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China Safeguards End
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Q1 Soars 200%
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Pre-Nuptial Agreements 
A secretary for a foreign embassy was entertaining a wealthy foreign ambassador during lunch at a very expensive restaurant in New York. 
The ambassador was so enthralled by the beauty and presence of this secretary that he asked her to marry him. The secretary was startled, but remembered that her boss told her never to insult foreign dignitaries, so she decided to let him down easy. 
"I'll only marry you under three conditions." 
"Anything, anything," said the ambassador. 
"First, you must buy me a 14-karat gold wedding band with a 72 carat diamond, along with a 28-inch studded matching necklace for our engagement." 
Without hesitation, the ambassador picked up his cellular phone, called his personal accountant, told him the instructions, and said, "Yes, yes, I buy, I buy!" 
The secretary thought that her first request was too easy, so she thought of a more difficult situation. 
"Second, I want you to build me a 58-acre mansion in the richest part of the Hamptons along with a 40-acre summer home in the sweetest vineyards of France." 
The ambassador picked up his phone, called his personal broker in New York, then called another broker in France, and after his quick conversation, he said, "Yes, yes, I build, I build!" 
The secretary was very startled, and knew she must think of a final request that would be impossible to live up to. 
"Finally," she said. "I'll only marry you if you have a 10-inch penis." 
A sad face befell the ambassador, and he cupped his face in his hands. After weeping in his native language for a few minutes, the ambassador slowly lifted his head and said, "Ok, ok, I cut, I cut!" 

Lingerie Americas Continued

Penny and Mr Liu stand in front of their display by One 
                 Piece Bra  

Ron Fass is surrounded by slippers for men and women by 

Helen Rockey and Faye Zucker of Wild Bleu are showing
their wicking sleepwear made of bamboo to Becky Weathers
        of Dolce Bella.

Heather Thomson stands in front of her display of shapewear
by Yummie

In the Miss Oops booth, Jennifer Higgins holds Nundies.  

         Michelle Hernandez smiles for the camera in the 
Comfy Kangaroo
booth, where you can find nursing and 
         maternity wear.          

See the more Lingerie Americas photos 
in the May 15th issue of McPete Sez!

Lingerie Store Sells More 
        Then Lingerie
Along with sales of lingerie and high heels, police say the husband-and-wife shop did brisk business in illegal drug transactions.
But the alleged hawking of cocaine, marijuana and prescription painkillers at Nu-2-U Boutique in a Florida strip plaza came to an end with the arrest of Lori Steele, 46, and her 51-year-old husband, Steven.
"They were using Nu-2-U as a storefront to sell their drugs," Detective Joshua Peto said.
"They had customers come to the store to buy cocaine, marijuana, pills."
Steven Steele met an informant, giving the informant three OxyContin pills for cash before police in tactical raid gear tried to catch him. Steele drove off, tossing about 2 ounces of marijuana out his sport utility vehicle's window before an undercover detective blocked Steele's vehicle.
Police also are investigating whether the couple, who live on Southeast Aneci Street, used the establishment as a means to launder drug proceeds.
"According to my sources, they've been dealing for over a year out of the store," said the lead investigator in the case.
In one instance, Lori Steele offered an informant a receipt for $80 worth of oxycodone after putting the money in the register.
Police seemed especially concerned with the couple's alleged actions because of a neighboring daycare center.
"The people that were coming in and buying drugs from Lori and Steven . . . would walk by the child daycare center," Peto said.
An ample selection of lingerie and shiny high heels were in view at Nu-2-U, though the door was locked and no one appeared inside.
The Steeles could not be reached for comment, but Peto said they denied wrongdoing.
"They're shocked and amazed that they got in trouble for anything," he said.
Lori Steele, he added, acknowledged using cocaine, marijuana and prescription painkillers, but denied selling them.
Steven Steele faces charges including sale/delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and tampering with evidence.
Investigators took his wife into custody on charges including possession of a controlled substance and sale/delivery of oxycodone. She was released on $55,000 bail, while her husband was free on $112,500 bail, a jail official said.
                  The Buzz
Do you or one of your co-workers have 
an announcement to make? A birthday, promotion, new baby, engagement, marriage? 
Email their name, store name and city and state to   
     Its Free!!
If you would like to include a picture, please send it as a JPG or GIF.

      " Reps. Corner" 
                            Hey Sales Reps!.

Take on a new line?   E-Mail us for your Complimentary Listing.
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Rep name           E-mail contact,           Name of the line
Jeremy Friedman    Fantasy Lingerie
2/4                                                                              Delicate Illusions
Wil & Jan Ward           Brass Head Inc DBA/
                                                                               Inferno Lingerie 

Paula Alison Sales        Brass Head Inc DBA/
1/4                                                                             Inferno Lingerie 

     Women's Wear & Textile Shows & Events for 
       May - Sept 2008
Please contact the show before going in case of date 
                        changes or cancellations.

May 29-June 1    Dallas Market Center
June 6-10    LA Fashion Market 
June 7-9    TRANSIT - The LA Shoe Show
June 7-9   FOCUS - Apparel & Accessories Show
June 8-11    New England Apparel Club
        Royal Plaza Trade Center Marlboro Mass
June 21-24            Atlanta Show
July 15-21    CMC Gift & Home Market
July 19-23          Swimshow
Aug 3-5              CurveNY
Aug 3-5           Lingerie Americas NYC    
Aug 8-12          LA Fashion Market 
Aug 9-11    TRANSIT - The LA Shoe Show
Aug 9-11   FOCUS - Apparel & Accessories Show
Aug 14-17          Dallas Market Center
Aug 16-19          Atlanta Show
Aug 17-20   New England Apparel Club
        Royal Plaza Trade Center Marlboro Mass
Aug 24-27           Storerotica
Aug 25-27              CurveNV
Aug 25-27   Lingerie Americas Las Vegas    
Sept 15-17       International Lingerie Show 
                Las Vegas
Sept 12-14            Surf Expo

For a complete list of 2008 shows click here! 
Note: We are still filling in show dates as we get them....
If you have a show in your territory please let us know.

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