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   January 1,  2002                                 Issue #64

       Mcpete Sez, 
The Lingerie Newsletter 
  Women's Wear Journal.


                              Ready to-wear.

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      New Year"

A Bright Spot in a Bleak Holiday Retailing

In the worst year in recent memory for most retailers, there appears to be one small bright spot: the Internet. Many of 
the biggest store chains, other than the discounters like Wal- Mart, are bracing for sales to be lower than last year. But Internet sales, while growing more slowly than in past years, are expected to increase by about 30 percent, according to 
recent surveys.  For more on this story click here

        How it All Began
Bali Company traces its beginning to1927 when women's foundation garments were designed to project a flat silhouette.
Sara Stein, who worked for a bra manufacturing company, saw the opportunity to deliver a better garment, a product that would appeal to women, yet be functional in construction and fit. Using a small Singer sewing machine, tucked in the corner of her small Brooklyn apartment, Sara started to sew a different type of
brassiere. Her husband, Sam, a sales clerk with Weber and Heilbrunner, a well-known Roaring Twenties men's furnishing store, sold these to stores in the area. The name of the budding enterprise was Fay-Miss, a play on the word "famous." First year sales were $10,000 -- very impressive for a part-time venture in the late 1920's. In 1935 Faye-Miss aquired a new name: Bali Brassiere Company.
               For more on this story click here

It's a happy holiday for e-tail sales 
Yahoo reported an 86 percent jump in sales volume between Thanksgiving and Christmas compared with last year, and BizRate, a comparison shopping site, said 
Wednesday that online retail sales this season are up about 
36 percent. 
This good news for online retailers comes amid mostly gloomy reports from U.S. retailers, who in general were seeing sales 
slip because of a depressed economy. U.S. retail sales from Dec.1 through Dec. 22 fell 4.5 percent from a year ago. 
  For more on this story click here


E-tailers show signs of customer service.   This holiday season some e-tailers may be tempted to raise their glasses in a toast--to themselves. 
The last few holiday seasons have been rocky for them: sluggish and crashing Web sites, inventory problems, delivery mishaps, and complaints about everything from privacy to return policies. But this season has, so far, been relatively problem free. 
"There hasn't been any of the same kind of train wrecks we've seen in the past," said Forrester Research analyst Kate Delhagen, a former vice president at women's apparel site  "The training wheels are off." 
For more on this click here.

     Retailers Beware - It Lives, 
          the Internet Evolution 

The hype surrounding Internet shopping has died and with it so have hundreds of Internet retailing dreams and schemes. Company after company, including traditional bricks and mortar retailers and mall developers, have written off millions of dollars in failed attempts to mine the riches of the Internet Promised Land. Two weeks ago Federated Department Stores announced that was being shut down - obviously the site wasn't paying its way.
But the "Internet revolution" obituary may have to be re-written, slightly, eventually. Perhaps revolution isn't the correct label. The right classification should be evolution.
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China Angered by Reduced Textile Quota
Just days after joining the World Trade Organization, China criticized the U.S. for reducing its annual textile quota by $28 million. The U.S. cut China's textile export quota amid allegations that Chinese firms were illegally transshipping low-priced textiles through a third country.
China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation on Friday said the U.S. had not presented clear evidence of wrongdoing and that the quota reductions were a violation of the bilateral textile agreement between the two countries. 

               Computerized Bra
         Gets FDA Approval

Women interested in increasing their breast size may finally have an alternative to pills, creams or surgery. None has been clinically proven. until now.   The Food and Drug Administration (news - web sites) gave its stamp of approval to a non-surgical system called the "Brava Bra."
The bra works with a vacuum system, pulling out the tissue to increase the breast size. Two hard plastic cups are linked by tubes to a computer pack, and are pulled together with a mesh sports bra.   But the user must have patience. A woman would have to wear the bra 10 consecutive hours a day for 10 consecutive days.
She also can track her progress on the Internet.
"It has a modem to the charger and this data goes back to a central office and then the lady can go on the computer and monitor her progress and see how she's doing," cosmetic surgeon Bruce White said.
The Brava Bra was designed for small-chested women. Its maker said the average increase is one-cup size.
The cost is $2,500. That's about half the cost of breast augmentation surgery.

Visitors to the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., are framed by a large wreath Monday, Dec. 24, 2001 as last-hour shoppers flocked to the nation's malls to take advantage of 
deep discounts. Crowds were thinner and the mood more subdued than in Christmases past in the nation's malls.

Jacobson Stores Inc., Jackson, MI (JCBS) reported Q3 numbers: comp store sales dropped 8.5%

Barneys New York, Inc., New York, NY, reported Q3 net sales dropped 18.9%


Harrods to Chicago?
Top officials from Harrods, London's one-of-a-kind 
department store, were in Chicago on Wednesday, 
amid reports they were looking at sites for a first-ever 
branch of their mercantile mecca. A spokesman for 
the store in London 
said the delegation 
had gone to Chicago
 to meet Mayor Richard 
Daley and to "pursue 
one or two opportunities."
Daley last month suggested that Harrods open a Chicago 
branch when me met billionaire store owner Mohammed 
Al Fayed, but has said the talks are still in the very early 
One published report said a meeting with planning officials 
was scheduled Wednesday along with a look at a long-vacant downtown block across the street from Marhsall Fields 
flagship store on State Street, owned by Target Corp.
Harrods only current location is in London.

I was in a very generous mood today," a woman says to her friend.   "I gave a poor beggar $25." 
"Thats a lot of money to give away," says her friend. "What did your husband say?" 
"He said, 'Thank you'. 

    Holiday Shopping  On Line, Soars Past

Like their off-line counterparts, online vendors offered bargains and the top five most popular product categories on Yahoo this season were video game consoles, digital cameras, laptop computers, toys and apparel, especially shoes, outerwear, and lingerie.

for the European consumer it's almost as if September 11 never happened with both trading statements and official figures pointing to a bubbly retail economy. For evidence, contrast Swedish chain Hennes & Mauritz, the world's biggest fashion retailer - which has just posted a 20 per cent year-on-year sales increase - with Gap Inc's 25 per cent fall in November sales.
Not all European retailers are riding high, of course, and not all US stores are in the doldrums. But experts say Europeans are generally feeling confident about their own financial situations, despite the continuing US recession.
This positive outlook also extends to the Internet. 
Industry studies show that many e-commerce sites in 
Western Europe saw month-on-month traffic surges in November, the start of the Christmas shopping season.

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