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April 1, 2001                               Issue # 47
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Consumer Prices Up More Than   

By Caren Bohan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - 
U.S. consumer prices rose more than expected in February, the government said on Wednesday in a report that dampened some hopes for another near-term interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve (news -web sites).
But most economists said they did not see signs of a broad inflation threat.
Boosted by rising costs for clothing, medical care and airline tickets, the Consumer Price Index (news - web sites) advanced 0.3 percent in February, the Labor Department (news - web sites) said. The ``core'' CPI, which strips out volatile food and energy costs, also rose 0.3 percent.
U.S. economists in a Reuters survey had forecast a 0.2 percent rise in both the overall and core CPI in February.
Marks & Spencer cuts European ops
LONDON,  (UPI) -- Stocks of Marks and Spencer, the struggling U.K.-based clothing and food retailer, rose 8 percent in active trading Friday after rumors circulated that the company is paring profit losses by shutting one in five of its 38 European outlets.
Last year, the company's European operation posted an $8.7-million loss.
In the first half of the year to March 2001, losses in European operations widened to $15.4 million.
Britain's largest retailer was expected to announce the details of its store closings over the next few weeks. The move, however, follows the ousting of several key executives. The firm thus far has eliminated five top executives. Paul Kemp and Andrew Waring in women's wear, David Francis in men's wear, Keith Silkstone of the lingerie division and Brian Hudspith who
oversaw social responsibility, The Times of London reported.

        Saks Inc. takes a Dive
Alabama based department store company which operates upscale Saks Fifth Avenue, reported last week that Income for the last quarter ending Feb 3, Plummeted 54.1%
Self-Pumped Bra Deepens British Cleavage Contest
The bra wars for the ultimate cleavage in Britain is getting deeper. And this one's no pushover though it is full of gas.
There's a lot more wind beneath British busts these days.
As the war for the ultimate cleavage deepens, an all-new bra, which allows women to pump up their chests to more than twice their original cup size, is now available in stores across Britain.
No it's not just hot air, it's the Ultrabra Airotica, manufactured by Gossard, the British bra giant.
 For more on this story
Retail apparel chain Charming Shoppes Inc.  reported a rise in fiscal fourth-quarter net income despite a difficult sales environment, but issued below-target projections for the first quarter, when it expects a drop in comparable-store sales.
I'd like to place a re-order for the above corset, as I just sold my last one, however the label is somewhat faded and I can't make out the name of the manufacturer, can anyone help me??  is it in stock??       " A Frustrated Retailer"
Warnaco Shares Fall on Warning 
Shares of Warnaco plummeted 63 percent Tuesday, a day after the manufacturer of intimate apparel and jeans wear, warned that its fiscal 2000 earnings loss will be ``substantially greater'' than previously estimated.

Off-price apparel retailer Ross Stores Inc. said on Wednesday its fourth-quarter net income fell 6 percent as sales were hurt by heavy promotions and warned that if the current sluggish trend continues, its first-quarter earnings could be lower than expected.
      Jan Law,  Innerwear Buyer @ 70
Jan Law, one of the "Classy" old Pros in the Intimate apparel Industry passed away this month of complications from a stroke. 
I remember Jan Law 25 years ago,  after leaving Manufacturing and becoming a Sales Rep. I called on her at Macy's for a short while, and then she went on to Saks Fifth Avenue, where she had stayed for almost 25 years.
I was privileged to have known her, as she was a tough but fair buyer that would take a chance on newness.  
The Industry will miss her. ... Pete McKeown

               Fruit of the Loom files bankruptcy reorganization plan 
NEW YORK -- Fruit of the Loom Ltd., the underwear and apparel maker known for its commercials featuring boisterous middle-aged men in fruit costumes, said Thursday it filed a reorganization plan with the U.S. bankruptcy court for emerging from Chapter 11. 
The 130-year-old Chicago-based company, which employs about 27,000 people and whose products also include BVD briefs and Wilson athletic apparel, had filed for Chapter bankruptcy in Dec. 1999 after struggling with manufacturing and inventory problems and several quarters of fiscal losses. 
FRESH from the controversy over the YSL Opium ads with a nude Sophie Dahl, designer Tom Ford has unleashed an even more explicit campaign. New YSL spots feature Russian model Anna Eirikh, wearing only an open shirt exposing her bare breasts and see-through panties, in front of a mirror with two half-naked young men. "It's a scenario evocative of a very French sensuality," Ford explained to British Vogue. "What has happened or is about to happen is left to your imagination."

Recently released data from the Centre for the Economic
Observation of Textiles and the WTO shows that China is the
undisputed world leader in the textile and apparel sectors.
The country exported textiles worth approximately $13
billion in 1999, corresponding to nine per cent of the
world total. In apparel, too, it was number one exporter
with a global share of 16 per cent.
                    Cartoon About Fashion Bonnets 

New weapons in the bottom-line battle to end VPL
By Jan Paschal
NEW YORK,  (Reuters) - ``No more panty line!''
That's the rallying cry of Millennia, a super-heroine from a planet of Amazonian women, who touched down near Wall Street
and in front of Macy's at Herald Square this week to tell skeptical New Yorkers about the latest weapons in the war to wipe out Visible Panty Line.
VPL is the plague upon womankind that tells the world -- via an outline that can be seen through your clothes -- what kind of
underwear you're wearing. One sure-fire cure: Wear nothing beneath your clothes. But that isn't always a practical option.
``Women of earth, I bring you freedom! Freedom from panty lines! No more panty line!'' Millennia called out to the crowd as
she walked down Broadway, near the bronze bull statue in front of Standard & Poor's, the bond rating agency that's a few
blocks from Wall Street.
Braving the winter chill in a black Spandex catsuit, black over-the-knee boots, a black mask and a black cape, Millennia
worked the lunch-hour crowd on Wednesday. She stopped men and women -- alone, in pairs and small groups -- handing out
postcards telling them about the launch of Jockey International Inc.'s ``No Panty Line Promise'' collection of women's panties
on Thursday with a fashion show at Macy's flagship store in Herald Square.
Nude Marilyn Monroe Photos Fail to
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Five photographs of a nude Marilyn Monroe taken against a blood red background -- one of the century's most famous images -- failed to sell at auction. 
Bidding on the five pictures as a unit went up to $475,000 and up to a total $850,000 when placed for sale individually at Butterfields auction house. None of the bids, however, met undisclosed reserves placed on the pictures by Tom Kelley Jr., the son of photographer Tom Kelley who took them in 1949  when the actress Monroe was 22.
Monroe's career spanned 16 years, during which she made 29 films. She died in 1962.
U.S. underwear companies strip    down, and duke it out
By Jean Scheidnes NEW YORK,  (Reuters) - Emerging from bankruptcy, like dressing for success, sometimes starts with underwear.
Although Fruit of the Loom Ltd.  has been in Chapter 11
bankruptcy since 1999, the Chicago-based underwear and apparel maker is poised to emerge a formidable competitor in the U.S. underwear market, and has already gained market share from its more financially secure arch-rival, Sara Lee Corp.'s  Hanes.
Since the 130-year-old company went bankrupt in 1999, it has pared itself down to two main businesses in the United States: underwear and printable activewear.
               Up Up And Away
Retail prices for Women's apparel in February increased by a seasonally adjusted 2% against January for the 1st monthly increase in 3 months.  Which is an increase of 0.8% over February 2000. 
Bogota Aims For Spot on Fashion
By ANDREW SELSKY, Associated Press Writer 
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - The fashion centers of the world are: Milan, Paris, New York and ... Bogota?
With the launching this past week of Bogota Fashion, this capital city of a country embroiled in a civil war hopes to elbow its
way onto the world fashion map.
Opened by President Andres Pastrana, the five-day fashion show features 62 mostly Colombian designers and ends on Sunday. It has attracted the nation's smart set and received front-page coverage in newspapers.
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