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  August 1, 2009                                           Issue #246
     The McPete Sez Lingerie Newsletter & Women's Wear Journal           

                              Intimate Apparel

Burma Import Ban Renewed
The US Congress has renewed an import ban on products from Burma which had been due to expire on July 26.
The extension to the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act of 2003 maintains import restrictions against the ruling military junta in Burma for three years.
The legislation will now be transmitted to the White House for signature by President Barack Obama.
The US has imposed an import ban on Burma since 2003, but the country continues to be cited by numerous organizations and governments for widespread human rights violations.

A model presents Naughty Nanette by Shirley of Hollywood during International Lingerie Fashion     
    Show at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas April 20.  
                  Photo by 
Paul Sobel    

'Feel' Clothes Electronically
Japan's top mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo Inc, has demonstrated a technology that transmits the feel and hardness of an object in real time that it says will be a boon for online clothes shopping.  Calling this type of haptic feedback technology 
"tactile-kinesthetic sense media", Docomo said the system allows for the sensations of certain textures and shapes to be transmitted over the Internet to a special pad that then allows the user to experience the sensation virtually.
DoCoMo says it expects the new technology to be used for checking the feel of clothes via the Internet before purchasing them at an online store, especially if used in tandem with its new 3-d technology which allows online shoppers to look all around an object on a flat screen in 3-D.

18/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!

Antimicrobial & Odor Elimination for Textiles
A new technology that claims to combine antimicrobial protection with odor elimination for the first time has been launched for textile products such as sportswear, uniforms and casual wear.
Agion Active incorporates Agion's silver-based antimicrobial technology, which has been used in more than 15m pairs of shoes to fight bad smells by killing the bacteria that cause them. 
But it also adds a new technology "that pulls in environmental, ambient or absorbed odors like a vacuum and then eliminates them." The antimicrobial is incorporated during the finishing step of the manufacturing process, instead of being built into the fibers of the fabric.
This, the company says, means it is cheaper for manufacturers and allows them to easily shift from one color or style to another without creating large, costly inventories. The treatment also eliminates worries about discoloration by keeping white fabrics white during manufacture.
"Agion Active has widespread potential in any application where odor is an issue," says Paul Ford, chief executive officer of Agion Technologies. 

June Retailers' Sales Review
Abercrombie & Fitch reported net sales of $230.4m for the month, a 26% decrease from $309.7m in the same period last year. June same-store sales decreased 32%.
Aeropostale said that total net sales for June increased 20% to $163.2m. The company's same store sales increased 12%, compared to a same store sales increase of 12% in the year ago period.
American Apparel posted a 13% drop in June same-store sales compared with a rise of 16% in the same month last year.
American Eagle Outfitters saw its total sales for the month decrease 4% to $246.1m, compared to June last year. Same-store sales dropped 11%.
The Bon-Ton Stores posted an 8.0% drop in June same-store sales. Total sales for the five weeks dropped 7.5% to $241.5m, compared with a year earlier.
The Buckle said its same-store net sales increased 9.6% from the prior year period. Net sales for the five-week fiscal month were up 14.4% to $70.8m, it added.
The Cato Corporation reported sales of $86.8m for the five weeks ended 4 July, a 2% decrease from the prior year period. Same-store sales were down 3%.
Destination Maternity Corporation posted a 10.0% fall in sales for the month of June, down to $41.3m from $45.9m in the same month last year. Same-store sales decreased 10.7%.
Gap Inc reported net sales of $1.29bn for the five-week period ended  July 4, which represented a 9% decrease compared with last year. The company's same-store sales were down 10% compared with a 7% decrease in June 2008.
Hot Topic reported a 5.7% drop in sales for the fiscal month of June to US$45.1m, compared to the same period last year. Same-store sales fell 7.2% during the month.
JC Penney Company said same-store sales fell 8.2% for the month, while total sales in June decreased 6.7% against the prior year.
Kohl's Corporation reported a 1.5% drop in total sales, while on a comparable store basis, sales decreased 5.6%.
Limited Brands reported a same-store sales decrease of 12%. The company reported net sales of $891.8m for the five weeks ended July 4, compared to net sales of $1.022bn last year.

Macy's reported total sales of $2.045bn, a decrease of 9.1% compared with the prior year period. On a same-store basis, Macy's sales were down 8.9% in June.
Nordstrom reported retail sales of $686m, a decrease of 6.2% over the prior year. Same-store sales for June fell 10.0% year-on-year.
Ross Stores said its sales were up 6% to $666m from $628m a year earlier. Same-store sales for the month rose 1%.
Owned sales at Saks Incorporated totaled $230.2m for June, a 3.8% decrease year-on-year. Same-store sales fell 4.4% for the month.
Stage Stores said its total sales for the five week June period dropped 10.1% to $128m from $142m in the prior year period. Same-store sales decreased 12.6% versus an increase of 1.2% last year.
Stein Mart said its June sales were down 11.3% to $108.8m, from the same period last year. Comparable-store sales at the company fell 8%.
Target Corporation said its net retail sales were $5,690m, a decrease of 2.6% on the same period last year. On a same-store basis, June sales dropped 6.2%.
The TJX Companies reported a 4% rise in June sales to $1.84bn. Its same-store sales were also up 4% compared to last year.
Zumiez, a retailer of action sports related wear, announced that total net sales in June were down 7.9% to $32.0m. The company's same-store sales fell 19.3% for the five-week period.

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