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Ames closes 54 stores
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Bloomy's gets the Boot
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Gap falls 25%

Bad Rap for Blonds
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Dillard Rises
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Milano Summer 2002

Clothes to kill Mosquitos
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   December 15,  2001                                 Issue #63

       Mcpete Sez, 
The Lingerie Newsletter 
  Women's Wear Journal.


                              Ready to-wear.

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Ames closes 54 stores.
Discount retailer Ames Department Stores Inc., restructuring under bankruptcy protection, said on Wednesday it will
close 54 stores to help the company raise capital by increasing its sales per square foot average.
The company said liquidation of the stores will begin Dec. 30. It expects to close them in February or March 2002.
Rocky Hill, Conn.-based Ames said after closing the stores reported sales per square foot for the remaining 333 stores in the chain would be 22 percent higher than the current average.


Discounting Hurts!!
Deep discounting at U.S. retailers drew consumers to stores in November, two reports showed on Tuesday, but disappointing
results for the last week of the month herald a grim holiday season.
Analysts are hoping that consumer spending -- which accounts for two-thirds of U.S. economic activity -- will soften the recession that began in March and help lead the economy back onto a growth path.

 Madonna's corset from the "Blonde Ambition" tour, left, is next to a 1984 orange velvet evening dress by Jean Paul Gaultier in the exhibition "Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed," Dec. 5, 2001, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition, featuring fashion's most outrageous innovations and strategies of dress, runs through March 17.
Madonna ruffled the feathers of the art world the other night, when she made a controversial speech at the Turner Prize award at Tate Britain Gallery in London.
There to announce the winner of the Europe’s most prestigious visual art prize, she shouted, “Right on motherf***ers” from the podium at the end of her speech, sending Channel Four’s censors into a frenzy of electronic beeping, and frantic apologizing, as they tried to cover up her expletives on live network television.

Federated Boots Bloomy's site
Federated Department Stores Inc., battling flagging sales and profits, on Thursday said it will pull the plug on its Bloomingdale's retail Internet operation and scale back its Macy's website to focus less on apparel and more on housewares, gifts and jewelry.
Federated said the moves will result in the loss of 100 jobs and a one-time charge of $50 million to $60 million in the fiscal fourth quarter.    The move marks the latest disappointment in online retail ventures.   Other brick-and-mortar retailers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Kmart Corp., have stopped selling clothing on their e-commerce sites after determining it was not cost-effective.

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Retailers should prepare for a marked increase in shoplifting 
activity during the 2001 Holiday season and into 2002 say two 
reports commissioned by a shoplifting expert. 

Leading Latvian-based lingerie maker, New Rosme, has revealed plans to open an underwear factory in Russia's Pskov region in 2002.   The new plant will produce up to 5,000 lingerie items a week and employ around 50 people, according to reports in the local press.    The firm, which is owned by Sweden's Swegmark Holding AB, generated net sales of $5.93 million last year on a domestic market share of five per cent and exports to countries including England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Lithuania and

   Same-Store Sales at Gap Fall 25 Percent 
Gap Inc. on Thursday reported that sales at stores open at least a year fell 25 percent in November. Gap also said that its fourth-quarter loss may be "considerably worse" than its third-quarter loss of $48 million, or six cents per share, excluding tax charges. 
The company, which also operates Old Navy and Banana Republic, will slash prices to sell off existing merchandise over the next two months

Q: How many blondes does it take to make chocolate chip cookies? 
A: 25 -- 1 to mix the dough and 24 to peel the M&M's. 

Blondes have been getting a bad rap for centuries, but do
they truly deserve being labeled dumb? After all, there are some very rich blondes that have made it to the top:
Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Barbara Walters, and Candice Bergen to name a few. Okay, so what if most of them used their looks to get there, the point is they're there, right?
How did all this start? Was Marilyn Monroe the culprit, with her sexy figure and childish giggle?  No sir; the blonde
damsel in distress came along way before Marilyn proved that some like it hot.     Let us rewind back to the Victorian era, when women were still considered fragile, weak,
incredibly sexual, and flighty.  Now they control all men in one way or another, and we men love it.  So Who's Dumb??
  (Above: Pam Anderson)

    Forecast: Recovery to bloom in spring
The first signs of an economic recovery in Silicon Valley -- and the nation -- are now emerging in classic fashion: The spate of bad news is slowing down.
Companies are still laying off employees, but at a slower rate. The semiconductor industry is still operating at a low level, but orders and sales are showing the first signs of improvement. Personal computers are selling better than expected because of brisk holiday demand. And nationally, the unemployed are showing up and asking for jobless benefits at a slower rate.
But there's still reason for worry. Some experts think this recession has not been long enough to correct the excesses of the 1990s -- rising consumer debt and overinvestment among businesses.

 Sales At The Limited Fall 7 Per Cent
The Limited Inc reported a comparable store sales decrease of 7 per cent for the four weeks ended 1 December 2001 compared to the four weeks ended 2 December 2000. 
Net sales were $816.3 million, compared to sales of $864.5 million for the four-week period ended 25 November 2000. Excluding sales in 2000 from Lane Bryant, which was sold to Charming Shoppes Inc in August 2001, sales increased 3 per cent.

Department Store Dillard's Reports Modest Sales Rise
Department store chain Dillard's Inc on Thursday said sales at its stores open at least one year rose four per cent in November, helped by a shift in the calendar that pushed Thanksgiving holiday sales into the November reporting period.

U.S. retailers reported the weakest sales growth for November since the recession of 1990, as layoffs, deep discounting and warm weather strained the purchase of clothing and other non-essential items.
As in recent months, discount chains such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp. and value-priced department store Kohl's Corp. outpaced other retailers.
Shoppers avoided splurging at department stores and specialty retailers like Saks Inc. and Gap Inc., the No. 1 apparel chain, which suffered a 25 percent decline in same-store sales. Instead, they snatched up basics for the home, such as food, housewares and fabric.

     A Politically correct Seasons Greetings
"Felicitations Concomitant with Your Observance of the Season and Many Propitious Initions in the Forthcoming Twelvemonth" 

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