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National Sizing Survey 
to Launch in Italy
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Galleria Intima
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Egypt's Textile Strikes End
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Love & Dream SS13
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The International Lingerie Fashion Show
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Intimate Graphics:
Angela Friedman Launch Event
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Business and Technology: Pull the Trigger 
(triggered emails that is!)
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Smiffy's Embraces Steampunk
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McPete Sez
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Lipgloss & Lace
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The International Lingerie Show Party Pictures  Page 3

Ombrato SS13
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Curveturiere to Launch
August 2012
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With Love Lingerie Unveils Bridal Capsule Collection
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Ask the Gozooko Guys
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Ask Andy
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The International Lingerie Fashion Show Continued
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Baci Lingerie Makes a 
Splash at the 2012 ANME Founders Show
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The Addict Expose- Designer Interviews: Lorna Drew Maternity Lingerie
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Controse Jewelry 
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Vibratex Launches New Website
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The International Lingerie
Show Party Pictures Continued
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Business and Technology
         by the Gozooko Guys 
            (Bryan and Karl)  

Pull the Trigger 
(triggered emails that is!)

Triggered emails are generated based on an interaction a customer has with you.

- The welcome email. When a new customer buys or signs up, do they get a welcome email? Now is the time to tell them how great they are for choosing you. Better yet, how great you are and the item/service you are providing for them. A bit of personal communication that goes beyond the sale. (And maybe a discount coupon if they return again?)

- The Reorder email. Does the sale/service have an expected consumption date? An email reminding them it’s that time to reorder as they may be running out of product soon.

- We want you back. Has there been no activity from a customer for a certain number of days/months etc.? Just a note to let them know how much you miss their business. ( And don’t forget that important discount coupon if they return!)

At Gozooko, the customer always comes first. Our lines of products are customer driven, and our goal is to meet your needs and to help your business grow. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.  

The International Lingerie
         Fashion Show
                     Photos by Jerome Hamilton

                         Shirley of Hollywood
                 Intimate Payments & Foxers
                          Tia Lyn Lingerie 
                        Raveware Lingerie
                             Malebasics Corp

The International Lingerie Fashion 
    Show continued on page 4

            Intimate Graphics
                           by Luis Paredes
Angela Friedman Launch Event

Last month, we were treated to Angela Friedman’s launch event showcasing her Versailles collection. It was a beautiful experience that felt more like an adventure than a launch party. The night started out with me and Mozz Manzoor heading out to the gallery where Angela was holding her event. It felt great going to event not tied to the garment district or the showrooms in midtown. We walked inside and were led to the freight elevator.
As we made the slow climb up, I had the urgent sense that I was going to be part of something special. The doors opened and the sound of a violin filled our ears. We were let out into a gorgeous space filled with guests networking and enjoying drinks and pastries.
Off to the side, there was, what could be best described as a set, a miniature world evoking a bygone Baroque world. In the center, a wonderful vintage, velvety blue couch. It looked gorgeous and knowing what Angela’s pieces looked like I couldn’t wait to see the models take their place in this little world.
Angela didn’t disappoint. Everyone was treated to a parade of three models showcasing each of Angela’s stunning pieces. We were able to see Angela’s corsets, slips, kimono robes, lingerie and camisole sets in action with a live violinist in the background. It was magical. We filmed the evening and put together a short video for our readers to enjoy.

If you missed this incredible event, don’t worry, you can also experience Angela’s collection at the Lingerie Designer Showcase this August 5th – 8th at the AKA Hotel here in NYC.
Buyers are encourage to make an appointment with Angela 
For more information, please visit, 

**Intimate Graphics is a column by Luis Paredes on what's trending in the Intimate Apparel Industry. His design studio, Seven Hills Multimedia, LLC focuses on the design and communication needs of the Lingerie Industry and publishes The Lingerie Journal, a business resource for Lingerie Retailers. **

Eldorado Strikes Gold 
           at ANME
2 Brians, show team report success
Eldorado Trading Company's show team exceeded its goal at the ANME Founders tradeshow in Burbank. 
Reprising their role as "virtual" tradeshow correspondents, Eldorado's 2 Brians returned to ANME to document the show for their customers. Members of the Colorado distributor's purchasing, marketing and sales departments rounded out the team.
"What a fun and creative concept Eldorado has come up with for showcasing new products," says Pipedream's Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel. "I'm confident these in-booth product videos are going to be a tremendously helpful tool for customers to preview Pipedream's amazing new releases. Pipedream would like to thank the 2 Brians for letting us be a part of their ANME coverage.”
Eldorado's purchasing department placed several new orders for some of the most innovative and unique products this season. Retailers can rest assured the experiencedteam picked up only the best of the new products offered, deemed to be the strongest potential sellers.
The 2 Brians campaign which debuted at ANME in January continued to be a great success. Eldorado's Briantastic duo was on hand to take educational videos of the latest innovations as well as help generate exposure for the manufacturers and the award-winning distributor. 
"Eldorado is so supportive of Doc Johnson – we especially appreciate all the work they do with the product videos," says Kristen Denton, Account Manager at Doc Johnson. "We’ve seen a marked increase in sales and it's attributed to greater exposure and knowledge of the Doc Johnson product range. We're looking forward to seeing the next great segment!"
Eldorado will be providing its customers the latest offerings and more top-selling products from industry leaders as soon as they become available. 
To close out the weekend Eldorado won StorErotica's Distributor of the Year Award.
About Eldorado
An award-winning distributor of adult toys and novelties, Eldorado is committed to providing products that enhance special occasions for adults everywhere. Eldorado prides itself on sensational service, outstanding product selection, and unsurpassed delivery to and for its customers. For more information please contact Eldorado's sales department at 800-525-0848, or or visit or 

Smiffy's Embraces Steampunk
Who better than a British based company to embrace and showcase Steampunk costumes. 
Steampunk is based on the Victorian era style clothing with a bit of wild wild west mixed in. It combines romantic English nostalgia with science fiction, fantasy and an alternate historic twist. 
Smiffy's has truly captured this great combination of 19th century London and the smokey gas light era, with each of its Steampunk costumes. Smiffy's has infused all of its costumes with an authentic feel that is sure to be a cult favorite this year. For more information on the entire range of Smiffy's great costumes and accessories please contact Mark Behar at 646 225-6626 or 646 592-3977. 

About Smiffy's

Smiffy's is a family business that was founded in 1894, and has become a global organization with offices and showrooms worldwide. 
Their mission is to inspire pride and loyalty in our colleagues and customers by delivering sustainable growth and profit through continuous innovation, outstanding quality and service in an enjoyable and fun environment.

White Label Collection Expanded to Meet Demand
Baci Lingerie is proud to announce the expansion of its popular White Label collection in the United States. In order to meet growing consumer demand, Baci’s White Label now offers 350 playful, sexy styles. With better pricing and new, chic packaging, the White Label offers something for every woman with seduction on her mind.
New pieces in the White Label collection include pantyhose, thongs, baby doll sets, crotchless panties, bikini sets, body stockings, g-strings, boy shorts, bras, garters, halters, skirtinis, v-teddies, pasties, and more.
National Sales Director Alicia Sinclair says, “Due to the demand of our luxurious yet moderately priced White Label collection, we are growing the line. We have completely revamped the line with new styles appealing to an even wider market and new packaging, which offers an optimum display. Retailers will love selling the White Label as much as customers love buying it. Any member of our amazing and knowledgeable sales staff is available to assist wholesalers with their order.”

Between the Sheets to debut “Venus in Play” sleep/lounge offering during August Market
Luxurious Made in New York sleepwear offering will 
                retail between $55-$75
Between the Sheets announces the debut of new “Venus in Play” sleep/lounge collection. Arriving Spring/Summer 2013 this soft jersey loungewear group delivers understated elegance, subtle detailing and superior quality, all made in the USA, while broadening Between the Sheets’ lounge offerings to a lower price point.
“We’ve seen a build up of demand for quality sleepwear and intimates Made in the USA, at a reasonable price,” said Layla L’obatti, President of Between the Sheets. “We recently launched intimates collections with sets selling for under $100 to incredible response, we have no doubt with loungewear for which we are better known we will see a similar or greater response. With Venus in Play we are bringing our loungewear point of view to a lower price point; with all pieces retailing between $55-$75 and sets for under $150 these are sure to be popular sellers for mother’s day gift giving and summer vacation season.”
Between the Sheets is a proud part of New York City’s vibrant fashion industry and community. The company was recently named as a top emerging NYC based designer as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s inaugural NYC Design Entrepreneurs program. Between the Sheets’ new collections and best selling basics will be shown by appointment during fashion market week August 4-8th in NYC. Retailers/press contact to book an appointment to see the collection.

About Between the Sheets: 
Between the Sheets Collection, known for our luxurious lingerie and loungewear that a woman can wear every day, is stocked by fine specialty retailers throughout the US and internationally as well as on
Between the Sheets Collection was founded in 2009 by Layla L’obatti and Joshua Verleun. L’obatti is a graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology specializing in intimate apparel and previously worked on licenses for several designer brand names, and Verleun is a environmental lawyer and a member NY’s inaugural Fashion Law Bar Committee.
Connect with Between the Sheets:
Contact:  Tel: 917.512.3049 
twitter: @BTSlingerie

Loud, Mad, or Sad 
The psychology instructor had just finished a lecture on mental health and was giving an oral test. 
Speaking specifically about manic depression, she asked, "How would you diagnose a patient who walks back and forth screaming at the top of his lungs one minute, then sits in a chair weeping uncontrollably the next?" 
A young man in the rear raised his hand and answered, "A basketball coach?" 

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