcies and consolidations among retailers left fewer, but more powerful chains to buy the goods. For about a decade, department stores in particular have been using this strength to elicit concessions like "markdown money" the payments that retailers demand from manufacturers, after the season, to make up for whatever profits they lost by putting goods on sale.
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"Our Real Life Angel"
Rusty Riegelman
who is immersed in Feathers and sprouting wings, is from New York City, and has been an angel to many Fireman, Police & rescue workers at ground Zero since 9/11.          The Pretty & Perky gal who works for  the 
"Mother Plucker" Feather Co.(213) 637-0411,  has been spending all of her off time and as much as 2-3 days a week doing for others in the pit by distributing blankets, food and clothing etc. to those in need.  Working first with the Red Cross and then with the Salvation Army.   She has also worked at "Nino's", an Italian restaurant downtown that has been providing free food to hungry people that lost their income. 
 Rusty took time out to work the Mother Plucker Feather Co. booth at the International Lingerie Show in Orlando, Fl.

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