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Lipgloss & Lace
               by Mandie Mutchie

Body Image - The Struggle Is REAL! 

It seems like not a day goes by that something new is in the news about body image, whether it is a celebrity who has gained or lost a ton of weight, someone showing too much skin, or some standard of beauty that is completely unattainable. 

Earlier this Fall, we met "Fit Mom." She is likely much healthier (mentally and physically) than Tanning Mom (the mother who put her daughter in a tanning bed) and Octomom (who had 8 kids all at once, I believe, despite being on public assistance, if I remember correctly). Fit Mom posted a picture of herself, her abs, and her three children with their ages (the youngest of which is 8 months old) and the words "What's your excuse?" attached.  

Queue uproar! 

This image went viral, and public opinion of Maria Kang varied dramatically. Some people were encouraging, where others thought what she was doing was fat shaming. 

I only wish the story stopped there. 

Maria Kang is BACK in the public eye, and I wish I could say it's for something positive... But when is someone in the public eye for something positive? (Note to self: start putting people in the public eye for positive things on my own social media. Blatant gratuitous plug - Follow me on twitter, Instagram (@Mandelicious) and facebook, please!).

The new story? Curvy Girl Lingerie has a current campaign called "Life is Not Photoshopped" that is encouraging their customers to post selfies on their facebook page of them in lingerie, to show that women are beautiful without photoshop. Chrystal Bougon explained of the idea, “For most of us Curvies, we will have rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, breasts that are natural and that have breast fed our babies. And we can still be STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL.” 

Are you ready for "Fit Mom's" controversial comment? “I was a little peeved because while I feel like it’s ok to love and accept your body, I think that we’re normalizing obesity in our society.” 

What are your thoughts? I am personally torn on this. I would agree with Fit Mom's initial comment, that however people look as a result of healthy eating and physical activity is good, and that people should feel comfortable and confident in their bodies at any point along that journey, but that seems cliche. It also would make me somewhat hypocritical, as I too am negatively affected by the beauty standards in our society. 

I posted a picture of myself last January that had a bit of a mini (non-viral) backlash about this exact subject, and it is one where I looked thinner because of posing. Here's the picture, and you can see the conversation at this link

This subject, as I've said before, is a hot button for me, because as you know, I am a model that helps people get fit! 

Just last week, a photographer and I were discussing images that are going to be coming out in January for a feature I did for an independent designer in NYC, and I struggled with my "boxy" midsection. I know that I am very fit. I don't see all of my abs yet, but I am on the way! Yet I still struggle, because my waist is not as small as I'd like it to be. Or actually, my torso isn't long enough for that to show. 

Why did I feel this way? I don't compare myself to the average, healthy person. 

I compare myself to models. Models are people hired to personify an ideal. And usually, the designer's ideal is scary. 

Check out this "You are not a sketch" Campaign

Is there any wonder that I feel like I look boxy at 5'6", 125lbs, with 30E-26-36" measurements? 

I am proud to say that I asked the photographer not to do much in photoshop, and he agreed. We both have the same view - photoshop should be used to make someone look like they do on their best day - not to make someone meet a completely unrealistic ideal. He may have brought my tummy in a tiny bit here or there, but only enough where it could have been that I may not have been tightening it at the moment the shot was taken. We are going to work together again soon to work on posing and angles, so that I can get comfortable with different ways I can maneuver my own body to get the appearance that I want in my photos. 

In cases like this, whenever there is something negative in the media, people blame "society." 

Guess what? 


So how can we change it? 

First, I think we need to agree to lift each other up. Pay people compliments. Every single day. If we are all more comfortable in our own skin, we won't worry so much about anyone's preferences. 

Second, I think we need to lift OURSELVES up. Many people all over the country that I talk to who are contemplating working with me to get more fit say that they devote all of their time and money to their children, and can't afford to take the time or spend the money for them to get healthier. They think that it is selfish for them to get a new exercise program because the money should go to their children, or the workout time should be spent with their children. I disagree! This picture sums it up better than I can in my own words! 

I think one of the most selfish things you can do is to ignore your own personal development, whether it is working on your body, your mind, or your heart. The fitter you are, the longer you will be around for your children, and the more active you can be with them! The more emotionally healthy you are, the better your relationships (ALL of them) will be! The list goes on and on! I am HUGELY into personal development, so if you want any suggestions on just about any topic, or if you want to get your body healthier, just ask! 

Third, we need to change our expectations and make them known. I do not expect to reach a consensus on an ideal body. There isn't one! We all have different preferences, and that's what makes the world great! If you are healthy and happy, then that is ideal! What we need to do is let companies know that we want to see real women, and that real women are diverse in shape, size, color, and the list goes on! 

I'd be a hypocrite if all I did in this particular article is complain and be negative. I said in a public "note to self" that I need to give mor
e attention to the positive, and I am starting now! 

It's not a lingerie brand, but this fashion company's actions warmed my heart, and if your climate is anything like mine, warm is welcome in December! Please enjoy this story, and please join me in making positivity go viral! 



Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, brides, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a beachbody coach, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

For more information on Mandie go to, email Mandie at or follow her on Twitter @mandelicious.  Don't forget to "like" her pages on facebook, too! & 
picture by Michael Coakes - 


Undress For the
Male Power brings glitter to the holiday 
 season with two hot, new collections.
You won’t need mistletoe to get a kiss when you slip on something from the Hologram Square Collection. Designed with the exotic dancer in mind, this selection of snap off shorts, rip off thongs and posing straps is made from a unique, holographic fabric with light reflecting qualities. The silver or red metallic background, outlined with small, black squares and coordinating black trim, is dazzling on the stage, sizzling in the bedroom, and beautiful beneath the Christmas tree.
Hologram Square is made to fit. The shorts come in sizes S, M, L and XL, while the thong is offered in S/M and L/X. 
The posing strap features an adjustable contour pouch made of stretch, plush black elastic and is perfect for all sizes.

For more holiday spirit, Male Power takes you over the river and through the woods with Enchanted Forest.
This festive line is constructed from a stretch, spandex fabric featuring a black background with a muted, metallic overlay depicting a hint of nature. 

Choose from the always popular mini pouch short with its low cut waist and high cut legs (S,M,L, XL); bong thong, low cut with a one inch back and comfort pouch (S/M and L/XL); low rise bikini with comfort pouch and full back (S, M, L, XL); and posing strap with comfort pouch (one size fits all). All garments come in either pewter or bronze. Immediate delivery is available. So forget the fruit cake, and make it a Male Power holiday. Just pour the eggnog and have a fa-la-la-la-lusty time!
Visit the web site for all the latest news and offerings from Male Power, the brand for the modern man.
For more information, check out Male Power’s comprehensive web site for more details:   
 CONTACT: Marybeth Onken  1-800-447-4720

Baci Lingerie Racks Up
4 ‘O’ Awards Noms from
2014 ‘O’ Awards Recognize Baci’s Diverse Offerings of Lines from Lingerie & Costumes to Masks & Menswear!
Baci Lingerie nabs four nominations from the 2014 “O” Awards, presented by AVN Media Network. The nominations include Outstanding Packaged Lingerie Line for Baci, Outstanding Costume Lingerie Collection for Baci’s Dreams 2, and Outstanding Accessory Product or Line for Baci’s Luna Veneziana Masquerade Collection.
In addition to the three Baci Lingerie nominations, Baci’s distributed line of menswear, Envy, is also up for Outstanding Packaged Lingerie Line.
The “O” Awards, held in Las Vegas this coming January during the AVN Novelty Expo, recognize the best of the best in the pleasure products industry, including design, innovation, and marketing.
Baci Lingerie Director of Global Sales & Operations Christian Savoie says, “This past year has seen Baci Lingerie experience global growth, expanding into many new areas of intimate apparel. The diversity of our ‘O’ Awards nominations demonstrate Baci has been able to stay true to its core values, while creating an even larger selection of exquisite styles. Thank you to AVN Media for the recognizing this.”
Recent honors and accolades for Baci Lingerie include the 2013 AVN Award for Best Lingerie or Apparel Manufacturer, the 2013 XBIZ Award for Sensual Accessory Product/Line of the Year (Baci Eyelashes), and the 2013 StorErotica Award for Lingerie Manufacturer of the Year.
About Baci Lingerie:
Baci Lingerie, which derives its name from the Italian word "kisses," is a celebration of women. Baci’s exquisite lingerie officially debuted to the public in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fine fabrics and flattering styles complimented every woman, enhancing her innate and unique sex appeal. The brand continues to evolve with new collections and designs, including its Diva line, which encourages women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their sexy side. Baci’s international partners work harmoniously to streamline trends, fashion, and concepts, while carrying the brand and philosophy to women of all walks of life. Baci is the brand to wear, featuring something for everyone and every occasion. Made by women, for women, Baci promotes healthy sexual confidence and “Celebrates Every Woman!” For more information, visit
About The “O” Awards:
The “O” Awards are designed to recognize the best of the best in the pleasure products industry, including design, innovation and marketing. Finalists were culled from pre-nominations submitted by various companies, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and then voted on by a panel of industry experts. Winners will be chosen by a separate panel of voters. For more information, visit AVN Novelty Expo.
For international sales information, please contact: 
For inquiries regarding New Business Development, please contact: 
For international inquiries and information on becoming an exclusive Baci Lingerie distributor, contact:
For general Baci information, please contact:  818-783-6300


The International
  Lingerie Show

Kayla Feiner and Tia Lyn of Tia Lyn 

     The Raveware Lingerie booth.  

      Gemma is modeling Dreamgirl.

The Body Language Fashions booth.  

       Crystal is wearing Magic Silk.  

             Dana Divalli of OVO. 

Jereme Cohen and Adam Hasner of 
              Adventure Industries. 

Mona Madrigal and Scott Lesser of IVD
 & East Coast News 

                The ZOLO booth. 

The International Lingerie 
Show is continued on page 4

Samantha Chang Trunk 
Show at Lille Boutique
On Friday, December 13, 2013 from 5pm to 8pm, Lille Boutique will be hosting a Trunk Show for New York City-based lingerie designer, Samantha Chang. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chang exhibited an early aptitude for fashion that brought her to the US to pursue her dreams, which were fully realized when she launched her own ready-to-wear collection immediately after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her eponymous lingerie line was launched four years later, in 2000, and she started her own showroom in 2008 to share her experience and nurture young, independent designers like herself. Carried by exclusive department stores like Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Fred Segal, and favored by celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Christy Turlington, her designs are world-renowned for their femininity and beautiful details. Her strength lies in utilizing comfortable fabrics, harmonious colors and playful prints, and executing simple silhouettes with beautiful finishing.

The event will be comprised of a meet-and-greet session with the designer, where she will be discussing her inspiration and the origins of her brand. She will also be accepting a limited number of private fitting appointments earlier in the day, so interested parties should contact the store for more information. Every guest who attends the event and makes a Samantha Chang purchase of $100 or more will be treated to a free goodie bag full of Lille gifts, including a Samantha Chang original design. (While supplies last: quantities are limited.) There will be a storewide discount of 10% off on Friday, as further incentive to shop the latest collections.

Lille Boutique carries high-end lingerie and swimwear, with an emphasis on vintage-inspired, independent design and natural fibers. This free event will be open to the general public, and complimentary refreshments will be served. Lille is located at 1007 East Burnside Street on the north corner of Tenth Avenue. For more information, email with “ Samantha Chang" in the subject line.
Lille Boutique 
1007 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214
503-232-0333 phone
Shop online at 

Eurovet Launches Riviera by CURVExpo 
Eurovet, the worldwide leading tradeshow organizer in Lingerie and Swimwear who acquired CURVExpo™ Inc. in April 2012 is proudly launching Riviera by CURVExpo™, "California Swimwear and Activewear Market Event". The show will take place on August 11th & 12th, 2014 in Huntington Beach California, in partnership with ISAM, the International Swimwear and Activewear Market ™. 
Riviera by CURVExpo™ has been created with the same idea as the Eurovet show Riviera by Mode City launched successfully in September 2013 in Cannes, France to complement Mode City, Paris. Riviera by Mode City is a locally focused event dedicated to developing the Southern France and Italian Swimwear and Activewear markets, Riviera by CURVExpo™ will be focused on California, which is also one of the most strategic markets for the industry. Riviera by CURVExpo™ will be held at the Hyatt Regency Beach Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, California on August 11th & 12th, 2014. These dates have been strategically chosen to be immediately after the New York market week, and before the Las Vegas Fashion Week. Riviera by CURVExpo™ will present a selection of 100 top Swimwear and Activewear brands to 200 of the most wanted stores from California.

Marie-Laure Bellon, CEO of Eurovet, explains: "Since we have acquired CURVExpo™ in April 2012, we are now closer to fulfilling the needs of the industry in North America. The success of this first Riviera in Cannes validated our strategy: acting globally and locally by gathering the industry at the most favorable time and place to conduct business." 
Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of CURVExpo™, emphasizes: "We want to create an exceptionally focused event, organized to offer the best experience for both brands and attendees. We will offer all-inclusive contemporary booth packages, attractive travel incentives, complimentary food & beverage, exclusive fashion show all of that in an upscale setting. We will bring our organizational know-how and dedicated marketing platform system to this new exciting project".
Barbara Brady, Director of ISAM, shares Eurovet's values and visions. She continues: "This partnership unites the strengths of both networks and advances the business development of the industry. At ISAM, the buyers and the brands come first and we've found that we share this devotion with Eurovet. We are very excited to bring our experience and knowledge into this new adventure". 
Servicing the Lingerie and Swimwear industry is at the core of Eurovet's DNA. As a global player, Eurovet offers platforms for brands to connect with the industry everywhere in the world: Salon International de la Lingerie Paris [Jan. 25, 26 & 27 2014]; CURVENV Las Vegas [Feb. 17 & 18/Aug. 18 & 19 2014]; CURVENY New York [Feb. 23, 24 & 25/Aug. 3, 4 & 5 2014]; Mode City Paris [Jul. 5, 6 & 7 2014]; Riviera by Mode City Cannes [TBD]and Shanghai Mode Lingerie [TBD]. CURVExpo™ is the #1 Designer Lingerie, Swimwear and Men's Elegance show in North America, acting on both coasts with four shows a year: CURVENY New York and CURVENV Las Vegas. CURVExpo™ is thrilled for the addition of Riviera to their already exhilarating show offering. 
For more information:
CURVExpo, 475 Park Ave South, 6th Floor - New York, NY 10016.
Tel: (212) 993-8585 | Fax: (646) 607-9065 | Email: 
ISAM, 13351-D Riverside Dr. #658 - Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 
Tel: (818) 986-2152 | Fax: (818) 986-2637 | Email: 

TAVIK® Swimwear x AGOGO Collaboration
TAVIK® Swimwear, a California-based lifestyle brand, and Jennifer Humphrey, top fashion blogger and model, partnered to create a timeless yet sexy, rock n’ roll inspired swimwear collection. Each piece in the TAVIK X AGOGO collection has been meticulously designed by both parties to perfectly translate your late night antics into poolside fun.
TAVIK Swimwear and LA-based Ford model, Jennifer Humphrey, better known by her stage name, JEN AGOGO, joined creative forces to design a signature swim collection. Humphrey’s timeless, gritty, and always sexy rocker style has made her one of fashion’s “it” girls and a modern day muse. Aside from her successes as a fashion blogger, Jennifer is also notably recognized for her music-minded night moves, time spent hosting NYLON TV, and an extensive list of campaigns and commercials.

“A mix of 1960’s bike culture, various fashion icons and siren-French muses were the foundation of what motivated this collection,” says AGOGO. “TAVIK Swimwear was the perfect brand to collaborate with because they know first hand the importance of effortlessly transitioning pieces from day to night, and from beach to street. I wanted this collection to be more than just swimsuits, but reflect timeless wardrobe pieces that can be paired with jeans and leather jackets. TAVIK and I styled this collection so people can see that swimwear can be worn multiple ways and beyond the water.”
The TAVIK x AGOGO collection contains mix and match pieces, coated neoprene, playful crochet and racy designs that compliment the feminine figure. “Expect more skin, cheeky coverage and standout details,” comments Carly Osler, Creative head for TAVIK Women’s.
The exclusive collaboration will be available in select retailers, as well as, online at in April. Pieces from the TAVIK x AGOGO collection will range in price from $55 - $200 and will be sold alongside TAVIK Swimwear’s 2014 collection.
Tradeshow season is upon us! The TAVIK X AGOGO collection will be unveiled at the upcoming Agenda and KNOWSHOW Tradeshows.
For more information please contact Nicole Kegley, and to book tradeshow appointments, please email Jenny Moreno
To learn more about the TAVIK x AGOGO collaboration, follow on:, Facebook, Instagram (@tavikswimwear), Twitter
About TAVIK® Swimwear: 
TAVIK Swimwear lends itself to the rebellious adventure seeker who identifies with conversational prints, fashion-forward color blocking techniques and mix-and-match body styles that often clash with the norm. TAVIK Swimwear's innovative collections create edgy yet feminine pieces that perfectly outfit and seamlessly transition the music-minded festival girl from day to night and beach to street. 

Freya Active Sports Bras Reveal Role in Fitness Of The Future Event
At Fitness of the Future, Freya Active showcased their new Autumn Winter 13 sportswear and swimwear collections, including a new moulded sports bra in Hot Crimson.
Part of the popular Freya Lingerie brand, Freya Active offer a wide range of sports bras designed to offer superior fit across all athletic activities for women with larger bust sizes. Freya Active sports bras are unique in design as they offer a non-compression style, which gives a great shape and optimum support. The range is available from a B to a K cup.
At Fitness of the Future, Freya Active showcased their new Autumn Winter 13 sportswear and swimwear collections, including a new moulded sports bra in Hot Crimson. An alternative to classic black, white and nude styles, this underwired moulded style is available from a 34 to 40B to C, as well as a 28 to 40D to H cup.
Freya’s latest sports bra is designed to give a smooth silhouette, while also featuring Coolmax fabric to help wick moisture away from the skin and keep the wearer cool and comfortable. It also complements the Freya Active short, available in XS to XL. This super-soft and stretchy short is completed with flat seams to ensure there is no VPL.
As well as introducing new products, the Freya Active team were also on-hand at Fitness of the Future to offer sports bra fittings. Providing advice to visitors on why it is so important to always wear a properly fitted sports bra during exercise.
Ann-Marie Manley, Head of Marketing at Freya Active said, “We’re delighted that Freya Active were selected to take part in Fitness of the Future. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of our sportswear further, not only through the design of our sports bras but also through the technology we use. Our sportswear is a huge focus for us over the next 12 months and we’ve got some incredible styles launching which we can’t wait for, so the Fitness of the Future event was a perfect event for us to be involved with.”
About Freya 
Freya designs lingerie, loungewear, swimwear and sports bras especially designed to offer fit and support for women with larger bust sizes. Their range is available up to a K cup and includes balcony, plunge and strapless bras. 
For more information about Freya please visit

Victoria's Secret 
Opens in LAX TBIT

In partnership with premier travel retailer Hudson 
Group, leading lingerie and beauty retailer Victoria's 
Secret has opened a new Beauty & Accessories store in Los Angeles International Airport's Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).
The new store will focus on an iconic, fashion-forward 
range of beauty products and accessories designed for the modern jet-setter. Beauty shoppers will find 
prestige fragrances like the FiFi Award-winning 
Victoria's Secret Bombshell and Sexy Little Things Noir Tease, just-launched collections like the new Victoria, and perennial favorites like the most-loved VS Fantasies. Travel-ready items such as signature lip glosses and body-care products will also be featured.
Notes Joe DiDomizio, President & CEO of Hudson Group: "Our new LAX Bradley West stores best demonstrate the company's strength as a complete travel retail operator: from the very best travel essentials concept (Hudson) to many worldwide luxury brands, including Victoria's Secret. For that we can thank the growing reputation of our marketing and merchandising team, and the support of our parent company, Dufry. We are also grateful to our local LA business partners that are part of the joint venture that operates these stores."
In addition to this new store at TBIT, Hudson operates Victoria's Secret stores in JFK Terminal 1 and Vancouver International Airport. Another is scheduled to open early next month in JFK Terminal 4, with other locations to follow in 2014.
The Victoria's Secret brand features a range of functional-yet-chic accessories that add an extra pop of glamour to business trips and weekend getaways alike. Customers will love the branded cosmetic cases and multi-use fashion bags. This season's colors in pebbled leather and Saffiano leather keep her on trend in any destination! The airports' international clientele can also obtain attractive passport holders, phone wallets, travel adaptors and ear buds, plus smart phone and tablet accessories.
Victoria's Secret gets the savvy traveler to her destination with celebrity-level style. Completing the 
assortment are must-have essentials like so-soft scarves, high-quality sunglasses and those perfect, signature Victoria's Secret panties. It's an incredible way to track down last-minute gifts or spend a long layover shopping on the fly.
The LAX TBIT store surrounds every customer with undeniable luxury. The modern facade and dynamic storefront boast an air of sophistication, while the interior features upscale elements like black-cherry fixtures and eye-catching focal walls. The store will also showcase both its brand identity and range of products with a gallery of iconic black and white images and a video wall that broadcasts footage of the Victoria's Secret Angels. It gives new meaning to the words sexy, sophisticated and forever young.
About Victoria's Secret 
As a business of Limited Brands (NYSE: LTD), Victoria's Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie and beauty products. The brand is known for its modern, fashion-inspired lingerie collections, prestige fragrances and cosmetics, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows. With more than 1,000 lingerie and beauty stores, an iconic catalogue and the online store, customers can shop the brand anywhere, anytime.
About Hudson Group: 
Hudson Group, the largest duty-paid travel retailer in 
North America, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 
international duty-free travel retailer Dufry AG (DUFN) of Basel, Switzerland. The company operates some 700 Hudson, Hudson News, Hudson Booksellers, cafes, specialty retail and duty free shops in 70 airports and transportation terminals in the United States and Canada. Dufry operates additional newsstands in 14 more countries around the world. Dufry operates over 1,400 stores in 45 countries and 180 airports and transportation terminals. For more information, visit and
The TBIT joint venture is comprised of Hudson Group (HG) Retail, LLC and a group of LA businesses that provide local focus and understanding of the Los Angeles marketplace. The group includes equity partner Concourse Ventures, Inc. (Dale Cochran, principal), along with ACDBE partners Palazzo Concessions (Simeon Stewart and Michael Washington, principals); The Zaman Group (Karim Zaman, principal); MAJ Collection (Julie Jun, principal); and Arandia Designs (Luis Arandia, 

                'Ask the 
Gozooko Guys' is a business technology and web hosting company. With over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies the Gozooko Guy’s design, develop, deploy, and manage business technology solutions. Gozooko’s core focus is to provide affordable and efficient hosted ecommerce solutions to small and medium businesses. The past 3 years they have been working with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the apparel industry. Gozooko has data centers in the western and central US, and services customers around the globe. The Gozooko Guy’s goal is to provide our customers with easy and affordable ecommerce solutions that allow them to spend time focusing on their core business and sales, instead of working on their ecommerce solution.”Please send your questions about business and technology to   

     "Ask Andy"
Andy Weinstock has been in the fabric and textile business all his life, but professionally since 1969. 
"I love what I do, selling fabrics around the globe. I've met lots of interesting, creative, dynamic folks; some have become dear friends. I love to help new businesses find the things they need to become successful. It works for everyone." 
You can ask Andy questions about Fabrics at  

The "Ask Andy", "Ask Mara" & 'Ask Goozoko Guys' Columns are opinion Columns and may not necessarily reflect the views of McPete Sez  

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