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Cotton Dispute Settled Between US & Brazil
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  April 15, 2010                                           Issue #263
     The McPete Sez Lingerie Newsletter & Women's Wear Journal           

                              Intimate Apparel

Cotton Dispute Settled Between
                US & Brazil
The United States and Brazil have negotiated a settlement to a long-running dispute over cotton subsidies, in a move that heads-off a series of retaliatory measures against American goods.
The decision came as Brazil was poised to impose a 100% tariff on imports of US cotton and other tariffs on a list of US goods including cars, wheat and milk powder.
The World Trade Organization ruled last year that Brazil could take punitive action after the US had spent too much on cotton subsidies and export credit guarantees.
“As a result of our discussions with Brazil we have avoided imposition of higher tariffs against hundreds of millions of dollars in US goods exports which were scheduled to go into effect this week,” US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in a statement.
“We now have a clear path forward, one that is in the best interest of both the United States and Brazil.” 
As part of the agreement, the US will set up an annual assistance fund of $147.3m.

   Fashion Photo of 
       the Month
 Kai Powers models Tia Lyn Lingerie
If you would like more information about Fashion Photo or would to be included in the McPete Sez Fashion Photo contact Jerome at

Asda Install Bangladesh
              Factory Cameras
Asda has installed cameras in its Bangladesh supply factories with customers able to view working conditions live using the internet.
One camera is in a textile laboratory while the second is in the finishing section of a factory producing jeans and casual trousers for Asda George.
The first camera - in what Asda refers to as 'factory one' - shows the testing laboratory making jackets, trousers and shorts for George.
The team in the lab carries out tests to make sure the fabric and clothing will not rip or pull, does not lose its shape or color after washing and that buttons and studs are securely fastened.
Asda's second Bangladesh camera is sited in the finishing section of a factory making jeans, casual bottoms and casual shorts for George. After pressing and quality inspections the garments are ready to ship to the UK.
The move follows Asda's decision last year to consult shoppers more on how its stores are run, including product development and buying processes.
The chain has also installed cameras in its Leeds head office and at a dairy with 'cow-cam.'
The UK supermarket chain says because Bangladesh is seven hours ahead of GMT and the country takes its weekends on different days, the cameras may not be constantly operational.
Asda says its decision to install webcams in two Bangladesh factories is to reassure customers about working conditions at its overseas suppliers.
It is unclear if anything in particular has triggered the scheme, which Asda says is the first time a retailer has undertaken a similar project.
A further webcam is to be installed in Turkey at some point this year, with Asda noting if the idea proves a success it could consider extending it elsewhere.
"We have not got anything to hide," an Asda spokeswoman said. 
"It is to reassure customers about working conditions in Bangladesh. Webcams allow customers to have access to parts of the business they have not been able to before."
"If customers start peppering Asda with 'we want more webcams,' then fine, it totally depends if customers want more."

Models wear garments by Lise Charmel, Empreinte, Teccia, Chantelle, Passionata and Simone Perele 
on February 22 at the CurveNY Fashion Show at the Edison Ballroom.    Photos by Russel Van Broklin

Tia Lyn

11/24 Watch Tia Lyn's NY Fashion Show with beautiful models of ALL SIZES!

                          Trade Barriers
VAT rebate payments, a lack of transparency on subsidy programs, and concerns regarding intellectual property protection and enforcement are among the "significant" barriers faced by US firms doing business with China last year, a new report says.
The US Trade Representative's office listed the obstructions faced by US exporters around the world in its annual report submitted to the US Congress last week.
But the 2010 National Trade Estimate Report - published alongside two new documents detailing measures that hinder US producers trying to compete in international markets - falls short of labeling China as a currency manipulator. 
President Obama has pledged to double US exports in the next five years, and sees a reduction in barriers to trade as key to achieving this goal.
"USTR will take the information in these new reports, as well as in the National Trade Estimate itself, and use all the tools that we have to get these markets open to American products," said Ambassador Ron Kirk.
"Because the US apparel and footwear industry makes everywhere and sells everywhere, knocking down foreign trade barriers all around the globe will help create and sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs here at home," agrees Kevin Burke, president and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association.
The report comes as the US puts pressure on Beijing to allow its currency to rise in value against the dollar. 

shirley of hollywood specials
Illegal to Sell Returned
There's a bill working its way through both chambers of the Maryland General Assembly that would make it illegal for retailers to sell items such as underwear or bathing suits that have been sold and returned.
Democratic Delegate Aisha Braveboy, of Prince George's County, is sponsoring the bill.
Braveboy first learned about the issue after a constituent, who was watching a morning news show, saw how various retailers were putting used undergarments back on store shelves.
There are various health concerns related to this practice, such as the spread of bacteria or sexually transmitted diseases.
The Maryland Retailers Association is working with Braveboy to reach a solution.
The bill in the General Assembly does not apply to thrift or secondhand stores that deal with merchandise that is used.

Messe Frankfurt Purchases
    Ethical Fashion Show
Messe Frankfurt, one of the world's largest trade show organizers, has taken over the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris in a move that heralds the move of sustainable fashion from fringe to mainstream. 
The German company's subsidiary Messe Frankfurt France will take over the running of the event alongside the show's current team and says it intends to develop the fair's international focus.
"We intend to consolidate its profile and develop its presence at international level", says Detlef Braun, member of the board of management of Messe Frankfurt.
Messe Frankfurt already operates 31 textile fairs around the world - including Texworld, which it took over in 2001 - and says the Ethical Fashion Show opens up a new growth market for the exhibition company. 
The Ethical Fashion Show has grown from just 20 designers in 2004 and now features more than 100 brands.
The four-day event focuses exclusively on ecological, socially responsible and environmentally friendly garment production.
"Since 2007 Messe Frankfurt has been consistently committed to products which have been manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way, thus creating a unique platform for sustainable materials and accessories", Braun adds.
The next Ethical Fashion Show will next be held from September 25-28, 2010 at the Paris Fashion and Design Centre (Cité de la Mode et du Design) in the Seine Docks.

March Retailers' Sales Review
Abercrombie & Fitch reported net sales of $275.4m for the five-week period, a 19% increase. March same-store sales increased 5%.
Aeropostale announced that total net sales for the month increased 25% to $200.1m. The company's same-store sales increased 19% for the month.
American Eagle Outfitters announced that total sales for the five weeks ended April 3, increased 15% to $280m. Same-store sales increased 15% for the month, compared to a 16% decrease for the same period last year.
The Bon-Ton Stores announced same-store sales up 11.4%. Total sales for the five weeks increased 11.2% to $272.4m.
The Buckle announced same-store sales increased 7.2%. Net sales for the five-week period increased 12.4% to $86.9m from net sales of $77.3m for the prior year fiscal month.
The Cato Corporation said sales for the month were $105.7m, a 26% increase. Same-store sales increased 24%.
Destination Maternity Corporation said that net sales for the month of March increased 4.3% to $50.7m. Same-store sales for the month decreased 3.3%.
Dillard’s said that merchandise sales for the five weeks ended April 3, increased 8% on a percentage basis. Sales in comparable stores increased 9% for the five-week period.
Gap Inc reported that March 2010 net sales were up 12% from last year. Net sales for the five-week period were $1.45bn compared with net sales of $1.29bn for the same period last year.
Hot Topic has posted an 6.6% decrease in net sales to US$65.9m for the month of May. Same-store sales fell 7.5% during the period.
J C Penney Company said its same-store sales increased 5.4%, and that total sales in March increased 5.0%.
Kohl’s Corporation reported today that total sales for the five-week month increased 26.4% over March last year. On a same-store basis, sales increased 22.5%.
Limited Brands reported a same-store sales increase of 15% for the five weeks ended. The company reported net sales of $746.9m for the period.
Macy’s reported total sales of $2.143bn for the five weeks ended April 3, an increase of 11.0% compared with the same month last year. On a same-store basis, Macy's sales were up 10.8% in March.
Nordstrom reported a 16.8% increase in same-store sales. Preliminary total retail sales of $815m were an increase of 20.9%.
Ross Stores reported that sales increased 19% to $811m for the five weeks ended April 3, as same-store sales for the month grew 14%.
Saks Incorporated announced that owned sales totaled $238.2m for the month, a 13.6% increase. Same-store sales increased 12.7% for the month.
Stage Stores saw its total sales for the five week March period increase 12.0% to $140m. Same-store sales increased 8.6% this year versus a decrease of 15.0% last year.
Target Corporation said that its net retail sales for the five weeks were $6,233m, an increase of 12.5%. On this same basis, March same-store sales increased 10.3%.
The TJX Companies reported that sales for April were $2.0bn, up 19% over the same period last year. Same-store sales for the five-week period increased 12%.
The Wet Seal saw total sales during the month of March rise 9.4% to US$56m. Meanwhile, the company's same-store sales improved 6.3% during the month.
Zumiez announced total net sales up 20.1% to $35.8m for the month. The company's same-store sales increased 13.2% for the five-week period.

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