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Baci Lingerie Receives 3 Nominations for 31st Annual AVN Awards
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Beach Bunny Swimwear Launches New Lingerie Line By Love Haus
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The International
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Blush Receives AVN Nomination for OHM
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The Addict Expose: Introducing Cirsha Intima: An Argentinean Lingerie Label
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Sportsheets Takes Five Nominations in the Xbiz Awards
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Lipgloss & Lace
               by Mandie Mutchie

In my last edition of Lipgloss & Lace, I explored body issues (again), specifically with the focus being on the drama between "Fit Mom," and "Curvy Girl." 

I want to take a look even further, and to illustrate my point in a much stronger way than I could with words, please check out this video before continuing reading. 

Wow. If you're anything like me, you may need some time to process that. You may need the time to grab a tissue and dab away a tear. 

Now... First of all, how beautiful! I thought it was such an amazing project, and one that really hit me hard. Why, you might ask? 

I felt that it was SO BRAVE of the people in the video to do what they did. In fact, I thought to myself "I am not even sure if I would want to see that of me!" 

A friend and I had a feeling that we had distorted ideas of our own body images, and set out to find each other's body double, which we never successfully found. In fact, the closest to my body double was actually a drag performer, since I am on the muscular side. Can you imagine having a mannequin made with your measurements? 

I think there should be. What percentage of people are shaped like store mannequins? I bet it is under 5%. 

Mannequins as representation of how clothes are supposed to fit are just another way that fitting in with an ideal (and a nearly impossible to reach one, at that) is perpetuated. 

Here's another video that I thought was a great summary of how the media affects our self-esteems. 


We're all familiar with the photoshopping and such, but what can we do about it? I thought it was so profound when she said that the first thing she said is that we need to recognize it. This is a big challenge for me, too! I need to stop comparing myself to images I see in magazines. Even Cindy Crawford wished she looked like Cindy Crawford! While I love the photoshopped version of myself, and I love my unretouched self, I need to learn to love the latter more (say that ten times fast)! 

A while back, I said that I needed to make a commitment to spreading positivity in my own media and social media, and I am going to do that now by recognizing a magazine that has a no-photoshop policy that I love! 

Here's an article and some pictures to go with it! 

I have to say that I love that white suit, and it looks way better Realway than on the Runway! 

As a designer, or as a boutique owner, or press, or whatever your role is in the industry, what can you do to help the self esteem of your customer? If you're a woman, how can you empower yourself? How can you empower other women? 

Before I conclude, I want to give a taste of things to come, as well as an invitation. 

First of all, I wanted to invite you all to take part in a 30-day goal setting and organizational challenge that I will be leading on facebook starting Wednesday, January first. If you are interested, please contact me! My info is below. 

Secondly, if you aren't already, please follow me on social media, as I will be making a big announcement in the next couple weeks. I am super excited! Plus, I love connecting with people and would love to dialogue with you all! 

Finally, let's make a commitment to positivity in 2014! Who's with me? 



Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, brides, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a beachbody coach, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

For more information on Mandie go to, email Mandie at or follow her on Twitter @mandelicious.  Don't forget to "like" her pages on facebook, too! & 
picture by Michael Coakes - 

Jimmyjane Now Available At Eldorado
Distributor Partners with Award-Winning Pleasure Products Manufacturer
Eldorado, an award-winning distributor of pleasure products, party supplies and lingerie, announced today that it has added the design-centric brand, Jimmyjane to its growing product selection. 
Since 2004, Jimmyjane has produced award-winning vibrator designs that use the best materials inside and out. Many of their designs have appeared in leading publications around the world, such as GQ, Men’s Health and Gizmodo. Jimmyjane winning designs include the Form 2, 3, 4, and 6 along with Little Chroma and the new Hello Touch. The Hello Touch is the smallest fingertip vibrator available that turns users’ fingers into natural vibrators to be used all over the body, externally and internally. 
Jimmyjane was founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist. 

“Eldorado is extremely proud and excited to bring Jimmy Jane into our product offerings for our customers. The amount of media exposure, award-winning designs, ingenuity and exceptional quality – makes this line a sure fire winner for retailers.” says Larry Garland, Eldorado founder and CEO.
The full line of Jimmyjane is available for purchase in a variety of styles through Eldorado. Contact your account manager or for more details.

About Eldorado
An award-winning distributor of adult toys, party supplies and lingerie, Eldorado is an unrivaled pleasure products powerhouse. With the sole focus of giving all the best to its customers, Eldorado provides the most knowledgeable staff, a huge collection of educational resources and an unparalleled lingerie selection. Eldorado offers a wide range of fulfillment services for online retailers both foreign and domestic. Experience the legend of Eldorado -- an industry leader with legendary prowess. For more information please contact Eldorado’s sales department at 800-525-0848, or or visit

Enclosed Launches Upscale Knicker Subscription: 
Gift Giving Made Simple, Sexy & Surprising
New SF Startup Rescues Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers; Starting at Only $50
Move over flowers and jewelry suppliers, and make room for new San Francisco start-up Enclosed, an online shopping and gift site that’s reinventing how to make women feel special. Launching out of beta, just in time for last-minute holiday shoppers, Enclosed offers one or more months of ultra high-quality, elegant panties, also known as knickers — arriving on a bed of real flower petals, in a keepsake box.
One month is $50 and a one-year subscription is $500.
With Enclosed, shoppers can send one, three, six or twelve months of ultra-high-end panties to their wife, friend, girlfriend, or even themselves.
Unlike the intimate apparel found in most US department stores or even big-city boutiques, every month of Enclosed includes a new pair of knickers sourced from high-end designers hailing from Europe, as well as from the most innovative new studios in South and North America.
The knickers are made of the finest materials – lace from Calais, France and silk from China. These are not your everyday undies. Rather, they are date night knickers, designed to flatter, inspire and indulge.
Today’s online gift marketplace sees a growing number of companies that pull together a smattering of lower quality theme-based goods for delivery in a box. Focusing on a single product of substance and value, Enclosed separates itself from quantity-driven box and bow subscription gift sites, remaining true to the spirit of giving a gift of value.
“Everyone fears giving the wrong gift. We address that fear head-on, by delivering ultra-high-quality lingerie in an utterly unforgettable presentation. We deliver a gift that makes her feel like the beautiful, loved woman she is,” said Enclosed Founder Antonia Townsend. “Men appreciate the guidance we provide. It comes without the pressure of selecting every detail of a product they themselves have never worn. They love the safety of knowing they are giving a quality product, balanced by the fun element of surprise that comes with giving decadent panties.”

The online shopping site, found at,  provides ample illustration and guidance to take even the most hesitant gent through the lingerie purchase. Picture-based guidance makes it simple to understand which type of cut, style, hue and sizing will delight her most.
These quick inputs inform which pair of knickers Enclosed mails, while preferences can be modified if something different is desired next time. If she isn’t fully delighted, Enclosed provides a full refund option.
A one-time gift is $50 (plus shipping); 3 months is $140; 6 months is $270; and 12 months is $500. For the holiday season, all multi-month packages will receive free shipping.
Based in San Francisco and currently serving the USA, Enclosed reimagines how to make women feel special through luxe lingerie. In November 2013 the company launched the unique subscription gift via its online shopping site Made of the highest quality, the elegant panties are beautifully packaged in real flower petals and a keepsake box. Pricing and duration options range from $50 for one month to $500 for a one-year subscription.


The International
  Lingerie Show

The Eldorado booth. 

Tom Stewart and Cheri Curry-Poe of 

Scott Hennelly and Tom Stewart of

Jesse Vasquez of Holiday Products with 
a buyer. 

Fabian Alston of Alexander Institute with 
a buyer. 

         The Desire Fashions booth.

       The Elegant Moments booth. 

         The Chocolate Walrus booth.
The International Lingerie 
Show is continued on page 4

Envy Menswear’s Enhancement Pocket Boosts Confidence
Sexy, Fashion-Forward Men’s Underwear Brand Offers Asset-Promoting Support! 
Envy Menswear is proud to announce the increased appeal of the luxury menswear’s “enhancement pocket,” available in select designs in the line. Created for the modern man who wants to accentuate his assets, Envy intimate wear comes with a contoured pouch in front to enhance and support the male anatomy.

“Enhancement pouches accentuate the male form, as well as provide a less constrictive feel,” says Envy Menswear Director of Global Sales & Operations Christian Savoie. “Our retail partners, and our customers specifically, are extremely pleased with how Envy fits. With the Enhancement Pocket, modern men everywhere can now look their very best, while feeling comfortable and confident.”
Male underwear with an enhancement pouch differs from traditional men’s underwear, in that it provides both room and structure for the male anatomy, rather than a flat front, which could interfere with the natural contours of the body. The ergonomic design supports the male anatomy in a natural way, while separating the package from the rest of the body. Though the initial appeal is visual, this separation also prevents sweating and sticking, which can also assist in boosting men’s confidence.
Envy styles featuring the enhancement pouch include the Logo Elastic, Low-Rise Thong; Logo Elastic, Low-Rise Trunk; and Low-Rise Thong; as well as many more.
Envy recently celebrated its first anniversary in the luxury men’s intimate wear market. Envy’s 204 SKUs are currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Scandinavia, Malta, and Russia, with new international partners finalizing their Envy partnership deals.
Envy encompasses most male styles and fits of underwear, including basic foundation pieces, everyday wear, sexy styles, and dancewear. Featuring hot, trendy clothes for the fashion-forward man, the Envy Menswear catalog includes logo elastic, mesh, fishnet, wet look, microfiber, sport, bling, core basics, and liquid metal fabrics. Envy fashions include thongs, bikinis, briefs, tanks, and trunks, as well as bareback athletic jocks and briefs.
In addition to basic colors – white, black, red – Envy also features edgy gunmetal and camo, as well as new colors like neon pink, neon blue, and neon green in time for summer. Many Envy items are also available with sequin embellishments.
Catalogs, images, and price sheets are available and can be sent right away by request; in addition, international distributors interested in stocking Envy may contact  
About Envy Menswear
Envy Menswear’s intimate apparel collection for men appeals to the fashion forward man with hotter, trendier styles. Featuring boxers, briefs, thongs, and more, Envy is vogue, striking underwear complimenting the most stylish suits and casual clothes. The Envy man is full of confidence in any environment, with his clothes on or off. If the clothes make the man, Envy Menswear makes the man a star. For more information, visit, or
Contact Information
For general information, please 

Deadgoodundies Ready With Retro Underpants In Time For Launch Of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Men’s underwear experts are ready for the release of the new movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues on December 20. Paramount Pictures asked Jockey in the USA for some retro men’s underwear to appear in the film - and Deadgoodundies is ready with its own line-up of retro skivvies for Ron Burgundy fans.
Jockey has launched its own exclusive retro undies after the request from Paramount Pictures. Their briefs will be sold only through their own stores and websites, but in the UK has a trio of Fifties inspired styles at the ready - including another Jockey design, their Soho Y-Front Short. partner Jane Garner says retro themes remain very strong in men’s underwear fashion. “This works especially well with the famous Jockey Y-Front shape and contrast trim. The Soho short in hibiscus with black trim brings the look right up to date,” she says.
DGU have also launched a totally new brand on their website - Wild Milk underwear which has two stunning retro styles with a classic white waistband and trim. And as Jane explains, they’re also adventurous with their colours: “The Wild Milk City Boy brief and boxer (this one is more of a trunk shape) in 95% cotton come in no less than seven colours from orange to purple to red. There is something very special about the look of men’s underpants when they balance a bold body colour with white trim. This can prompt even conservative male shoppers to buy something brighter than usual, because the styling is so familiar, but the interpretation is different.”

Deadgoodundies is renowned as a dedicated online retailer of men’s underwear and swimwear, operating from the UK but shipping all over the world since 2007. Wild Milk is the latest addition to their portfolio of more than 20 men’s underwear collections on the site.

Jane says the trend for retro skivvies isn’t going away: “Indeed Jockey themselves produced a beautiful range called Retro a few years ago. We were very sad when it was discontinued but we do still have the very last stock available, now only in Small and XL in Azure, Mandarin, Fuchsia, Navy, Pistachio and Powder Pink with white trim. So men with the right size waist could wear something pretty much unique on the retro fashion scene!
About Deadgoodundies 
Deadgoodundies is an online only retailer stocking the best in designer men's underwear and swimwear from all over the world including: Big Boys, Body Art, Bruno Banani, Bum-Chums, Clever Moda, Doreanse, Ergowear, Gregg Homme, HOM, Jockey, Joe Snyder, MANstore, Mundo Unico, Olaf Benz, Pikante, Roberto Lucca, Sloggi and Wild Milk. DGU stocks everything from thongs and strings to briefs, hipsters and shorts as well as selected loungewear, socks, T-shirts and more from their bestselling brands.

Yummie By Heather Thomson Launches Skinnies: A Fun And Sexy Everyday Panty Collection
A whole new level of comfort, designed for everyday!
Yummie by Heather Thomson, the New York-based shapewear, intimates and lifestyle brand, announces the launch of its first everyday panty collection – Skinnies! This intimates collection features incredibly comfortable and sexy panties that offer the benefits of a compression fabric that will not lose their shape throughout the day. The Italian lightweight premium fabric smoothes for an everyday slimming experience, leaving women feeling confident and comfortable. Skinnies are the newest layer to the Yummie foundation. 

Debuting in stores and online, the Skinnies collection offers a variety of mid-rise panties that compliment and slim a woman's "problem areas" – the waist, tummie and hips - making it the first of its kind. The laser cut bottoms allow for a slimming underwear with absolutely no visible lines. Made with lightweight nylon and elastane, the premium fabric smoothes a woman's curves for an everyday shaping experience. With this launch, Yummie continues to deliver an effective slimming product that is designed to fit a woman's body in ways that she'll want to show off every day.
Heather Thomson, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Yummie by Heather Thomson, said, "I designed the skinnies collection as a foundation piece that offers a comfortable, ultra thin solution in an everyday panty. They are a true marriage of fashion and function where women can feel sexy and confident in Yummie, without a single panty line." She went on to say, "I want to offer my customers products they can't find elsewhere and am on a mission to redefine shapewear and modernize its use."
The Skinnies collection will feature three styles – the Ivy Thong, Eli Briefie and Lily Cheekie Boyshort – that lay flat against the body. All three styles are available in a range of colors and sexy prints including seasonless neutrals like black, nude, hush and mink and holiday favorites like flame, Yummie pink, python and jaguar – in size XS to XL. Retailing for $18 each or two for $30, the collection is sold at department stores, specialty boutiques and the newly-relaunched
Heather Thomson revolutionized the shapewear industry with the launch of her patented Original Tank in 2008. Thomson continues to evolve the brand each season. In 2011, Thomson launched her Yummie Denim collection which has reformed the premium denim industry with pieces that lift, support and slim without losing their shape. Most recently, Thomson launched leggings for fall 2012 that offer 360 degree shaping throughout the waist and legs. Yummie by Heather Thomson is today's leading hybrid of fashion meets function, an accessory that can be added for any occasion and any body type to make women feel confident, comfortable and stylish. It's a modern collection of wardrobe layering basics that are meant to be seen. Yummie by Heather Thomson is limitless design, always versatile and functional to the everyday women. Each piece in the collection smoothes and shapes to take pounds and bumps off a woman's appearance. Recognized as a leading innovator in shaping technology, Thomson has been issued a number of patents for her Yummie by Heather Thomson designs. Please visit for additional information.
SOURCE Yummie by Heather Thomson Nominated for 2014 XBIZ  Awards has been named a finalist nominee for the adult industry’s awards event of the year, the 2014 XBIZ Awards, presented by Fleshlight. has received a nomination in the Online Retailer of the Year – Pleasure Products category.
My Pleasure Box's number one priority is to deliver outstanding customer service, product selection, security and privacy. We offer everything you could possibly want from an adult store, including state-of-the-art encryption to protect your credit card and personal information. Your items are shipped using anonymous packaging to preserve your privacy. Free shipping is available along with great discounts; is your best choice for adult toys.
My Pleasure Box is an unrivaled pleasure products powerhouse, with the sole focus of giving all the best to its customers. My Pleasure Box provides the most knowledgeable staff, a huge collection of educational resources and an unparalleled lingerie selection. When you want to shop erotic toys, we have it all.
With the customer in mind, we have expanded your options adding over 10,000 new items including perfumes, cologne, skincare and more. With these new additions our catalog grows to over 30,000 products for you to choose from.
Nominees for the 2014 XBIZ Awards were selected based on a record 5,000 pre-nominations submitted to XBIZ by members of the industry from around the world via
Scheduled for Jan. 24 in Los Angeles, adult film superstar Jenna Jameson will be master of ceremonies for the industry's grandest gala at the historic Century Plaza Hotel.
For over a decade, glitz, glamour and the biggest names in the world of adult entertainment have made the XBIZ Awards show the biggest night of the year and the most prestigious symbol of success. The star-studded event hosts A-list movers and shakers of the multibillion-dollar adult industry, generating buzz throughout the business and media.
The XBIZ Awards will once again coincide with the industry’s top trade events series of the year, XBIZ 360, which will take over the entire property of the W Hollywood Hotel Jan. 22-25 for an unprecedented lineup of events dedicated to exploring the future of digital adult entertainment, movie production, pleasure products and retail.
About XBIZ 
XBIZ™ is the global leader in adult entertainment industry news, providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the industry at and in two monthly trade publications — XBIZ World for the Internet and technology sectors and XBIZ Premiere for the retail market. In addition, XBIZ hosts five annual trade events, XBIZ Summit, XBIZ EU, XBIZ L.A. Conference and XBIZ Retail Expo, which culminate with the annual XBIZ Awards, a red carpet gala event honoring the most influential companies and performers who play an essential role in the growth and popularity of adult entertainment around the globe. XBIZ is frequently cited in mainstream media for coverage of the adult entertainment industry and has been published in CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, MSNBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, ABC, USA Today and Los Angeles Times among others.

Messe Frankfurt Announces the Launch of Texworld Istanbul in November 2014
Texworld Istanbul becomes the leading purchasing occasion for buyers from Turkey and the surrounding regions
The newest member of the Texworld brand family to satisfy demand for imported fabrics from leading Asian textile nations
Messe Frankfurt is set to add another member to its Texworld Brand Family: the company announces the launch of Texworld Istanbul and with this enlargens its portfolio of fairs in Turkey. Texworld Istanbul is planned to take place in November 2014 for the first time at the Lütfi Kirdar International Convention & Exhibition Center in central Istanbul. In the year after that, it will enter the traditional cycle of fashion fabrics fairs and it will take place twice a year in Istanbul, the business and trade center of the Turkish Republic and the entire region. 
”The launch of Texworld Istanbul marks a very exciting point in the development of Messe Frankfurt in Turkey”, explains Detlef Braun, Member of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. “In the last ten years, our company has led the path for many Turkish textile professionals to a variety of international markets by offering high-quality fairs all across the globe. Now we are bringing the international fashion fabrics manufacturing base to Turkey.”
Texworld Istanbul will reflect all product groups that are part of all other apparel fabric brand events around the world: cotton and blends, denim, shirting, linen and hemp, wool and wool aspects, embroidery and lace, silk and silky aspects, prints, functional fabrics, knitted fabrics, trims and accessories. A special feature of the fair will be the focus on Asian fabrics manufacturers. Next to them, there will be manufacturers from traditional and new markets from all over the world. Aleksandar Medjedovic, Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt Istanbul, the company's Turkish business unit, explains: “This mix of international exhibitors is the unique concept of Texworld fairs.”

Texworld Istanbul will target buyers and professional visitors from Turkey and from the surrounding region. This includes the Middle East and the Gulf States, Central Asia, Russia, Southeastern Europe and North Africa. “Istanbul is a very convenient location to reach for all these countries, with several daily flight connections to all major business centers in those regions. This will add to the dynamic trade environment of Texworld Istanbul, which will be a new meeting point for Asian and global fashion fabrics manufactures and their buyers from those fast-moving regions”, explains Medjedovic.
Turkey currently ranks as the 16th largest economy in the world and has experienced impressive growth rates in the past few years. In 2012, the textile industry accounted for 10.3 % of the total export volume from Turkey. Turkish manufacturers of fashion and clothing use domestic and imported fabrics alike. Import volumes from Asian manufacturing centers have been on the increase, in Turkey and in many countries of the region, reflecting the need of new partnerships for purchasing and manufacturing.
Information about the textile trade fairs of Messe Frankfurt worldwide at 
About on Messe Frankfurt
Messe Frankfurt is one of the world's leading trade show organizers with 536.9 million euros in sales and 1,833 active employees worldwide. The Messe Frankfurt Group has a global network of 28 subsidiaries and approx. 50 international Sales Partners, giving it a presence for its customers in more than 150 countries. Events “made by Messe Frankfurt” take place at more than 30 locations around the globe. In 2012, Messe Frankfurt organised 109 trade fairs, of which more than half took place outside Germany.
Messe Frankfurt’s exhibition grounds, featuring 578,000 square meters, are currently home to ten exhibition halls and an adjacent Congress Center. The company is publicly owned, with the City of Frankfurt holding 60 percent and the State of Hesse 40 percent. 

Beach Bunny Swimwear Launches New Lingerie Line By Love Haus
Beach Bunny, the brand best known for its ultra-sexy swimwear designs, proudly announces the debut of their much-anticipated lingerie label, Love Haus. After nearly 10 years of global success in the swim industry, Angela Chittenden, Beach Bunny CEO, introduces a complete line of sexy yet sophisticated intimate apparel designed to spark the imagination and inspire sensual confidence. From sheer lace bralettes, sultry push-up bras, and barely-there panties to feminine corsets and cozy loungewear, each is crafted with California comfort and European elegance.

Designed exclusively by women with the modern woman in mind, Love Haus unveils 6 collections created in curve-enhancing silhouettes and luxurious fabrics, each one promising to make hearts pound, jaws drop and to excite Beach Bunny’s loyal following. Never failing to capture the essence of a confident, unapologetically sexy woman, it was only a matter of time before Chittenden transitioned Beach Bunny’s boudoir-inspired swimwear aesthetic to lingerie.
“Beach Bunny gave us a really strong base for a lingerie brand,” says Chittenden. “As women designers, we know our bodies. We know what women like, what they want to cover up, and what makes them exude that sexiness that comes from feeling confident in what they have on. There’s nothing better than being comfortable while feeling sexy—it’s part of being a woman.”
Keeping it in the family, Melissa Bolona, Beach Bunny’s current model search winner, appears as the face for Love Haus. Renowned celebrity and fashion photographer Yu Tsai captured Melissa Bolona in the Love Haus’ premiere campaign. Over the past few years, Yu Tsai has also photographed numerous supermodels like Kate Upton, Rosie Huntington, Candice Swanepoel and Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny’s always sexy campaigns. Bolona exudes a soft, smoldering desire with a European sophistication as she shows off the collection, embodying the spirit of the poised, contemporary and sensual women that are sure to fall in love with the new label.
Presented with beauty, grace, and the perfect balance of sex appeal and unrivaled comfort, the 6 Love Haus collections tempt with an array of looks for women of any shape and sensibility. Modern, multi-faceted clients will find Love Haus allows them to redefine themselves by their mood or occasion -- from retro glamour girl in an artisan-style corset and lace bed jacket to Roman goddess in a draped chemise and signature “micro thong.” Finally, women can feel comfortable, confident and naturally themselves in the bedroom thanks to Love Haus, whether slipping into lounge pants or a knockout lace maxi skirt that hugs her body in all the right ways.
What’s more, fashion-inspired cuts and decadent fabrics mean Love Haus pieces are destined to become wardrobe staples. A lace-up corset pairs with jeans and heels while a short, satin robe layers over a cami in an elegant celebration of smart design and value. With distinctive qualities of sleek comfort, classic sensuality and runway-worthy European flair, Love Haus fills a void in the current lingerie market —at a fabulous price point that defines “affordable luxury.”
Branching from a powerhouse in the swimwear industry – and honoring many long-standing requests from devoted fans who want to extend their sexy look past their pool time – there is no doubt that Love Haus will quickly establish a name amongst the lingerie elite. The full Love Haus lingerie line is available at Beach Bunny’s luxury boutiques, as well as online at and
About Beach Bunny Swimwear 
Since its launch in 2004, Beach Bunny has become an international sensation with its definitive luxury swimwear, cover-ups, ready-to-wear and accessories that capture the California lifestyle and appeals to glamorous girls across the globe who revel in turning heads. Designed by Angela Chittenden, the label is sold in its own branded stores throughout California, Arizona and Miami in addition to specialty shops and department stores across the US and abroad. For more information about Beach Bunny Swimwear, visit the website at

Baci Lingerie Receives 3 Nominations for 31st Annual AVN Awards
From Lingerie to Accessories, Luxury Lingerie Company
Continues Recognition by Industry Peers & Reviewers!
Baci Lingerie receives three nominations for the 2014 AVN Awards. The nominations include Best Product Line for Women for Baci’s Luna Veneziana Masquerade Collection, and Best Lingerie / Apparel Manufacturer. In addition to the Baci Lingerie nominations, Baci’s distributed line of menswear, Envy, is nominated for Best Lingerie / Apparel Manufacturer.
The AVN Award nominations are in addition to four AVN “O” Awards nominations, which recognize the best of the best in the pleasure products industry, including design, innovation, and marketing. Baci’s “O” Awards nominations herald the entire collection, as well as Envy and the Masquerade Masks.
Baci Lingerie Director of Global Sales & Operations Christian Savoie says, “This has been an amazing year for Baci. We have diversified our collections to include plus size, menswear, and accessories, while maintaining core essence of our brand – luxury obtainable to all. To receive such high peer recognition is exciting, and we thank AVN for these nominations.”

The Luna Veneziana Masquerade Collection is handmade in Italy and distributed by Baci. Many masks are embellished with Swarowski Elements crystals, while each Mask features bendable elements, allowing the wearer to adjust the fit to the face for optimum wear and comfort. More than 30 styles of the ornate Masks were part of the collection’s launch.
Envy Menswear encompasses most male styles and fits of underwear, including basic foundation pieces, everyday wear, sexy styles, and dancewear. Featuring hot, trendy clothes for the fashion-forward man, the Envy Menswear catalog includes logo elastic, mesh, fishnet, wet look, microfiber, sport, bling, core basics, and liquid metal fabrics. Envy fashions include thongs, bikinis, briefs, tanks, and trunks, as well as bareback athletic jocks and briefs.
Recent honors and accolades for Baci Lingerie include the 2013 AVN Award for Best Lingerie or Apparel Manufacturer, the 2013 XBIZ Award for Sensual Accessory Product/Line of the Year (Baci Eyelashes), and the 2013 StorErotica Award for Lingerie Manufacturer of the Year. 
About Baci Lingerie
Baci Lingerie, which derives its name from the Italian word "kisses," is a celebration of women. Baci’s exquisite lingerie officially debuted to the public in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fine fabrics and flattering styles complimented every woman, enhancing her innate and unique sex appeal. The brand continues to evolve with new collections and designs, including its Diva line, which encourages women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their sexy side. Baci’s international partners work harmoniously to streamline trends, fashion, and concepts, while carrying the brand and philosophy to women of all walks of life. Baci is the brand to wear, featuring something for everyone and every occasion. Made by women, for women, Baci promotes healthy sexual confidence and “Celebrates Every Woman!” For more information, visit
About the AVN Awards
Over the years, the AVN Awards have become a famous staple in Las Vegas, while being housed in almost every major hotel on the strip. Starting in 1984, the show has grown drastically over the years and is now broadcast each year on cable to millions of viewers. The show allows adult and mainstream celebrities to come together once a year to celebrate the achievements of one of the world’s most profitable industries. In 2012, the AVN Awards took up residence in The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and will return for a third straight year in 2014. For more information, visit , , or  
Contact Information
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New Bonitaz Corsets
           Line expands the sites already vast corset collection and introduces new Bonitaz Corsets line., online retailer of women's lingerie, clothing, costumes and more, introduces the Bonitaz Corsets line to the already expansive collection of lingerie available on the site.
While does already offer a wide selection of corsets, by including the small Bonitaz Corsets line the e-commerce site fills a niche that was before unmet. "The Bonitaz Corsets collection is great for our customers looking for a high quality, legitimate corset with structured, figure shaping boning at affordable prices," said Chad Horstman, CEO of We found that a lot of our customers were requesting corsets of this quality in this price range so incorporating the Bonitaz Corsets line into our selection of lingerie seemed to be a perfect fit," added Horstman. brought on eight of Bonitaz Corsets' best styles and the selection offers something for everyone. The new corsets include a sweetheart neckline style available in black or hot pink, a halter neckline style, a two-toned strapped style, a reversible style and even a camouflage print style, a popular pattern for shoppers. All of the corsets feature durable material, figure shaping boning and either a steel busk or zip up front closure with an adjustable lace-up back ensuring a perfect fit.
Additionally, while the new corset collection at seems expensive, the prices are actually quite affordable. Ranging from $31.95 to $38.95, these new corsets are a perfect fit for any budget.
Not only is this new collection of women's corsets fashionable and affordable, but also offers customers additional incentives to shop like a free panty with every order, free shipping on orders over $70 as well as same day shipping.

E-commerce is on the rise and is one of the largest online retailers of lingerie, sexy Halloween costumes, swimwear and clothing on the web. Founded in 2003, Yandy boasts more than 7,000 products always in stock at easily affordable prices. Yandy ensures that every customer will receive a safe, secure and private online shopping experience and is backed by COMODO online security and is a Google Trusted Store. Yandy is dedicated to customer service and only sells what is in stock which allows for quick, same day shipping. Offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices in the market, Yandy has become a leader in ecommerce. Yandy works closely with all of the manufacturers they distribute for and hand select all of the items on the Web site to ensure customers have the largest and most diverse collection to choose from. In addition, the customer service team at Yandy is unrivaled. With attentive and helpful operators, should a question or problem arise, the customer service team at Yandy is always willing and able to assist. At Yandy, every customer can Be Sexy.

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Gozooko Guys' is a business technology and web hosting company. With over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies the Gozooko Guy’s design, develop, deploy, and manage business technology solutions. Gozooko’s core focus is to provide affordable and efficient hosted ecommerce solutions to small and medium businesses. The past 3 years they have been working with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the apparel industry. Gozooko has data centers in the western and central US, and services customers around the globe. The Gozooko Guy’s goal is to provide our customers with easy and affordable ecommerce solutions that allow them to spend time focusing on their core business and sales, instead of working on their ecommerce solution.”Please send your questions about business and technology to   

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Andy Weinstock has been in the fabric and textile business all his life, but professionally since 1969. 
"I love what I do, selling fabrics around the globe. I've met lots of interesting, creative, dynamic folks; some have become dear friends. I love to help new businesses find the things they need to become successful. It works for everyone." 
You can ask Andy questions about Fabrics at  

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